Are you looking for a way to experience racing style and smooth riding on your bike? The solution is simple. All you need to do is to invest in bike cleaning kits. The best mountain bike cleaning kits help to remove unwanted residues, grit, and grime from your bike and bike moving parts. 

Using proper bike cleaning tools helps to smoothly move your drive train for easier control, and riding. Plus, consistent cleaning helps to enhance your bike’s durability. Compiled below is the list of the 10 best bike cleaning kits in 2020 – so pick a choice so you can fully enjoy your bike rides.

How To Choose A Bike Cleaning Kit – Buying Guide



The quality is an important factor to observe when choosing the best mountain bike cleaning kit. You don’t want to invest in tools that are impractical and non-functional. It is easy to determine the quality of the brushes. Soft nylon brush bristles, for example, are an ideal choice.

This is because the softness prevents from scratching your bike whilst the nylon build makes them strong and durable. You can also go through real life customer reviews to understand the quality of the cleaning kit you wish to purchase. Just make sure that you go through reviews on credible platforms.

Multipurpose Use

The best mountain bike cleaning kits are built with versatility. This means that you can use them over a cross section of applications. Many of these cleaning kits are normally advertised to work as bike, motorcycle, and automobile cleaning kits.

Tools Included

Different cleaning kits are packed differently. It all depends on what you are looking for and your budget. If you are a beginner cyclist or don’t know much about bike cleaning and maintenance, it is always a good idea to go for a complete kit. Typically, a complete cleaning kit has cleaning cloths, different brushes (detailing, washing and scrubbing), degreasers or chain cleaning solvents, lubricants, and bike protectants.



Q: How To Clean A Mountain Bike?


Use a bucket of water with mild soap and microfiber mitts to wash the bike. For smaller and specialized parts use items such as a chain cleaner with its solvent for the bike's chain and appropriately sized brushes for parts such as gears and sprockets. Avoid using pressurized water hoses because they can damage metal and moving parts of the bike – especially greased areas.

Q: What Household Items Can I Use To Clean My Bike?


You can use items such as old cotton t-shirts, soft bristle brushes, sponges, bucket and mild detergent to clean your bike. However, when it comes to solvents such as degreasers and cleaning solvents, always use those designed for bikes to prevent from damaging the bike parts or materials.

Q: Can I Spray My Bike With Water?


You can spray your bike with a regular garden hose with a trigger style spray head. However, you should refrain from directly spraying on areas such as the chains or gears because this may damage them or affect their performance. You should also avoid high pressure sprays.

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The bike cleaning kit reviews prove that these tools are essential for enhancing your riding experience. In addition to ensuring your bike has proper parts, you should also invest in good quality cleaning kits to ensure the bike performs at its maximum capacity at all times. The best mountain bike cleaning kits don’t only leave your bike looking and functioning as if it just came from the factory but also help to maintain the bike’s durability. Thus, the 10 best bike cleaning kits above should form part of your bike cleaning arsenal.

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