Whenever you go for a bike ride, it is a good idea to stay connected to the world and bring along your smartphone. Not all riders actively use their phones while riding, but even if you don’t need your phone all the times, it’s not a bad idea to have it with you for emergency situations. 

With the best bike phone mount, you’ll always be able to take your smartphone with you and keep it close by for navigating the trail, snapping photos, or calling for help. But there are a lot of different types of bicycle phone mounts and it can be difficult deciding which design would best suit your needs. 

We have made a list of ten quality smartphone bike mounts so that you can find the perfect design for your bicycle. With our guidance, you can pick from the best features so that you don’t have to worry about your phone while you ride, and you can still feel confident that you won’t ever be left stranded.

How To Choose A Bike Phone Mount – Buying Guide



There are a lot of different designs of bicycle smartphone mounts, but most people categorize them all into three different types. The most common types are cases, universal brackets, and frame bag mounts. 

Case mounts will enclose your entire phone into a small box, which can then be mounted on your bicycle. The most versatile case mounts will be fully waterproof and have multiple compartments. One compartment will likely have a clear plastic viewing screen so that you can read or view your phone’s screen and a compartment located beneath your phone can be used to hold small personal items. 

A universal bracket mount means that a set of two clips and sometimes a stretchy silicone butterfly band will hold your phone into place. This type of design is great as a road bike phone mount because it allows you to keep the entire screen of your phone visible and operational. A universal bracket is also a great choice for cyclists who have larger sized phones. 

A frame bag mount is the last type of bike phone mount, which is actually attached to the frame and not the handlebars of your bike. While some frame mounts do keep your phone visible, most are simply a bag that can be used to store small gear. This can include your phone or keys. Top tube bags are very similar in design to frame bag mounts. 

It is important that you consider the type of phone mount you want because it could affect your riding and experience on the road or trail. For instance, a mountain bike phone mount needs to be a lot more durable and secure than a road bike phone mount because of the rugged and often bumpy terrain. 

Handlebar Size

When you are looking at a Samsung or iPhone mount for bicycles, you also need to be sure that the mount is compatible with your handlebar size. Many of the best bike phone holders will use a universal mount, which means that it should fit any sized handlebar. But some designs like MTB handlebars are thicker or bigger than normal handlebars. 

The best bike phone mount will have a fully adjustable mount that can fit standard and bigger handlebars without needing to find an entirely different mount. This makes universally sized phone bike mounts more popular because they can be interchanged between bicycles. 


You should also look at the compatibility of your smartphone with your mount design. Many Samsung and iPhone handlebar mounts have been made bigger in recent years because the screen size of your devices has drastically increased. But with so many devices having a standard and plus size option, the mounts also need to reflect that change in device dimensions. 

While bike phone mount reviews can tell you with what devices that design is compatible, you may also want to check the product information. Between the reviews and provided information, you should be able to find a list of compatible devices or find a general sizing or set of dimensions that give you an idea of the compatibility of the mount. 

Mount Design

Overall, you want a top rated bike phone holder that has a durable, functional, and reliable design. You shouldn’t have to struggle to install or use your mount, so finding an easy to use design is important for many cyclists. Again, bike phone mount reviews can help you get a better idea of the mount design so that you can determine whether it will suit your needs or if you need to continue searching for another product. 

Another part of the design that you should look at are the materials. High quality and premium materials will provide you with a longer lasting design, which means a better overall value. A mountain bike phone mount also needs to have a more durable design than other types of cycling because of the ruggedness of the trails. 



Q: How Do You Attach Your Phone To A Bike?


The best bike phone holder will use a universal mount or bracket that easily integrates itself onto your handlebar. This allows you to keep your phone higher and up front for easy viewing while you are riding. But not all mounts have the same attachment design. You should look for specific installation instructions that should be provided with your product. These instructions will tell you exactly how to install your cell phone bike mount so that you can cycle safely.

Q: Where Should I Store My Phone When Cycling?


For most riders, keeping their phone front and center is preferred because it allows them to use the device to navigate while they are riding. But for other riders, they don’t need to actively use their phone while riding and simply storing it in a bag is suitable. 

You will have to decide where you want to store your phone because there is not right or wrong place to put your phone while riding. However, keep in mind that most phone bike mounts will attach your device to your handlebars.

Q: What Is A Mounting Bracket For Bikes?


A phone mount for bikes may use a mounting bracket to attach the device to your bicycle. Actually, you will need a bracket to attach the mount safely to your bike. There are a few different bracket designs, but the best bike phone mount will feature a design that simply wraps around and secures to your handlebar.

Some brackets are rigid and made out of metal or plastic, which then use a screw to tighten the pieces into place. But other designs may use a silicone strap or band that wraps around your handlebar. The best bike phone mount will use an adjustable mounting bracket, which makes it more compatible with different sized handlebars.

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With a quality bicycle phone holder, you can keep your most important electronic device safe while you ride. But beyond keeping your phone in place, many phone mounts also make it easier and safer to use your phone while you ride. This means that you can continue to use your phone as needed, but you shouldn’t have to take your eyes off of the road while you check the stats on your screen. For this reason, a phone mount for bikes has become a popular accessory amongst cyclists. With one of the products on our list, you will never have to leave your phone behind again. 

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