Having the best bike cover is a perfect way to take care of your bike during the down season. When it’s cold outside and you’re unable to take it for a spin and keep everything nicely clean and lubricated, it is crucial to have a safe and dry spot to store your precious ride, so you can take it out already in top shape when the warm days come back around.

Finding the best bicycle cover means looking for one that is light, waterproof, and easy to use, and in this article, we have put together a selection of the best options on the market so you can find the one that fits best for you. Using the best bike cover you can buy can significantly extend the lifespan of your ride, so it’s definitely worth taking the time to choose carefully.

How To Choose A Bike Cover – Buying Guide



The material your bike cover is made of will have a crucial role in its effectiveness, so you must be sure to purchase one that has been made with a top-rated fabric. The best choices are usually nylon and polyester, which are available in different widths and weights since they get the job done without ever being too big and bulky to manage.


The best way to close a bike cover is with a zipper which has to be located at the bottom, near the wheels. Should your cover not have one you can always get away with buttons or straps since they also do a good job at keeping the cover shut. Many bike covers also have elasticized hems, so they with keep the fabric tight before you even complete the closure.


If you have a regular adult-sized bike, then you are likely to not have any problems in finding a cover that fits correctly, since most of the ones you have seen in our bike cover reviews can work with bikes whose wheels are up to 29 inches in diameter. If you have more than one bike that needs taking care of, then you should find a wider cover and that can handle more than one two-wheeler. In any case, the bottom of the bike cover must touch the ground.


Although in this article we have focused on bike covers that protect the whole bike, there are some other options you can consider. A gel bike seat cover, for example, will make your saddle much softer and nicer to seat on, while if you plan on only storing your bike indoors then you might get away with a cover that only protects the wheels and chain gear.


Bicycle covers waterproof deliver excellent protection from water, wind, dust, and dirt, which allows your bike to be taken care of even during down periods when you don’t have time or it’s just too cold to go out for a ride. This allows the delicate parts of the gearbox and brakes to have a long life and be ready to go as soon as you take the cover off of the bike.


Q: Which Material Is Best For Bike Cover?


The best materials for bike covers are synthetic ones like nylon and polyester since they are light and tough but do a great job at keeping out water, moisture, and dust preventing them from damaging your bike.

Q: Should I Cover My Bike?


Definitely. Covering your bike will ensure that all the delicate parts of the bike will be protected from exposure and will remain in good condition and require only minimal care to get them right back on track.

Q: How Can I Cover My Bike Outside?


Covering your bike outdoors requires a high-quality bike cover, like the ones we have presented in this article. If you think you will have to face some serious weather then be sure to purchase one that is thick and sturdy.

Q: How Do I Keep My Bike From Rusting?


A bike cover is a powerful barrier from the water that can come from the outside, but keeping your gearbox dry is crucial to ensure it doesn't rust. Maintaining everything nice and clean is also an important step in making sure no rust finds its way into the most delicate parts of the bike.

Q: Is It OK To Keep A Bike Outside?


Yes it is, as long as you take good care of it. Using one of the bike covers we have presented in this article will greatly increase your chance of still finding a fully functioning bike when you need it again.

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A good bike cover can be a great ally to ensure your bike lives a long and healthy life and is always there, ready to go when you need it. In our article we have shown you the best options on the market, so you can make an informed decision and take good care of your precious companion. 

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