While a bicycle bell may seem like a whimsical accessory for your bike, but it is actually an important piece of gear that can help guarantee your safety on the road. With the loudest bike bell attached to your handlebars, you can clearly alert your presence on the road or trail to pedestrians, vehicles, or other cyclists. 

But most bikes will not come equipped with a bell, which means that you will need to find your own. A top rated bell for bikes should be durable, as well as loud. We made a list of ten quality products to help pair you with the best bike bell. With one of our picks, you’ll be able to ride confidently and actively prevent any accidents or collisions. 

How To Choose A Bike Bell – Buying Guide



Top rated bells for bikes are available in various designs, which means that you should be able to find something that suits your needs and preferences. However, you should ensure that the design you choose is easy to operate and install. You also want your design to be functional, reliable, and long-lasting. 

While most bicycle bells have a rounded dome design, some of the unique bicycle bells have an entirely different appearance or style. While there is not right or wrong, you just want to be sure that the design is comfortable for you and you should check that it has a loud ring. 


The material used in the design of bike bells can vary but it is an important consideration because the construction can affect the longevity, sound, and ease of installation of your bell. The best bell for bikes will be made with a high-quality metal. Aluminum and steel are both two common types of metals used, which are durable and affordable. However, the best sounding metal is brass because it makes a loud and clear ring that reduces the tin like echo of some designs. 

Plastic bells are also available but due to their less durable material, they are likely not going to last for very long. But plastic can be a great choice for kid’s bike bells because they are lightweight. 


When you need to warn someone of your presence, you want the loudest bike bell to signal that you are passing or are riding through the area. With a clear ring and high volume, your bell is a friendly way to let people know to stay in their lane. It also saves your voice and is less starling than yelling at other people on the road. 


Bike bells should be easy to install and have a design that is universal in size so that it fits most handlebars. There are different bike handlebar types, but most will have diameter of no more than 40 millimeters. 

The best bike bell will have a durable strap that can be adjusted and secured around your handlebar. But some designs have a small metal piece that screws into the back plate of the bell. Others use a ring that securely attaches the bell to your bike. No matter how it is installed, you want the process to be easy and you want the system to be secure. 

The Law

In some states, it is actually the law that your bike be outfitted with a bell. This is because a top rated bell for bikes may be seen as an essential piece of safety gear, rather than a fun or whimsical accessory. 

Not all states require you to have a bell by law, but some do. So, before you go out to ride, you should check your local laws to determine whether you are required to have a bell installed before you ride. 



Q: Where Should A Bike Bell Be Mounted?


The best placement for a bike bell is on the handlebars. The handlebars are the best spot to place a bicycle bell because it gives you easy access and operation to use the piece of equipment. On the handlebars, you can position the bike bell so that it within reach of your thumb and you shouldn’t have to look down or take your eyes off the road to reach the tab. 

Q: Do Bikes Have To Be Sold With A Bell?


No, bikes do not have to be sold with a bell. Many bicycles do not come with a bell. In fact, bike bells are often considered to be extra bike accessories. But for many riders, a bell is a useful tool that can keep them safe and alert others to their presence on the road or trail. Bike bell reviews or product information can tell you whether your bicycle is sold with or without a bell.

Q: How Does A Bicycle Bell Work?


Most bicycle bells work with a small hammer or tap that is situated on a spring. Riders simply pull the tab back and once they release the tab, the piece will strike the bell and the dome releases a ding or ring. But you may find some designs that have a push button instead of a tab. These designs are often meant for younger riders because the button is easier to push.

Q: Why Do Bikers Put Bells On Their Bikes?


Bikers put bells on their bikes because it gives them another level of safety while they ride. A bell is an easy way to alert others of your location, which can help you avoid collisions or accidents. Many riders will also tire of yelling and a loud voice can actual scare people more than a bell but with the best bike bell, you can use a more friendly tone to alert others to be careful.

Q: Is It Illegal To Not Have A Bell On Your Bike?


In some states it is illegal not to have a bell on your bike. But not all states require that a bell is attached to your bike. You will have to look up your local laws to see whether it is illegal to not have a bell installed.

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Whether you’re teaching your kid how to ride a bike, or you are an avid cyclist yourself, staying safe on the road should be your top priority. The best bell for bikes will do that hard work for you by producing a clear ring that alerts every one of your presence. This means that you can comfortably pass other on the road or trail and avoid any accidents or potential collisions. With a top rated bell for bikes, you can feel confidence that you’re being a safe and responsible rider. 

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