After investing hundreds of dollars on your bike – its security is your next priority. Finding a good quality bike lock can sometimes be tricky. The best bike lock should be strong and secure enough to hold your bike and be convenient enough for you to use anywhere. Additionally, the bike lock should also be designed to anticipate different antics that thieves may use to penetrate it and be able to counter them.

Well, you don’t have to worry about going in circles trying to find the ideal lock for your bike. Below we’ve compiled the list of the 10 best bike locks in 2020. So your only job is to pick one that closely matches your needs.

How To Choose A Bike Lock – Buying Guide



A keyed mechanism locks bicycles using keys. You will come across bike locks that use keys or combinations (4 to 5 digit passcode operated) when you are choosing the best lock for bikes. Keyed locks use flat keys or cylindrical keys. Flat keys tend to be favored as they are more difficult to pick.

Additionally, many keyed bike locks come with at least two keys so you can use one daily and store the other as a spare. Other manufacturers even provide a service whereby you can order a replacement key in case you lose yours.


You will find a shackle on U style locks. The shackle is the U shaped part of the lock that connects to the deadbolt to secure the lock. Some bike locks are designed with shackles that lock in on both ends whilst other bolts lock in on one end for secure holding power. 

Lock Mechanism 

The best lock for bikes must be supported by a mechanism that easily locks bikes. If you use a U-lock, its mechanism is run by moving the shackles towards the deadbolt which holds them in place. Chain and cable locks use a key or combination lock to hold them in place. A wheel lock clasps the wheel (normally the rear wheel) to immobilize it as the lock cable or chain passes through the spikes.


When you are exploring the best way to lock a bike, you will come across several lock types. The type of bike lock you go for will affect the security of your bike. The common ones are the U-lock, chain, cable, and wheel locks. 


The U-lock is the most secure locking mechanism as it has minimal space to insert a crowbar or other attacking tools. It also features a bulky locking mechanism that helps to protect against attacks from hammers or bolt cutters. These bike lock types are favored for use in the city and high crime areas.

Cable And Chain Locks

Cable and chain locks sometimes appear to be similar. Cable locks boast a coiled wire covered with vinyl or PVC and bound to an in-built padlock or combination lock. Chain locks on the other end boast steel links covered with nylon, vinyl, or fabric cloth.

Although they are not as secure as U-locks, they are still favored for their versatility as they can be used in a cross section of outdoor and sports equipment. It all depends on the length of the chain or cable. Chain and cable lock types can be used in areas of low to high risk of theft.

Wheel Locks

Wheel locks are normally mounted on wheels or seat posts.  On the wheels, the locks come in an O-style lock that is not attached to any fixed object or a larger chain-like lock that can be attached to a fixed object. These lock types are convenient however, their quick release and convenient design, unfortunately, make it easier for thieves to circumvent them. So, they may not be the best option for areas that are prevalent in crime.


The best lock for bikes should also be well protected to enhance its durability. You don’t want to invest in a lock that will be damaged in a short period. Many good quality bike locks feature a coating or covering to protect it from scratches, rust, water, and direct sunlight. 

Common protection for bike locks you will find includes plastic coating as well as fabric, vinyl, or PVC coverings – depending on the type of bike lock it is.


Many of the best bike locks are made from steel and other variations of steel alloys such as chromed or manganese steel. These materials are favored for their sturdy build and resistance. When they are used to make bike locks, it is difficult to cut through them with attacking tools.

You will notice that different locks have different widths, the wide the diameter, the more difficult it is to cut through the material.  However, when you are choosing the ideal width for your bike locks, you must also think of your bike’s design and ensure that the lock will properly fit.



Q: Is There A Bike Lock That Can't Be Cut?


Yes, there is a bike lock that can't be cut. Many U-shaped Kryptonite bike locks cannot be cut. The Kryptonite Newyork Fahgettaboutit is considered to be the brand's strongest lock in the market. Its thick steel construction makes it impossible to cut with standard bolt cutters.

Q: What Is The Hardest Bike Lock To Break?


The hardest bike lock to break is the Kryptonite Newyork Fahgettaboutit. This Kryptonite U-lock is made from thick steel and a double deadbolt design with shackles that can be connected on both ends; making it extremely difficult to penetrate or break.

Q: Are U Locks Better Than Cable Locks?


When it comes to security U-locks are better than cable locks. Whilst most cable locks are easy to cut with standard bolt cutters, U locks are bulkier and difficult to cut or break. However, their design makes cable locks more versatile than U locks.

Q: How Many Locks Do I Need?


It depends on the safety of the location you plan to leave the bike and how you lock it. In general, a single lock to secure your bike frame is enough. However, if you want to add security, then, you will need two bike locks – one to secure your bike frame and the other to secure the wheel.

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It takes quite an investment to purchase a good quality bike, thus, it is only natural to want to ensure your investment is safe even when you are not around. With sneaky theft antics existing out there, you want to get a good quality bike lock to counter any potential attacks. The bike lock reviews outline just how handy these tools are – whether you are storing your bike in your garage or leaving it outside your school’s science building to go for your lectures.  

The buying guide above on the other end is the perfect tool to walk you through the critical decision making process to ensure you find the best lock for bikes. Start with the 10 best bike locks listed above to find the ideal match for your bike.

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