As bicycles have become increasingly precise and sensitive, especially the most expensive ones, having the best bike torque wrench has become all the more crucial if you are serious about the sport. Many of the screws on gearboxes and handlebars have to be adjusted with the utmost precision, and this wouldn’t be possible without the use of one of the best bicycle torque wrenches you can find.

Having a bike that is perfectly tuned will give you that feeling of smoothness and reliability that cyclists love, and for this reason, we have prepared in this article a list of the best bike torque wrenches that money can buy. It might not be as flashy as buying a new set of tires or entirely new wheels, but there are few purchases that will prove so useful and for such a long time as a top rated bicycle torque wrench can be.

How To Choose A Bike Torque Wrench – Buying Guide


Type Of Bike

One might think that the only thing you need to know to buy a bike torque wrench is the size of your screws and the tension needed to correctly adjust them, but the build of your bike also needs to be taken into consideration. In fact, steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber all react differently to screws tightening, and this can have a significant impact on the enjoyment of your ride since they will directly impact the stiffness of the handlebars.

This is where a good torque wrench comes in handy since it allows you to tighten the bolts the right amount, without putting too much pressure on them and the structure. Steel and aluminum, as all materials are, are very susceptible to over tightening, and exceeding the recommended limit can produce serious damage on your bike frame and force you to go looking for spare parts.

Carbon fiber frames are the most delicate, despite it being overall the toughest and lightest material, since it is engineered to be extremely strong in one direction but not as much in another. Screwing bolts in acts on the fibers in precisely the way that makes them the most fragile, and can lead you to break a carbon frame with such ease you didn’t believe possible. Needless to say, but carbon fiber is also the most expensive material that is used to build bikes, so investing a little more on a torque wrench can save you a considerable amount of money in the long run.

Size & Weight

All bike torque wrenches are designed to be easy to use with one hand and comfortable to hold so that handling them in your garage doesn’t become too tiring or annoying. Even if they are made of steel, they never become difficult to manage and provide good leverage to effectively act on the screws. Most wrenches will either be long and thin or be ergonomically shaped so they can comfortably be held in your hand while applying leverage. 

Depending on whether you are planning on taking them on the road with you, the weight will also be a factor to take into consideration. Some of the more fully-featured models, which can also include many other different tools, can rapidly become too heavy to carry over long distances and you might be better off taking a smaller model, maybe with fewer features, but that can fit in your pocket. 

If you pair it with a good bike multi tool you will still be ready for almost any issue you might encounter on the road but you’ll save space and have to sweat less to get you and all your gear rolling. Just stuff everything in your saddle bag and you’ll be good to go, with your mind free to focus on the ride and enjoy your time on the wheels.

Clearance Level

The clearance level of the bike torque wrench refers to the correct torque head that corresponds to the fittings on the bolts of your bike. As we have said for the type of bike, trying to apply torque with a wrench that is not correct for that bolt can only lead to damages and unwanted consequences for your bike, which is exactly the opposite reason of why you buy a bike torque wrench in the first place. 

When you are making you decision, take your time to measure your bike and get to know exactly what characteristics do the tools need to have in order for them to do the job safely, so you can avoid annoying and potentially very expensive mistakes as you deal with the delicate equilibriums involved in bike riding.


There are three main categories in which bike torque wrenches fall, which are preset wrenches, click wrenches, or beam torque wrenches. Preset wrenches, as the name suggests, are only capable of delivering a set amount of torque, the most common is 5Nm, and will click to let you know when you have reached it while tightening your screws. These are the smallest, less expensive, and easiest to use, so they are a good option for beginners but are likely to leave the more demanding riders hungry for more.

Click torque wrenches allow for more customization since they have a scale at the bottom that allows you to select the amount of force you want to be applied. As you turn the screw, the wrench will emit an audible click when you have reached the desired torque and you’ll know the job has been done. These wrenches give you more flexibility but require you to calibrate them, which involves sending them back to the manufacturer from time to time. Always turning the dial to the lowest torque setting when you have finished using the wrench will help in keeping it calibrated for as long as possible.

The final type of bike torque wrench you might run across is the beam wrench. These rely on a scale that tells you in real-time what is the amount of torque you are applying. They are fairly easy and straightforward to use and require no calibration, but you do have to keep a wary eye on the scale to make sure you don’t overtighten anything since there will be no click to let you know when you have reached your destination. Also, some compatibility issues might arise since many are not built for bikes in the first place.



Q: Do I Need A Torque Wrench For Bike?


If you are serious about riding, then we would say yes, definitely. High-level bikes are very sensible, and if you are looking to get the best possible performance out of them you need to make sure that everything is tuned and tightened to perfection. Using a good bike torque wrench will allow you to do it quickly and easily, so it is one of the basic tools that every cyclist should have, ready for action.

Q: How Do You Use A Torque Wrench Bike?


The mechanics of using a torque wrench are pretty simple, but you need to be careful to use the right wrench for the correct size screw. Once you have established that the dimensions match, you can then enter the torque you want on your wrench, if you are using on that allows you to do so, check in which direction the torque is applied, either clockwise or anti-clockwise, and then proceed to turn, waiting for the decisive click.

Q: How Is Torque Measured On A Bike?


The most common unit of measure used on bikes for torque in Newton meter, represented by the letters Nm, and you should find indications next to every screw as to what torque needs to be applied for them to screw in firmly, but without overdoing it. Information in inches per pound is also usually listed for users that are more familiar with the imperial system. 

Q: How Is Torque Measured On A Bike?


Much will depend on how much performance you expect to get out of your bike. If you are an amateur, only going out for weekend rides, then you may get away without a wrench, but if you are someone who is striving for the best possible performance, then we believe that a good bike torque wrench should be found in your bike toolset.

Q: Who Makes Good Torque Wrenches?


A good bike torque wrench needs to be reliable, well built, and easy to use. Especially important is its capacity to consistently deliver the same amount of torque over and over again, without requiring constant recalibration. A sturdy build and a nice protective carrying case are always welcome additions.

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Often underrated, but crucially important, bike torque wrenches allow the demanding cyclist to squeeze every little ounce of performance from his or her bike. We hope that our article has helped you clear up your mind regarding the options available on the market, so you can rapidly make an informed choice and head out the door knowing that your bike will perform at its absolute best.

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