Imagine enjoying a perfect bonfire in the middle of lush woods and having an encounter with an unwanted visitor – a bear! Camping in the wild is undoubtedly an enriching experience for the outdoorsy souls, but nature can be as intimidating as it is relaxing and it’s best to be well-prepared to steer clear of the hungry grizzlies. 

Luckily, there are several incredible bear sprays available in the market ensuring that you and the bear would enjoy the outdoors separately. Having an effective bear spray by your camping bed would make the experience far less worrisome. 

Whether you are a seasoned camper or a new explorer of the wild, this guide lists 5 best bear sprays in 2021 for you to choose from. Our best bear spray buying guide is meant to help you invest in the best spray and answers all the queries that you may have.

How To Choose A Bear Spray – Buying Guide


While, it is easy to get lost in the chaos of every bear repellent spray claiming to be the best, here is our tried-and-tested buying guide that pinpoints the features you should be looking for when you go bear spray shopping. 

Range and Coverage

The whole point of using a bear spray is to keep the gigantic creatures as far as possible. While, best bear sprays offer a range of 25-30 feet, you can a bear spray that can guarantee a range of at least 16 feet or more. 

Size and Capacity

Running out of the spray while having an encounter with the bear can be catastrophic and that is why canister with a larger quantity of pepper spray are always recommended. But with quantity, you need to keep an eye on size too as smaller can for easy of traveling.

Most bear sprays have a capacity of at least 7.9 ounces of spray, which is the amount of active product needed for deterring a large animal. In the case of the best formulas, this standard size amounts to around 9.9 per 2.5 per 5.8 inches, just to give you an estimate of the size you can expect. Such a can would allow you to spray for 6 and 9 seconds continuously, which is enough to stop a bear that is charging towards you, even if you waste 1-2 seconds with a bad initial aim. 

Concentration and Effectiveness

The strength of the bear mace spray you will be using depends upon the concentration of the active ingredients (the actual pepper components). While the concentration varies between 1% and 2%, the best formulas, have a concentration of capsaicin-derived substances of at least 1.3%. As long as you see that on the label as a minimum, be assured that your chosen repellent is a strong one. 

Ease of Use

Surely one would want a bear spray that is easy to use, but it’s important to ensure that there is a safety system in-store so that the canister of bear mace doesn’t accidentally discharge. Therefore, top-rated sprays have a mechanism that achieves a balance between ease of use and safety. To ensure that you pick the right bear spray, go for a spray can that is specially designed with a safety system and an easy grip and handle

Additional Features

A high-quality bear repellent would come with a holster, which is extremely handy. It allows you to reach your spray can instantly, without having to rummage through the backpack. Moreover, look for an environment-friendly formula with the most impact.



Q: What is a bear spray and how does it work?


A bear spray is a bear deterrent formula contained in a spray can that if sprayed at right time, intends to help you escape a bear that charges or comes too close to you when you are out in the wild.

Q: How to use bear spray?


Bear sprays formulas are generally easy enough to use once you get the hang of it. For most bear spray brands, the mechanism is activated by tugging, flipping, or removing a safety clip. After that, point the pepper spray directly towards the animal’s face and eyes if it is already too close (less than 15 feet), or aim the spray can downward and ahead of the bear (the middle of the path between you), keep spraying short puffs. Make it so the bear has to pass directly through the pepper fog if they want to get closer to you.

Q: When to use a bear spray?


You should only use bear sprays when a bear is closer than 40 feet from you and shows signs of aggression. Remember that bear sprays are not meant to scare away bears in your vicinity, but to deter bears that are coming to attack you.

Q: How effective is it in deterring bears?


The best bear repellents are officially recognized (by government guidelines and regulations) to be the most effective way of protecting yourself against a bear. According to a study, they are actually more effective then firearms. As a bonus, unlike firearms, bear sprays cause no actual permanent damage to the animal.

Q: What is the difference between a bear spray and a pepper spray?


A bear spray formula is similar to a pepper spray used in self-defense but much stronger, fit to deter an animal of a much larger size and ferocity than a human attacker. While a pepper spray would be ineffective if used against a bear, a bear deterrent would be too much if used against a human (and could cause permanent, serious damage). Therefore, you could say that the only difference between pepper spray and bear spray is the scale and intensity of the formula.

Q: Is bear spray illegal?


No, bear sprays are NOT illegal. They are FDA approved, so you can make sure that they’re both effective and safe to use. Still, you should keep in mind that some natural parks and reservations are allowed to restrict and forbid the use of bear mace spray.

Q: How to carry it?


While hiking and camping, the bear pepper spray container needs to be carried at hand, in a specialized holster on your belt. In this way, should the need arise, you can react fast and use it before the animal can hurt you or anyone else in your party.

Q: Can bear spray hurt the animal badly?


No, bear spray only hurts the animal in terms of irritation and mild paralysis, but the effects are temporary. Sure, it’s uncomfortable and it does cause the animal a certain amount of suffering, but there’s no permanent damage involved.

Q: What to do if the spray gets on your skin?


To treat the affected area, you can first soak a tissue in milk and lay it gently on the skin that got exposed to the pepper spray. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and the milk should take some of the stings away. Next, wash the area with a grease-removing product like dishwasher liquid and water and the pepper oil will be removed from the skin.

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Having the best bear mace spray formula with you during an encounter with an angry beast could be a lifesaver! Not only will this repellant turn out to be more effective than firearms against a bear attack, but it’s also a more humane solution for protecting yourself in the wild. Now that you have gone across our reviews and our comprehensive buying guide, we hope you are ready to invest a little before going on your next hiking, fishing, or camping trip.

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