Do you always find yourself looking for a way to transport your bike, whether you are going camping or flying home for the holidays? We have the solution for you. The best bike travel bags and cases are an excellent option to transport your bike during any type of travel, be it air, water, or road travel.

Their design integrates protective features which ensure your bike will be safe and undamaged till you reach your destination. And because you disassemble your bike before you fit it in a bike bag or case, you will never have to worry about it taking too much space during travel. So choose your favorite pick from the 10 best bike travel cases and bags below to keep enjoying bike riding no matter where you have traveled to.

How To Choose A Bike Travel Case And Bag – Buying Guide


Bag vs Case

Unlike bike racks for your car or truck, the best bike travel bags and cases eliminate the need to take up much space. Plus, they allow you to break down your bike so you can travel even by air with it. Typically, a bike bag is made from fabric such as nylon or polyester and normally features a softshell finished.  

A bike case on the other end is normally made from plastic such as ABS and normally features a hard shell finish.  Whilst both bike bags and cases allow this, it is much easier to reinforce a bike case with extra foam padding to protect your bike while keeping the case securely shut. 

Additionally, in general, large bikes work great with bags because they need less protection whilst smaller ones work great with hard cases because they need more protection. This is not to say that a bike travel case is better than a bike travel bag. The final choice entirely depends on you. Plus, you must consider other factors such as the weight, size, and ergonomics of the bag or case you wish to buy.


You must also take note of the size of the bag you wish to purchase. You can easily find out this information by looking at the dimensions denoted in length, width, and height (L x W x H). The size of your bag or case should also consider the size of your bike. The size is also influenced by how you will be traveling. The best bike travel cases and bags should be able to fit in your car as well as meet most airline size restrictions.


As mentioned before, the majority of the bike travel bags are built with rugged and strong materials such as polyester and nylon to survive the harsh realities of travel. Some bags are even built with aluminum skeletons for extra ruggedness. Bike travel cases on the other end are built with material such as ABS plastic to give them their hard and protective shell. This means that hard cases are more often heavier than bags however, bags don’t offer as much protection as hard cases do. 


The best bike travel bags and cases should have multiple handles to help with transportation. The handles allow you to either lift or carry the bag or even pull it as its wheels glide. Yet, handles are not only used for transportation. Especially for bike bags, handles can also be used during packing to make the process quicker.


Portability is also important for bike travel bags and cases. Thus, the best bike travel bags and cases should also be portable. The best way to gauge your bag or case’s portability is through their wheels. Going for a bag or case with wheels makes it easier to transport your bike as you can just pull along the bag. Multiple handles as those mentioned above also help to complement your bag or case’s portability.


You must also ensure that your bag or case offers enough protection and safety for your bike. Therefore, look for features such as foam padding that helps to add extra cushioning for the bike. Additionally, bags or cases that come with wheel bags or pockets also help to protect the wheels from the frame or fork to prevent scratches.

And finally, a case or bag that can be locked will help to keep it securely closed.  Yet, if you are still worried, you can employ DIY measures such as adding more foam padding around the bike’s delicate parts during packing and using cable ties to hold the bike chains and chain rings.



Q: Will All Bags Or Cases Work With My Bicycle?


No. Not all travel bike bags or cases will work with your bag. When choosing a bag or case to purchase always examine their size to ensure that they will fit your bike. Many bike travel bags and cases also come with recommendations for which bike type, bike size, or wheelbase size they can fit.

Q: Are All Cases And Bags TSA Compliant?


No. Not all bike travel cases and bags are TSA compliant. Again, you want to check the size of the bike bag or case you wish to buy and then, cross check it with TSA guidelines to ensure they are compliant. You should also cross check with the airline you wish to travel with before the day of travel.

Q: How Do I Provide Additional Protection To My Bike On Top Of What's Provided By The Bike Bag Or Box?


There are several ways to which you can provide extra protection based on the needs. Generally, to add extra protection for your bike, wrap extra foam padding around the top tube, down tube, fork, and seat stays to prevent breakage. Also, store the derailleur on its own and tie the chain to chain rings with cable ties to prevent them from falling.

Globo Surf Overview

The bike travel case reviews above prove how they have revolutionized traveling with your bike. So if you are dreaming of biking in Europe with your favorite bike, your dreams can now come true. Plus, their innovative design will have you forget that you are hauling around a large piece of riding metal. So, get your travel bag or case from the list of the best bike travel cases and bags above so you can keep enjoying your bike rides, no matter where you are.

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