One of the downsides to cycling in wet or muddy conditions is that you can easily get dirty because of your bike tires. Whenever your wheels spin, they pick up moisture or dirt from the path and throw it in all directions. 

For many riders, this means that your clothes will quickly become wet and dirty. The best bike fenders will stop your tires from flinging water and mud in your direction, which keeps you cleaner and drier for longer. 

But most bikes do not come equipped with fenders and they are considered to be an extra accessory. For any riders who are frequently riding, you shouldn’t have to stop your commute or adventure because of a little rain. 

We want to help you stay dry, so we have made a list of high-quality bicycle fenders that will shield you from all the mud and dirt you may encounter. With a set of bicycle mudguards, you never have to let rain stop you from riding.

How To Choose  Bike Fenders – Buying Guide



When it comes to the best mudguards, you want something that is lightweight. Weight is an important consideration when you are looking at a pair of fenders because of where the pieces are attached to your bikes. Fenders are placed over the tires on the front and back of your bike. So, putting something heavy at either end could affect your balance while riding. 

Many top rated bike mudguards will be made out of a lightweight material to ensure that they don’t pack too much bulk onto your bike. But you may find that fenders for mountain bikes are naturally larger or heavier than those that are made for road bikes. 

This is because you need extra rugged mountain bike fenders, whereas a sleek design works when you’re riding on paved paths. But road bike fenders are more likely to have an ultra-lightweight and slim design to help you maintain higher speeds. 


Size is another important feature of bicycle fenders because you want to ensure that the fender pieces will fit your tires. But most fenders are not designed to cover your entire tire. Instead, they will cover only a portion of the tire. 

But you still need to make sure that the fender sits high enough above your tire that it won’t catch, rub, or break due to friction with the rubber. Size can also affect the attachment of your fender to your bike. 

Most well-known bike brands should be rather universal in size, which means that most fenders will fit your bicycle. But some less known bike brands may have different sized attachment points, which would require a special set of fenders. 


The best bike fenders will always be easy to clean. This is because the water and mud that sprays up from your tire will require that you clean your fenders every now and then to reduce the build-up of mud. You won’t want to waste time cleaning your fenders, so it is best to look for a design that can be quickly wiped off or hosed down. 

Smaller sized fenders will also be easier to clean that larger fenders because there is less surface area. For riders who are looking for minimal maintenance, you may want to choose a set of minimalistic fenders for bikes. 

Braze-On vs. Clip-On

Top rated bike mudguards will have different designs and attachment points with your bicycle. You will have to look at your bike to determine how fenders can be attached but in general, most fenders will be either braze-on or clip-on. 

Braze-on fenders will attach to two small eyelets that are on the front fork of your bike. These small holes use durable hardware to fix the fender to your bike and ensure that it stays secure while you ride. 

Clip-on fenders will use a clip-on mount to attach to your bicycle. The most common area for these fenders to be attached to is your seat post. The clips should be universal or adjustable in size so that they fit more bicycles. But you may also have clip-on fenders that use zip ties or cables ties for a more secure attachment. 


The best bike mudguards will be available in a variety of lengths to ensure that you get a design with the right amount of wheel coverage. Longer bicycle mudguards will provide more protection because they cover more of the tire. But for some riders, having a larger fender can actually hinder their performance while riding. 

Road bike fenders will often be either very long and sleek to give you more coverage with less weight or be very short to provide bare minimum protection. On the other hand, a fender for mountain bikes may be short but wider so that it better fits over the fatter tire width of fat bikes.


The best bike mudguard will have a contoured shape that curves with your tire. With a less flat design, you will get better protection and coverage from the tire spray. But some designs do have an extremely flat design to reduce the overall bulk of the fender. 

Ultimately, you will have to choose a fender shape that you feel most comfortable riding with. if you want more coverage, you should go with the curved shape because it will do a better job of keeping you dry. 


Most top rated bike mudguards will have a universal fit, but that doesn’t mean that some designs don’t cater to specific types of riding. You can always find a set of fenders that has been made with specific riders in mind. Some of the most common fits include those for road, mountain, MTB, and commuter bikes

Bike fender reviews can also help you determine the fit of a design. Many cyclists will give their review of a product and state how well it fit with their bicycle design, which will help you determine whether the product will suit your needs or if you need to keep looking. 



Q: Are Bike Fenders Worth It?


For any rider who is out cycling in wet conditions, bike fenders are worth the investment because they will help you stay clean and dry. With a set of bike splash guards, everything that your tire picks up and flings will be stopped by the fender so that it doesn’t end up on your clothes or in your face.

Q: How Do I Choose A Bike Fender?


When it comes to choosing a bike fender, you want something that fits your tire and suits your style of riding. You should look at the different features of the design to determine what is best for you. Some of the most important features include the size of the fender and how it is attached to your bike. However, some designs like bike fenders for commuting, may have a versatile design that also works for other types of bicycles too.

Q: Can You Put Mudguards On A Road Bike?


Yes, you can attach mudguards to your road bike but you would probably be best off looking for a specific design that is compatible with your bicycle. Road bike fenders are often skinnier than other designs and lighter in weight to ensure that your riding performance isn’t affected by the addition of mudguards.

Q: Can You Put Fenders On A Road Bike?


Yes, and most fenders for road bike will be very similar in design to mudguards. But again, you will probably be best off with a set of road bike fenders which have been designed with high speed cyclists in mind.

Q: Is A Front Mudguard Necessary?


Yes, because the front mudguard provides protection for your face. Without a front mudguard, your face is vulnerable to anything that flies off of your tire. For most riders, being constantly sprayed in the face with water and mud can be annoying but it is also dangers as it could hinder your vision. A front mudguard will keep you safe and ensure that you can clearly see and navigate while riding.

Q: How Do I Install Mudguards?


Each set of bicycle mudguards will have their own installation process, so it is best to check your product for a brand specific installation manual. But in general, the best bike fenders will have either a braze-on or clip-on design. The braze-on design is more permanent as it uses hardware to screw into the frame of your bike. While the clip-on design is easier to attach and remove because of the clip-on mount.

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When it comes to staying clean and dry while you ride, nothing can provide better protection than a set of top rated bike mudguards. With a set of fenders attached to your bike, you won’t have to deal with annoying splashes of mud or water that fly off of your tire. This guarantees that you always have a good time on your ride, and it ensures that you can always see where you are going. With one of the best bike mudguards from our list, we are certain that you will be riding with a smile. 

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