Are you struggling with back pain or strained muscles during repairs and maintenance for your bike? Then, what you need is a bike repair stand to hold your bike. The best bicycle repair stands are designed to securely hold your bike off the ground so you can easily work on it. 

With a good quality bike repair stand, you can forget the pain from arching your back too much. Plus, you no longer have to flip over your bike so you can lean over and adjust your gears or brakes. The best part about home repair stands is that they are portable and lightweight. Thus, you needn’t worry about taking too much space in your home to store them or even having to carry a heavy bike stand around. 

Listed below are the 10 best bicycle repair stands in 2020 that you just can’t resist. So pick a choice, so you can start practicing better biking health and hygiene.

How To Choose A Bicycle Repair Stand – Buying Guide



The best home bicycle repair stand should be stable. A stable bike repair bike stand prevents your bike from tipping over. You also want your bike stand to support your bike from different parts without compromising stability and balance. 

You will come across different bike repair stand shapes. However, the best home bicycle repair stands for stability are those that are shaped like a tripod stand.  Tripod shaped bicycle repair stands offer more stability compared to two-legged ones.


Versatility brings value to any product; it all depends on the design and features of that product. So when you are choosing a bicycle repair stand, you want to look out for a versatile option. For example, many of the best bicycle repair stands integrate a 360 degrees rotation design. This means that the clamp area can rotate up to 360 degrees thus, giving you access to any part of your bike.

The 360 degrees rotation mechanism makes your repair process easier and faster. The rotation also means that you don’t have to frequently circle your bike or try to lift it to have access to the part you want to work on.

Other bike models can also hold the bike in different positions. They can hold it either vertically or in an upside down position. Versatile bike repair stands can also support different bike sizes and types. So when you get a new bike, you don’t have to invest in a new bike stand.


Sturdiness is an important feature for bike repair stands. You don’t want to invest in a bike stand that will end up breaking easily. The best way to determine whether or not your bike stand is sturdy enough is to look at its material. Many bike stands are made from steel or aluminum. 

Both steel and aluminum are quite rugged and strong, so they guarantee durability for your bike stand. Steel, however, is sturdier than aluminum. The quality of your bike stand also tells you a lot about the sturdiness and ultimately, whether or not the stand will break easily. 

You cannot determine the quality of a bike stand simply by looking at it, especially if you are shopping online. So, it’s a good idea to go through real customer reviews of the bike repair stand you wish to buy to better understand its construction. Customer reviews are normally a perfect platform to really understand how a product works without sugarcoating or over exaggerating.

Load capacity

The load capacity of your bike repair stand indicates the maximum weight it can support. The majority of home repair stands boast a load capacity of between 60 to 85 lbs. Typically, a standard bike will weight anywhere between 18 to 30 lbs. (if they are heavy).

However, you must think of other added elements that may not be included in the bike’s total weight. If you ride an ultra-light bike, especially one that is made from aluminum, then, you can pick almost any bike repair stand. A good example of such bikes is a racer bike. 

However, if you opt for heavy duty bikes such as mountain bikes or touring bikes, you want to go for heavy duty bike stands. Such bike models bring with extra weight from parts such as suspension systems and even wheels. 


Portability comes in handy especially if you have limited space in your home. Many repair bike stands for home use are built with portability. You can easily set them up by collapsing them to a larger size when you want to use them. You can also adjust the height for most stands to meet your needs.

For example, the Feedback Sports Pro Elite Bicycle Repair Stand features a wide height adjustability bracket of 42 to 71 inches. And for easier transport and storage, other home bike stands also pack down quite well. For example, the Feedback Sports Mechanic Bicycle Repair Stand packs down to the size of a digital camera tripod stand and fits into its carry bag so you can even carry it around with you.

Portability doesn’t only come handy around your home; it also allows you to carry the repair stand to your activities. For example, if you are participating in a race or preparing for early morning mountain biking from your campsite, you can quickly work on your bike for minor adjustments whilst it’s supported on the stand.


To maintain portability, you want your bike stand to be lightweight. Aluminum repair bike stands tend to be lighter than steel bike repair stands. Typically, such stands weight around 11 to 13 lbs. Keep in mind that the more weight your bike repair stand can support, the heavier it will be. However, 11 to 13 lbs is quite decent.  

Standard steel bike repair stands also weigh anywhere from 12 to 20 lbs. If you don’t intend to travel too much with it, a steel bike repair stand is just fine for your home. Even if you find a compact bike stand that is heavy, you can still compromise on the weight because you don’t have to carry it around with you. 

You may also find bike stands that are not particularly portable and weigh much more. A good example is the Park Tool TS – 4.2 Bicycle Repair Stand. This bike stand weighs 27.8 lbs. and is designed to mount on a bench or install in a bench vice. However, it weighs significantly more because of the materials used and its purpose. 

It is designed for heavy duty applications such as wheel building, wheel truing, and other mechanical works; making it ideal for career mechanics. Thus, its heavy duty finish in this case is ideal for its usage.



Q: What Can I Use A Bike Stand For?


You can use your bike stand for the maintenance of your bike such as truing your wheels, adjusting derailleurs, and other adjustments that you may need to do with the wheels off the ground. This doesn't mean that you need the stand for all maintenance issues. For basic maintenance such as chain lubrication, you don't need a bike stand.

Q: What Is A Bike Stand?


A bike stand is used to hold your bike firmly, off the floor to allow you to do maintenance and repairs. A bike repair stands are especially useful for jobs that involve maintenance on your bike gears or brakes.

Q: Where Should I Put A Bike Stand?


You can store a bike stand anywhere depending on its size. Ideally, you should store your bike stand in the garage with other tools for your car or bike. Mountable bike stands can even be permanently mounted on your workbench in the garage so you don't have to do the work every time you want to use it.

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Bicycle repair stands are not just another expense you have to incur for your bike. Over time, you will find yourself more familiar with your bike, thus, you will be able to do some repairs or maintenance without having to call a repair guy. Ultimately, investing in a repair stand comes in handy.

The best home bicycle repair stand we’ve seen on the bicycle repair stand reviews above are also designed with portability, so you can even carry them when you go on your bikepacking trip overseas. So what are you waiting for? Pick a choice from the 10 best bicycle repair stands above and start saving money by doing your own repairs and maintenance.

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