Food is one area that can put people off a backpacking trip. Even if you decide to go on a backpacking trip with processed food, you can get the required energy but you can never get the satisfying taste. With the best backpacking cookware set, however, you can enjoy warm and healthy food without compromising on taste.  

Finding the best hiking cookware set can be tricky though, as getting a high amount of functionality in a small space is a difficult task. Plus, they come in different combinations, which further escalates the challenge of picking the best backpacking cook set that suits your needs. 

To help you in the matter, we have gone through several backpacking cookware reviews and come up with a list of the best in 2022 with a comprehensive guide.  

How To Choose A Backpacking Cookware – Buying Guide



As with any backpacking equipment, weight is crucial while choosing a backpacking cooking gear. Though there can be other factors to influence your mind, you need to ensure that you are getting ultralight cookware that serves the purpose of the backpacking trip.


Titanium, stainless steel, aluminum, and halulite are the most common materials and all have different qualities. Aluminum and titanium are very light metals. Halulite is an alloy that is a great conductor and therefore very good for cooking. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is a very reliable material that you see in a vast number of backpacking cook sets.


The best cookware for backpacking comes with a non-stick surface that is easy to clean. Further, look for a pan with a wider mouth to ensure that you can get your hand in there and clean it properly.

Capacity and Volume

Some titanium pots are designed for one person whereas others are designed for one or two people. It’s important to get this right as any miscalculation can add unnecessary weight to your backpack or fall short to meet your cooking requirements. 

Packed Size

The packed size is a huge consideration when it comes to this type of gear. The space in your backpack is already limited if you are on a long journey. Most of the time though you will attach a pack to the back of the backpack so you can travel on your weight. Here you don’t want it to be too big as it not only restricts you from attaching anything else but also annoys you with its swinging movements. 


The best backpacking cookset is durable but at the same time lightweight. Make sure all the other aspects of the cookware such as pots and pans as well as folding handles are well-made so that your stuff sack can withstand the abusive treatment. 

Lids and Spouts

Lids are an important feature in making sure that your food cooks quickly as it helps to retain the heat, which is especially important in cold temperatures. If your cookware has a spout it means that some of the heat can escape. If you love making hot drinks, however, then you will most likely want to have a spout.

Handles vs Pot Grabbers

You need to be able to lift and move around your pot when it is hot but this can be done one of two ways, either by a fold-out handle or via a removable handle. There is no real difference between the two as they both do a great job. A removable handle though does have the downside of being able to be lost.



Q: What cookware do I need for backpacking?


Although there is no single answer to it, you can consider taking essential cookware such as a cooking pot or a cooking pan on a backpacking trip. With that, you can add a spoon, a plate, and bowl, and a few more basic inclusions if your bag has enough space. 

Q: Which is better titanium or ceramic cookware?


Titanium cookware is better as it is tough and allows quick cooking compared to a ceramic backpacker cookset.

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Cooking outdoors is a great experience only if you have the best backpacking cook set by your side. Hopefully, this guide has given you all the information you need to get out there and pick the best backpacking stoves for you.

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