Finding the best bike trailer for your kid is a great way to share your love for the outdoors with them, and provides you with a way of combining parenthood with an active lifestyle. Bringing your toddler with you on the road will get them used to the feeling of being on a bike, and likely develop in a passion you can share with them as they grow up.

Many times bringing a baby along with you on a bike means strapping them into one of those little chairs you attach behind your saddle, but this may become uncomfortable and cramped, especially if you plan a slightly longer trip. The best kids bike trailer not only provides more space for the child but also comes with a set of wheels designed to make the ride smooth and enjoyable.

In this article we have compiled a list of the best bike trailers on the market, to help guide you through a choice that can often seem confusing to make, given the many options available. Read on to discover which model is the best for you, so you can rapidly be on your way to having fun together with your family.

How To Choose A Bike Trailer For Kid – Buying Guide


To make an accurate distinction between all the types of bike trailers available for kids, it is best to focus on what are the different scenarios you can use them in. The simplest model is just what you would expect from a bike trailer, featuring two large wheels and a connecting section that attaches to your bike. 

One step higher we find trailers that can also work as baby strollers, featuring a handlebar on the rear and with a smaller wheel in the front to keep them upright. Then we find those trailers that can be used not only as strollers but also as joggers, with a much larger front wheel designed to minimize shake as you run along. 

Finally, the most fully features bike trailer for baby is the one that, via the use of conversion kits, can be used as a trailer, a stroller, a jogger or even a ski sled, so you can carry your child almost anywhere on the entire planet.


The size of the bike trailer you end up choosing will largely depend on the number of children you want to bring with you and how much traveling you plan to be doing. This will also have a significant impact on your agility during turns since some trailers have a width that may be hard to deal with, while some, as you have seen in our bike trailer reviews, have a single wheel design that makes them much more agile.

Luckily, every model is built so that is can quickly and easily fold down and the wheels are detached, so it can be slid into the back of your car or truck and let you easily get on the way. Keep in mind that a larger trailer will also translate in you, as a parent, having to drag a larger amount of weight on the road, something that can have a significant impact on your enjoyment of the ride.


The maximum weight capacity indication that comes with every bike trailer lets you have a precise idea of the amount of gear you can carry before putting the integrity of the trailer and the safety of your children at risk. This number will also include all the gear that you plan on carrying with you on the road, so remember to take it into account when you do your calculations. 

If you purchase a large stroller, it might be tempting to also use it as a luggage cart, but remember that you will be the one pushing on the pedals to get it rolling, so you might end up paying for it with sweat and muscle ache.


On all bike trailers, the seats that hold your child features strong harnesses to lock them in place. The best kind has five different straps that fasten in the center to give the strongest possible hold, all without stifling the child. On the best trailers the seats are also padded, so they still feel comfortable even if you are going on a longer ride.

Another useful feature you might want to look out for when purchasing a trailer is the ability to recline the seat so as to let your child sleep more comfortably if they happen to fall asleep. Not every model has this feature, so if it is something important to you then you should take the time to make sure the trailer you choose provides it.


Having enough storage space on your trailer is crucial, so you can be prepared for anything occurring on your trip. Kids always seem to need a lot of stuff, and if you also add a few things for yourself then gear starts to rapidly pile up. On most bike trailers there is a storage room behind the seat, and this is usually more than enough to hold everything you need for the day.

Convertible trailers require you to have enough room to move your feet as you push them instead of dragging them on the road, and the solution it to have a storage compartment that can either collapse or be completely detached from the whole structure.


Having adjustable suspensions is not a feature you will find on any bike trailer, but it can make a significant difference in the smoothness and comfort of your rides. The most fully-featured bike trailers let you adjust the wheels individually, so you can find the perfect balance that will let you overcome uneven terrain with ease.


The wheels of bike trailers are large and wide, with high-quality rims and spokes designed for smooth and reliable turning. They are crucial to ensuring a comfortable ride for everyone involved, even if potholes may sometimes get in the way. 

The tires are often air-filled, and contribute to dampening the impact with the road, reducing the amount of vibration that is transmitted to the seat. When you want to fold down your trailer so you can be on the way, in most cases, you can take the wheels off with a simple push of a button, and rapidly be on your way.

Hitching Mechanism

There are two main types of hitching mechanisms you can find on bike trailers, the quick release or the clamp. The quick-release attaches to the rear wheel dropouts and hub, but might not be compatible with every kind of bike.

The clamp tightens around the tube that is opposite your gearbox and can also include a safety strap as an extra precaution. Be sure to check which kind is used on the trailer you plan on purchasing and that you know how to work it, as to avoid unpleasant surprises on the road. 



Q: At What Age Can A Child Go In A Bike Trailer?


To be able to safely ride in a bike trailer, a child needs to be strong enough to hold up its own head, also considering that they will be wearing a helmet. This usually occurs around 12 months of age, so that can be a good starting point.

Q: What Is The Weight Limit For A Bike Trailer?


The maximum weight limit that can be carried on a bike trailer is a piece of information you will find in any review, so be sure to check them out before making your choice. Usually, it hovers around 40-50 pounds for a single child, so double if the trailer holds two.

Q: Are Bike Trailers Safe?


The bike trailers we have shown you are built to the highest quality standards, so you should never fear that one will come apart on the road. Focus rather on your handling on the bike, which will have a much greater effect on the safety of the ride. Also, it is recommended not to cycle faster than 10 mph.

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If you’re looking to share your bike ride with your child, then a bike trailer is a perfect way to do it. In our article, we have listed the best kids bike trailers currently available on the market, so take your time to read through our reviews so you can confidently choose the one that is right for you. 

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