Cycling is a sport that has integrated into our daily lifestyles with people choosing to go green and invest in a bicycle for their commutes, health, and fitness. But once you’ve purchased a bike and all its accessories, you may be wondering where you will store everything when you are not riding. 

The best bike wall mount will make storing your bike easy and it will keep your bicycle safe and out of the way. With horizontal and vertical layouts, the wide variety of designs means that you will have plenty of options to find a quality wall mount bike rack. 

Our list of top rated indoor bike racks will help you find exactly what you need to securely store your bike and integrate it into the space of your home. All you have to do is pick and choose the bike hanger that suits your needs and keeps your bike happy.

How To Choose A Bike Wall Mount – Buying Guide



Most top rated indoor bike racks are available in two types – vertical and horizontal storage. You will have to decide which type is best for your home. You should also consider the amount of space that you have in your home, when you are making your decision. 

Vertical bike storage for small apartments and spaces means that you hang the bike with the two tires touching the wall. This reduces the amount of space needed to store your bike and is the best choice if you are looking for an apartment bike rack. 

A horizontal bike wall mount will take up more space, but it can be easier to lift your bike and position it into place using this type of mount. Many horizontal bike racks for homes feature two hooks, but some may incorporate a pulley system too. 


However, beyond just the types of bike mounts for walls, you also want to look at the overall design. The best bike wall mount will be extremely durable in its construction so that it doesn’t struggle to hold heavier bikes. 

But overall, there are a lot of different designs to choose from, in regard to bike racks for inside your house. Bike wall mount reviews can help you determine the quality of a design and decide whether it is right for you. With plenty of mounting tips, reviews are also a great way to learn about your new bike hanger. 


Bike racks for inside your house are most commonly made of a combination of metal and plastic. This is because metal is a long-lasting material, while plastic can also be made to be high strength for accessories or supporting pieces. 

Quality bike racks for homes will use premium materials to ensure that the design lasts for longer and has the strength needed to hold your bicycle. However, some of the smaller designs like a bike hanger for apartments, may be made of plastic to reduce the overall weight. 

Weight Capacity

The best indoor bike rack will have a high weight capacity, so that you can confidently and securely store your bike. But you should be careful to review the product specifications because not all bike mounts for walls have the same weight capacity. 

Most top rated indoor bike racks can hold up to 50 pounds of weight, but some designs that are made to fit several bikes can hold up to 160 pounds of weight. If you just want bike stands for apartments or homes that holds one bike, you should look for a weight capacity of about 40 pounds. 

However, your bike hanger for apartments and homes should be more heavy-duty if you have a heavier bike. This means you’ll need a larger or sturdier rack for mountain bikes and other heavier framed bicycles. 



Q: How Can I Hang My Bike On The Wall?


With a quality wall bike mount, you should be able to hang your bike vertically or horizontally on your wall without too much of a struggle. The best bike wall mount will make it easy to store your bike and keep it out of the way so that you can clean up some extra space in your home.

Q: Is It OK To Hang A Bike From The Wheel?


Yes, many bike racks for homes have a rubber padded or covered mounting piece that makes it safe to hang your bike from the wheel. Once you have hung your bike and kept it stabilized, you should not have to worry about the weight of the frame or the wheels affecting the mounting piece. It should also not cause any damage to your wheel or frame.

Q: How Do You Hang A Bike Without Drilling?


For cyclists who want an easy to reposition design, a wall mount for bike storage that uses no drilling in its installation would likely have a frame that leans against the wall. The frame will have hooks that hold your bike in place. Other designs use a bar that can be installed without drilling by using the floor and ceiling of your home.

Q: What Is The Best Way To Hang A Bike?


The best way to hang your bike is by using a solid base like the frame or tire. Many bike racks for inside your house will attach to the tire or the frame because these are the strongest areas of your bike. By properly hanging your bike by its tire or frame, you shouldn’t have to worry about any damage.

Q: How Do I Hang My Bike Vertically?


A vertical apartment bike rack will use a single hook that wraps around the front tire of your bicycle. The hook keeps your bike in place and allows you to secure the tires against the wall. When you have both tires resting against the wall, this means that you are using a vertical oriented design.

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When it comes to clearing up space and keeping your home organized, the best indoor bike rack will keep your ride out of the way when you aren’t out on an adventure. With a quality wall mount bike rack, you can feel at ease that your bicycle is safe from damage and use some of the extra space in your home for the rest of your gear. 

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