Bicycles are versatile machines that promote a healthy lifestyle through exercise, eco-friendly transportation, and fun activities. With so many benefits, it is easy to see why bicycles are becoming a staple in homes all across the world. Yet, finding a safe spot to store your bike in your home can be a challenge because they take up a decent amount of space. 

The best bike shed will make it easy to store your bike in your backyard or garage. Bike storage sheds are also designed to keep your bicycles as good as new by protecting them against the elements. With the right security features, a bicycle shed will also keep your bikes protected from neighborhood thieves. 

But not all bike storage sheds have the same design and construction. It’s difficult to determine exactly what you need, which is why we have made this guide. With our help, finding the best bike storage shed is easy as we breakdown and review the top products on the market.

How To Choose A Bike Storage Shed – Buying Guide



The two main types of outdoor bike storage sheds are sheds that are made of plastic or wood and tents. Both types are popular storage solutions that are widely available on the market, but each design has its pros and cons. 

Top rated bike storage sheds are permanent solutions for cyclists who want to keep their bikes safe in their backyard. The best bike storage shed will be made of a quality plastic or wood material, which makes the shed stronger and more resistant to damage. Most bike shed storage units are also larger and can fit up to 4 bicycles. 

Sheds are also preferred for outdoor use because they can withstand harsh elements, and many can be locked from the outside. This keeps your bikes safe from the weather and thieves. But bike storage sheds for outside will take up a lot of space and because they are larger, they will also be more expensive. 

If you want a more compact and portable outdoor bike storage solution, consider a tent. Tents are the easiest designs to set up because they have no hard walls or panels. The lack of hard siding also makes bike tents a more portable option with a quicker installation process. But the downside of choosing a tent for your bike is the overall lack of durability.

The tents that are used for bicycle storage are not as strong as plastic or wooden bike sheds, so the weather can easily damage them. Their ultra-lightweight designs also make them vulnerable to wind. 

It is better to choose a wooden or plastic bike shed if you want to keep your bicycles safe outdoors. If you have the space to store your bike in your garage, a tent is a great way to keep your bike protected from dust and small debris. 


The best bike shed will be easy to construct, but that is easier said than done. Many of the best outdoor bike storage ideas strive for a quick and easy installation process, but depending on the shed you choose, you may need to make a few adjustments. 

A bicycle storage shed for outside that is made of plastic or wood will be more difficult to construct because there will be moving components and pieces of hardware that you need to install. Tents have the easiest construction process because they should pop up. 

Bike shed reviews can help you better understand the construction and installation process. Many reviewers will also comment on how easy or difficult it was to build and set up their sheds.  


The size of your bike shed storage unit will determine how many bicycles you can store. If you need to store multiple bikes, you will need a larger capacity. For families with multiple different sized bikes, it is smarter to choose a larger capacity to ensure that everything fits into place inside your shed. But if you are looking to store one or two bicycles, you shouldn’t need a large shed. Instead, you may even want to consider a compact outdoor bike storage idea like a bike tent. 


Q: Can I Store My Bike In A Shed?


Yes, you can safely store your bike in a shed. The best bike shed is a practical solution for storing your bike in your yard or garage. A top rated bike storage shed should seal out the weather to protect your bike from damage. Many sheds also have a locking feature for extra security. 

Q: What Size Shed Do I Need For Bikes?


Bike sheds come in all sizes. You should determine the size of your shed by the number of bicycles you need to store. A single bike will take up less space than multiple bikes. However, by standard calculations, a single bike will require a shed that is at least 6x2 feet.

Q: How Do You Store A Bike In A Small Shed?


If you’ve found yourself will too small of a shed it can be impossible trying to store your bike inside. It is smarter to choose a larger shed size, so you don’t run out of space. But if you have a shed that is too small, you may reduce the size of your bike by removing the front tire. However, this method only works with a quick release bike wheel.

Q: How Big Does A Bike Shed Need To Be?


There is no one size fits all for outdoor bicycle storage. This is because the number of bikes that you need to store will determine the size of the shed. Bikes take up a lot of space and you will need a larger shed to store multiple bikes. However, if you are planning on storing four bicycles, you should estimate to have a shed that is at least 6x4 feet.

Q: Will Bikes Rust In A Shed?


The best bike storage shed will keep your bicycles rust-free throughout all four seasons. However, bikes are prone to rusting in wet weather. Therefore, you must choose a top rated bike storage shed that has sealed seams to be leakproof. Ventilation is also key at stopping rust as it reduces the amount of condensation inside the shed. So, look for a design that has windows or a vent to prevent the buildup of rust. 

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When it comes to keeping your bikes safe and organized, there are plenty of home storage options. The best bike shed will protect your bicycles from damage and ensure that they are always ready to ride. Our list of products helps you narrow down the top picks, so you can choose the perfect bike shed for your home. With our help, you can confidently integrate any shed into your home, garage, or backyard.

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