Are you looking for a way to improve your biking experience? You don’t have to think too hard. Investing in the right parts for your bike ensures your biking experience is spot on. Bike tubes are one of these essential parts. The best bike inner tubes don’t just hold the air in your tires – they do more than that.

Bike inner tubes are designed to make your bike more balanced; consequently, this makes it lighter and faster. So for the action junkies, your choice of inner tubes for your bike is extremely important. Inner tubes also help to prevent punctures on your bike thus, making your experience more pleasant and cost-cutting. 

Outlined below are the top picks for the 10 best bike tubes in 2020. So pick a unit that appeals most to you so you can improve your biking experience. And if you have any doubts, the included buying guide will assist you in choosing the right option for your bike.

How To Choose A Bike Tube – Buying Guide



You must think of the tire size when choosing the best bike inner tube to invest in. The bike tube features will always indicate which tire size they fit. This is normally denoted in values such as 24” x 1.25” or 700C x 18-23 mm. This indicates the wheel diameter and the bike tire width respectively. These values should match those of your bike wheel and tires.

Type Of Valve

Bike tubes are compatible with either presta valves or schrader valves. Schrader valves are more commonly used. Most low pressure tires such as those found on mountain bikes or kids’ bikes use schrader valves. Presta valves on the other end are used in high pressure tires such as road bike tires. Narrow rims use presta valves because of their small diameter which ultimately makes air pumping easier.

Valve Length 

Typically, a valve length ranges from 30mm to 80mm. The ideal valve length on your tires shouldn’t exceed 10mm of the rim’s depth. This makes air pumping much easier.


The weight of your bike’s inner tube affects performance. For example, if you are using your bike for racing, you want the valves to be light. The best bike inner tubes that are lightweight, measure no more than 2 ounces. However, you should also remember that lightweight bike tubes are more susceptible to punctures.


Thickness closely relates to weight. If your bike tubes are thicker, they are more likely to weigh more. This means that thicker bike tubes also tend to be puncture resistant.


When choosing the best bike tubes, you will notice two bike tube material types.,i.e. rubber and latex. Latex is lighter than rubber and impressively holds air to give it a low rolling resistance. However, it is more permeable which means that you must frequently check the air on your bike tires.



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By now, you should know that bike tubes form an integral part of your bike tire’s anatomy. So, these bike tube reviews come in quite handy in guiding you to choose the best bike inner tubes. Whilst it’s not easy to choose the right tube your bike – we’ve covered the essentials to ensure you make the right choice. And to make it even easier for you, you are guaranteed to find the ideal inner tube for your bike from the ensemble of the 10 best bike tubes above.

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