Your climbing adventures will see you through so many experiences, and even belaying can be an adventure (but the neck pain that can result from it is something we’d all like to avoid). You can improve your safety and protection while belaying with the help of belaying glasses. 

The best belay glasses are designed to prevent neck strain. The designs of their optics, otherwise known as prisms, provide an ample upward view that allows them to offer a clear line of sight above you without straining your neck. Their clear prism designs also allow for clarity and focused viewing so it makes it easy to stay attentive when belaying.

Listed below are the 10 best belay glasses in 2022. Each pair comes with unique features, build, and functionality. The choice is all up to you.

How To Choose Belay Glasses – Buying Guide


Field Of Vision

When choosing the best climbing belay glasses, you must consider the field of vision.  The field of vision is determined by the size and angle of the prisms, which differ with different glasses. If you purchase glasses with large prisms then your field of vision is wider as well. Yet even though the vision is wide, a narrow field of vision supplied by smaller prisms is ideal. This is because this lets you see through the lens further, thus offering a superior peripheral vision for moving around. 


The best climbing belay glasses must be comfortable when on belay. The number one feature examined when choosing belay glasses is their ability to prevent neck pain and strain. This is achieved through the angling of the prism as well as their clarity. Additionally, glasses fitted with nose pads also offer padding around that area, while adjustable frames provide a better-customized fit and ultimately added comfort.


The best climbing belay glasses are either built with metal or plastic frames. Metal frames tend to be flexible and adjustable whilst plastic frames are molded into a solid and rigid shape. However, there are also special designs such as the Belay Optics Belay Glasses which feature a built in a clip-on design with no frame but just an edge holder to protect the lenses. It all depends on what is comfortable for you.


The prisms of your belay glasses denote the lenses. Prisms that position upward allow you to see the path and climber above you. The angles of the prisms vary between 45 to 90 degrees.


Belay glasses are designed to enhance the safety of your climber. Thus, the best climbing belay glasses must offer ample vision so you can always have a view of the climber above when you’re belaying. Glasses that feature additional designs to promote this factor are typically better. Go for glasses fitted with retainers to ensure they don’t fall off. 


The build on your belay glasses should also be durable. You want the glasses to be strong enough that they withstand the rough outdoors.


Your belay glasses must also be well fitting. Design components like adjustable frames help to provide a more personalized fit. These types of adjustable frames tend to be made out of metal. 


The best climbing belay glasses should provide good quality optics to prevent eye strain. Ensure your lenses are transparent enough to offer a clear view.  This is crucial as the prolonged distortion of your eyesight may cause motion sickness or eye strain while on the wall, if you aren’t careful. 



Q: How Do Belay Glasses Work?


Belay glasses work by reflecting the climber on the mirror in front of your eye. Without having to strain your neck to look up, the belay glasses let you see directly above you. They work by enhancing both vision and safety when belaying.

Q: Can I Use Belay Glasses With Prescription Glasses?


The majority of belay glasses work with most prescription glasses as well as sunglasses. They are designed to fit all shapes and sizes of sunglasses and prescription glasses. They are designed to move horizontally, allowing you to fit them in front of your eyeballs.

Q: Why Wear Belay Glasses?


Belay glasses are a worthy purchase because they offer protection and enhance safety.  They protect your neck from strain, so rather than focusing on your neck pains, you will focus more on the belaying, and stop looking down all the time. They also help to focus your view in the right direction so you can keep track of the climber above you as well as the nearby surroundings.

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These belay glasses reviews outline how useful they are to various climbing expeditions. These glasses effectively contribute to safety, protection, and comfort when climbing – because who wants to keep belaying with a painful neck? Though extremely useful, they are also designed to not interfere with your sunglasses or prescription glasses. The buying guide above also offers a detailed guideline of what to look for when choosing the best belay glasses. The list of the 10 best belay glasses above offers many top-notch choices.

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