The chain of your bike is one of its most vital components since it transfers the motion from your pedals to the wheels. Dirt and rust piling up on your drivetrain can make shifting become difficult and even cause damage to some of your bike’s parts. Taking care of it with the best bike chain cleaner you can find should be a natural reflex for any cyclist.

Once you start using one of the best chain cleaners on the market, you will immediately feel a difference, with smoother gear changes and an overall lighter feeling when you push down on the crankset. In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the best bike chain cleaners you can purchase, so you can rapidly make an informed decision and give your ride an extra boost.

How To Choose A Bike Chain Cleaner – Buying Guide


Tools Included

Many of the tools you have read about in our bike chain cleaner reviews are not sold by themselves but are often part of a whole kit. This will include several brushes so you can take care of your gearbox and brakes, as well as specifically designed tools to dig through the space between the gear rings in the rear derailleur. Often you will also find larger brushes or sponges to clean the tires, saddle, and frame tubes, giving you the tools to take care of your whole bike, from top to bottom.

Intended Use

A good bike chain cleaner is designed to get rid of any kind of mud, dirt, and debris that might have piled up between the chainrings. If this happens, you are likely to feel a difference in the smoothness of your gear shifts and overall riding, reducing your ability to transfer power from the pedals to the drivetrain. By using the strong brushes that are installed in chain cleaners and the right amount of cleaning fluid, you can rapidly get rid of all the unwanted dirtiness and be quickly on your way to  more enjoyable rides.


While most bike chain cleaners can only be used on bikes, some models can even stretch as far as servicing motorbikes, even if the opposite is much more common. Aside from the chain cleaners, many of the brushes that come with bike cleaning kits and strong and precise enough to be used also as everyday tools around the house, adding further value to your purchase.


A bike cleaning kit is not usually a piece of gear that is designed to be taken with you on the road since cleaning is something you do in the tranquility of your own home. It can be useful, however, to have it with you on longer trips, so you can give your bike a quick boost after hours on the road. Luckily most chain cleaners are small enough to fit in a normal-sized backpack or bike saddle, so they can be readily available when you need them.



Q: What Should I Use To Clean My Bike Chain?


To clean your bike chain you need a good brush and some cleaning fluid. The bike chain cleaners we have presented in our article feature rotating brushes that can get through the chainrings and often come with an included bottle for fluid, making them the perfect choice to take good care of your bike chain.

Q: Are Chain Cleaners Worth It?


Yes, they are. If you've ever ridden a bike that feels stiff and heavy, then you know how much difference a clean chain can make. This is why we believe it is worth investing in a good chain cleaner and figure out how to clean bike chains since they can make your ride significantly more enjoyable and smoother.

Q: How Often Should I Clean My Bike Chain?


Much will depend on how often you use your bike and through what kind of terrain you take it, but if you have the time and want to get the absolute best performance out of your two-wheeler then you can even clean your chain every day, with one deep-cleaning session every month. For less intensive use, cleaning your chain once a month should be enough.

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A clogged, heavy, and dirty chain can be the stuff of nightmares for cyclists, while a clean one together with a clean bike will mean smooth shifting and an easier ride. It is therefore crucial to take care of it and a good chain cleaner is just what you need. We hope your article has helped you clear your mind and guide you towards making your decision, your bike, and your nerves will thank you for it.

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