In addition to being a great tool for working out, you can also turn your bike into a utility one to help you with other activities such as grocery shopping. You can do so by simply adding a bike basket. The best bike baskets allow you to carry your belongings without affecting your riding.

Bike baskets can be mounted on the front or rear side of your bike without interfering with parts such as shifters or brake cables.  Bike baskets also add style to your bike. Plus with a bike basket, you will find yourself driving less to the grocery store and biking there more; which ultimately improves your well being. 

Listed below are the 10 best bike baskets in 2020. Pick your favorite choice and enjoy a more convenient and healthy lifestyle.

How To Choose A Bike Basket – Buying Guide



A bike with baskets mounted at the front or the rear makes essential errands and activities such as grocery shopping, easy for you because of the storage space. So when you are choosing a bike basket to invest in, you must think of the size.  

The size determines how much you can fit and carry in your basket. You can find out the size of the bike basket you intend to purchase by looking at its dimensions in length by width by height. 


Bike baskets are available in 4 common materials, i.e. metal, fabric, wicker, and plastic. Metal baskets are more common. They are either made from steel or aluminum. Metal baskets tend to be the strongest yet; their large gap design makes them unsuitable for smaller items.

Fabric baskets are normally made from material such as oxford. The best dog bike baskets for small dogs are made from fabric. These types of baskets are water-resistant, easy to store and some are even topped for extra safety. However, they are not ideal for large items because they tend to snag.

Wicker baskets add a stylish look to your bike – especially if you have a classic cruiser bike. They are lightweight and comfortable for carrying dogs as well. However, they can easily be damaged by wet products.

Plastic bike baskets on the other hand are inexpensive, ultralight, easy to clean, and weather resistant. However, they are not the most durable option and can easily bend if you add heavy items.

Front vs Back

You will also find bikes with baskets that can be mounted on the front or the back. It all depends on your preferences. However, the best dog bike baskets are mounted to the front so you can pay close attention to your pet. However, if you are looking for more balance and stability, bike basket rear mounting is a better choice.


Some bike baskets feature a closed top design whilst others are topless. If you want extra protection for your belongings, a closed top is better. However, if you plan on carrying your small dog, then, a topless basket is a better option. 

Weight Capacity 

The weight capacity indicates the highest weight your bike basket can support. Generally, the weight capacity ranges between 10 and 15 lbs. – enough for a week’s worth of groceries. The best dog bike baskets for your small dog should boast a weight capacity of at least 12 lbs.

Intended Use

Bike baskets can be used for numerous activities. Especially for removable bike baskets with carrying handles, you can use them to carry your groceries. You can also use them as your pet carrier or for picnics. Because their use is unlimited, you can even mount one on your commuting or touring bike and carry your college books, if you are a student. 



Q: Can You Fit A Basket To Any Bike?


It all depends on the bike baskets' mounting. Some bike baskets come with adjustable straps that can fit on any bike handlebar. However, some bike baskets, especially those with bolts or hooks fit a certain size range of handlebars. So you have to always cross-check the baskets fit before buying it.

Q: Can You Put A Basket On A Hybrid Bike?


Yes, you can put a basket on a hybrid bike. You can choose to mount the basket either on the front or rear part of the bike. However, many hybrid bikes also come with a front basket mounted already.

Q: How Do You Attach A Rear Bike Basket?


To attach a rear bike basket, follow the steps below;

  • Attach the bike rack by securing the 2 sliding arms underneath it
  • Mount the rack to the bike’s rear dropout eyelets and level it
  • Hook up the adjustable arms to reach your seat stay mounts
  • Tighten the arms on the seat stay and start using the basket

Q: How Do You Make A Bike Basket?


You can make your own bike rack using the materials you have at home.  Attach a bike rack to your bike, use zip ties to mount a plastic milk crate on the rack and your bike basket will be ready. Add a cushion or small pillow inside the crate so you can carry your dog.

Q: How Do You Carry Groceries On A Bike?


You can carry groceries on a bike by adding a front or rear bike basket. You can also carry small grocery bags by hanging them on them near the handlebar grips. However, ensure that you are not carrying items that can easily break or damage upon impact.

Q: How Much Weight Can A Bike Basket Hold?


The weight a bike basket can hold depends on its design and construction. Different bike baskets boast different weight capacities. However, in general, many bike baskets support loads that weigh between 10 to 15 lbs.

Globo Surf Overview

The bike basket reviews share a smart way to supplement your bike’s storage space and enhance its usefulness. Bike baskets don’t only just increase storage space for your bike but help to make your life more convenient and boost your overall well being. 

With the best bike basket mounted on your bike, you don’t have to drive to the grocery store to get supplies.  And during shopping, you can even use the bike basket as a mini shopping cart. So, choose your top pick from the list of the 10 best bike baskets above to make your life more convenient and healthy.

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