Are you looking for ways to enhance your biking experience? Then, you shouldn’t look any further. Your bike doesn’t always come with all the essential accessories to make your ride more enjoyable and safe. The best mountain bike accessories help you to improve this.

Bike accessories are versatile because they come in different designs to improve your bike. Some are designed to make it safer to ride in urban areas and low light conditions. Other accessories are designed to improve convenience and keep you entertained.

Below we’ve compiled the list of the 10 best bike accessories in 2020. You will find whatever accessory you need – whether you want to be entertained more or simply keep safe whilst riding.

How To Choose Bike Accessories – Buying Guide



The best mountain bike accessories are built with increased versatility. A good example is the Venstar S404 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. Whilst these speakers offer hands-free music playback, they can also double as a bike bell as the music or other sounds they produce can act as a warning. 

Activ Life LED Wheel Lights are also a good example as they can be used as both décor and to enhance your visibility in low light conditions.


Bike accessories are mounted on your bike so you can use them on the go. Therefore, the best mountain bike accessories should be portable. Remember that the weight of your bike will affect your riding experience. So if the accessories are too heavy, they may weigh down your bike.


Your priority should be to choose bike accessories that integrate convenience into their design. It all depends on the type of accessory you choose. For example, the Venstar S404 Wireless Bluetooth speakers feature a wireless design.

The wireless design eliminates the need to fumble with cumbersome cables to connect your playback devices. The Bluetooth technology also means that you can connect the speakers with your smartphone without having to pull the phones from your pockets or backpack.



Q: What Accessories Should I Get For My Bike?


You should get your bike essential accessories that help to enhance your safety and improve your riding experience. These accessories include a bike lock, a bike bell, multiple reflectors, front and rear bike lights, a bike mirror, a cargo rack, and a beverage holder.

Q: What Every Biker Needs?


Every bike needs safety and security accessories. Before you ride your bike you must ensure you have essentials such as a bell to warn pedestrians and motorists, reflectors to enhance your visibility in low light conditions, a bike mirror, and bike lights in case you ride in the dark.

Q: How Can I Make My Bike Unique?


You can make your bike unique by adding or mounting accessories to it. Good examples of accessories that make your bike unique include the Activ Life LED Wheel Lights which light up your bike wheels with different LED light colors. You can also choose their flashing mode when you are riding to make your bike stand out.

Q: What Does A Beginner Cyclist Need?


A beginner cyclist needs essential accessories that will help to boost their learning stage whilst also keeping them safe. The best bike accessories for beginners include a biking helmet, multiple bike reflectors, a bike bell, a bike mirror, and even bike training wheels.

Q: What Kit Do I Need For Road Cycling?


For road cycling,  important kit accessories you need include a bike bell, a bike mirror, multiple reflectors, front and rear bike lights, bike bottle cages, clip-in pedals, cycling shoes,  overshoes, a biking helmet, and at least a small bike rack to put some of your essential belongings and smaller spare parts.

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The bike accessories reviews above prove that they are not just unnecessary items that you have to spend your money on. The best mountain bike accessories come in very handy and help to improve your biking experience. 

Whatever your goal is – whether you want to track your spin class performance or enhance your safety on the road, bike accessories help you achieve this. The list of the best bike accessories above gives you a broad selection to choose what you need for your next bike ride.

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