For all cyclists and their bicycles, maintaining a clean bike chain is essential for a smooth ride. Most cyclists will use a lubricant on their chain to ensure that it runs seamlessly through your cogs and gears, but with frequent riding, your chain can still get dirty. 

The best bike degreaser will help you cut through the lubricant so that you can properly clean your chain. Bicycle degreasers also help you remove any of the dirt or grime that builds up on the chain. 

But there are a lot of bike degreasers available on the market and not all formulas have the same features. It is important that you find the right bike cleaning products to suit your riding needs. 

Our list of quality products will help you find the best bike chain degreaser so that you can properly care for your bike, which will extend the life of your bike chain so that you can continue to get outside and stay active.

How To Choose A Bike Degreaser – Buying Guide


Wet Degreaser

Not types of degreasers are the same. One type of degreaser is a wet formula, which goes on as a liquid and it must be used with a chain scrubber or brush. Wet degreasers are best used on the dirtiest chains, where the additional irritation of the scrubber or brush is required to loosen debris. 

Most wet bicycle degreasers will provide you with a more thorough clean because of the additional friction required by the cyclist to remove dirt from the chain. But wet degreasers are also harder to use because they are messy. It will also take more of the solution to clean your change and it will require that you rinse off any excess degreaser at the end. 

Spray-On Degreaser

Another type of degreaser is a spray-on solution. These types of degreasers are the fastest and easiest way to clean your chain because the solution is often sprayed on and left to dry. This means that spray-on degreasers do not require an additional chain scrubber or brush to loosen dirt. Instead, the formula will do that hard work for you and break down or loosen any grime or grease. 

Many spray-on bike cleaner degreasers are also fast drying and will not require an additional rinse after application. For fast maintenance, because the formula dries on the chain and leaves no residue, you do not have to waste any time before applying your road or MTB chain lubricant. Spray-on degreasers are also more economical because it requires less of the formula to clean your chain.  


For some riders, finding an environmentally friendly or biodegradable degreaser is important. Whether you want to keep your yard clean or you are teach younger riders about mountain bike maintenance, a biodegradable solution is the safest option to use. Most biodegradable solutions are also non-toxic, which means that no harsh solvents will cause rashes or skin irritation. 

If you do want to rinse away any excess degreaser, a biodegradable formula is also going to be more water soluble and easer to rinse away. The best bike chain degreaser that is biodegradable also ensures that you can confidently rinse your bike in your yard or garden without worrying about any chemicals killing your plants. 

Drying Time

The faster your degreaser dries, the quicker you’ll be able to complete your bike maintenance routine. For the most basic and easy maintenance routines, a fast-drying degreaser will get the job done. But if you want to clean your chain more thoroughly, you will want to use a degreaser that doesn’t dry quickly. This may also require additional tools from your bike cleaning kit to get the job done so that you can scrub away the dirt. 

Ease of Use

However, you always want to choose the best bike chain degreaser that is relatively easy to use. While some mountain or road bike chain degreaser formulas are easier than others, you shouldn’t have too hard a time apply and using a degreaser on your chain. But to make application of the formula easier, you may want to look for a degreaser that comes in a pressurizing can with a powerful nozzle, a pour top bottle, or in a spray bottle. 



Q: What Can I Use As A Bike Degreaser?


While you may be tempted to try and use good old-fashioned soap and water to clean your chain, the best care for your bike would be to use a top rated bike chain degreasers. This is because the best bike degreaser is made to specifically cut through the leftover residue of your lubricant, as well as remove any built-up dirt or mud. By using a specific degreaser for bike chains, you are also guaranteeing that the metal parts of your bike will be longer lasting. For more versatility, you may also look for a solution that acts as both a bike degreaser and lube.

Q: Can You Use Any Degreaser On A Bike?


No, you should always look for a bicycle cleaner degreaser formula. Other degreasers may be too aggressive for bicycle parts and they could actually cause damage to your chain and drivetrain. For the best bike care, you should specific bike cleaning products that have been deemed safe with the various components of your bicycle. The best bike degreaser will always be safe to use on your chain. 

Q: How Do You Use WD-40 Bike Degreaser?


WD-40’s Bike Degreaser formula is a spray-on solution that is easy to apply and dries quickly. The formula is packaged into a pressurized spray can and it is easily applied using the built0in nozzle. WD-40’s formula is also dry, which means that you spray it on and leave it on. 

The solution then works hard to break down the dirt and debris. With a foaming action, the spray is also great at loosening caked on dirt. For a good clean, you can then wipe away any excess grime and directly apply your lubricant.

Q:  Is It OK To Use WD-40 On A Bike Chain?


Yes, but you should look for WD-40’s bicycle degreaser formula that is specifically designed for use on your bike chain. As the third product on our list, WD-40’s solution is safe for bike chain and it does an excellent job at cleaning the metal. Bike degreaser reviews often favor this brand because of the high-quality solution and effectiveness of the degreaser.

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The best bike chain degreaser is an essential part of every bike maintenance checklist because it helps keep an important part of your bike running smoothly. With the right maintenance, you can extend the life of your chain so that you can keep going on bike riding adventures. A top rated bike chain degreaser will not only promote a good maintenance routine, but it helps guarantee that your bike gives you the best performance every time you hit the road. 

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