If you are looking for a way to stop looking over your shoulder every time you bike then, your solution is to get a bike mirror. Bike mirrors are not only designed to keep you safe but also, to improve your biking experience. The best bike mirrors improve your vision which ultimately enhances your biking experience.

With a bike mirror attached to the sides of your bike or mounted on your helmet, you can focus more on your riding. It’s like being in a compact car with no obstruction which helps to widen your viewing and vision all around. With bike mirrors, you can clearly see the rear and the sides which also help to improve your reaction time.

Below, we’ve outlined the 10 top picks for the best bike mirrors in 2020. Pick a choice so you can help to keep your community safer and to finally get the solution for improving your biking experience.

How To Choose A Bike Mirror – Buying Guide


Type Of Mirror 

When choosing the best bicycle mirror for your bike, you have to figure out where you want to mount it – so you can choose the right type. You will come across three bike mirror types, i.e. bar end, handlebar, and helmet mirrors.

As their name suggests, bar end mirrors are mounted to the end of flat handlebars thus, they work great for mountain bikes and cruiser bikes. some bar end mirrors also attach to drop bars typically found on road bikes. Handlebar mirrors integrate an arm that is mounted or attached to the handlebar using straps or nuts. You can place these handlebars between the bar stem and hand grips.  

Helmet mirrors on the other end fit on your helmet or bike helmet visors. The best part about helmet bike mirrors is that they remain on your field of vision no matter your movements, so you don’t have to strain your body to find the perfect field of vision.

Left vs Right Side

Some of the best bicycle mirrors are reversible whilst others are not. Reversible mirrors can be mounted on either side of your bike. Some bike mirrors are also available in pairs so you can get a mirror for the left and right sides.

However, if you purchase a single mirror, the side you pick depends on your preferences. Typically, most U.S. riders mount their helmet mirrors on the right side, on the account that the driving and cycling are done on the right side of the road.


Size is not a factor that should be scrutinized on its own. For example, whilst a large mirror appears to be better, it also brings with it certain drawbacks. A large mirror has a large viewing surface yet, the larger surface also means that it will attract more glare and break easily upon impact. So whether you wish to opt for a small or large-sized mirror, you have to think of how functional it will be for your riding.


The best bicycle mirror should also be adjustable. You will find yourself in different circumstances and riding angles, so having an adjustable bike mirror enhances your riding experience. Look for bike mirrors that rotate at least 180 to 360 degrees.


Compatibility doesn’t only mean which handlebar diameter the mirror will fit. You also want to ensure that the bike mirror is designed for your style of riding even if it fits your bike’s handlebar diameter. 

Therefore, it’s a good idea to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for those that provide it. 

For example, a 10mm lightweight and thin mirror compared to a thicker and heavier 45mm mirror may not be the best choice if you plan on riding at high speed or rough terrains. So you will find a recommendation for say, the mirror works great with touring bikes rather than with racing bikes.


In addition to adjustability, a bike mirror that can be repositioned also adds value. For commuting or mountain bikes, for example, having a mirror that can be repositioned or foldable comes in handy because it prevents the mirror from being knocked off in traffic or narrow spaces.



Q: Do I Need A Bike Mirror?


Yes, you need a bike mirror to improve your safety when riding. A bike mirror gives you access to what is going on behind you. So before, you knock down a child or get hit by a speeding car as you turn, a bike mirror will alert you of the impending danger.

Q: How Do You Put A Mirror On A Bike?


It all depends on the design of the mirror. Some mirrors may require installation using Allen keys or wrenches. Others are simply mounted using the straps they come with – you simply snap-on the mirror to the bike using the straps.

Q: Are Bar End Mirrors Safe?


Yes, bar end mirrors are quite safe. This is because their positioning helps to widen your viewing angle and make the bike less wide. This in turn allows you to see more of what is going on behind the bike. Plus, they add more style to your bike.

Q: Do I Need Two Mirrors?


By law, you only need one mirror on the roadside to be aware of motorists and potential pedestrians. However, having two mirrors is like having your two eyes, so you can keep safe on both sides. It's especially a good idea to invest in two mirrors if you are not so skillful at riding or if you are a beginner cyclist.

Q: How Do You Mount A Bike Helmet To A Mirror?


Bike helmet mirrors integrate an arm that is attached to the helmet. The arm comes with adhesive tape or material which is then attached to the helmet so it can remain securely mounted to it. Some helmet mirrors can also clip or clamp on your bike helmet.

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The bike mirror reviews outline how important it is to have these bike accessories. With good quality bike mirrors, your vision is taken care of so you can focus your attention on other aspects of your riding. Plus, adding a mirror to your bike adds an extra layer of safety not only for you but also for pedestrians and motorists alike.

So, contribute to your community’s road safety by investing in the best bike mirrors listed above. And if you are struggling to pick an option, let the buying guide outlined above walk you through to choosing the best bicycle mirror for your bike.

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