Food is one area that can put people off a backpacking trip. Having to eat bland processed food can make you start to crave your home comforts and tasty home meals. With the best backpacking cookware set, however, you’ll be able to enjoy that tasty food wherever you are.

Finding the best hiking cookware set can be tricky though, as getting a high amount of functionality in a small space is a difficult task. That’s why we have created this buying guide and have completed backpacking cookware reviews in order for you to pick the perfect tools for you.

How To Choose A Backpacking Cookware – Buying Guide



As with any backpacking equipment, the weight is going to be highly important. You always want to get the weight down as low as possible but this can depend on various factors such as how far you are going to be backpacking and what level of comfort you want.

Most of this equipment will only weigh a couple of pounds and it can be easily attached to the back of your backpack without much fuss at all. If you’re trying to pack ultralight though, then it’s important to look for cookware that is as light as possible


Most of these pots are going to be made out of metal but a few various metals can be used as here we see titanium, stainless steel, aluminum and halulite. All are great materials but have different qualities when it comes to cookware.

Aluminum and titanium are very light metals that are going to be very portable. Halulite is an alloy that is a great conductor and therefore very good for cooking and stainless steel is a very reliable material that you see in a vast number of products.


The cleaning of pots when you are out there camping is always going to be an issue as you don’t want to have to spend more time than you have to clearing up. All of these products we have reviewed are very simple and therefore very easy to clean.

The best mark of cleaning will come from having a non-stick pan which will be able to prevent any build-up of stubborn food at the end of it. It’s also worth considering getting a pan with a wider mouth to ensure that you can get your hand in there and clean it properly.

Capacity And Volume

Capacity is going to be the biggest issue in terms of how many people you are going to be able to cater for. Some of these products are designed to be used by one person whereas others are designed to be used by two or more.

It’s important to get this right as if you are traveling on your own, for example, then you don’t want to be carrying any extra weight around with you. Equally, if you are traveling in a group you want to be able to cook all the meals at the same time.

Packed Size

The packed size is a huge consideration when it comes to this type of gear. The space in your backpack is going to be very limited if you are on a long journey but some of these devices will be small enough to fit inside of it.

Most of the time though you are going to be attaching this to the back of the backpack so you can travel on your weigh, you don’t want this to be too big otherwise you won’t be able to attach anything else, it will move too much and be highly annoying.


Being able to have a pot that durable when it has to be both lightweight and portable is a very difficult task but one that these pots to extremely well. The materials that they are made from are known for having those dual properties of being lightweight and strong.

You need to ensure that your cookware is made out of the best materials possible in order to get that durability. You also want to make sure all the other aspects of the cookware are well-made to ensure you are not left frustrated while backpacking.

Lids And Spouts

Lids are an important feature in making sure that your food will cook quickly as it will help to retain the heat, which is especially important in cold temperatures. If your cookware has a spout it means that some of the heat can escape. If you love making hot drinks, however, then you will most likely want to have a spout.

Handles vs Pot Grabbers

Obviously you need to be able to lift and move around your pot when it is hot but this can be done one of two ways, either by a fold-out handle or via a removable handle. There is no real difference between the two as they both do a great job. A removable handle though does have the downside of being able to be lost.



Q: How to Clean & Care for Your Hiking Cookware?

A: When cleaning your backpack you want to make sure that you are not using a scrub pad or steel wool. This will scratch the fan and leave little grooves that food will stick to next time. Use a soft brush or a cloth with some mild soap instead.

Q: Is Hiking Cookware Necessary?

A: It is not absolutely vital that you take cookware wherever you go but it is going to make your life a lot more comfortable. It will allow you to easily cook hot meals and have the same comfort you have in your kitchen in the outdoors.

Q: What Are The Essentials Of Every Hiking Cookware?

A: A pot, or multiple pots are the absolute essential as you need something to cook your food. After that you will need something to serve the food with, somewhere to eat the food from and something to eat the food with. Some people like to bring their own cutlery and utensils while others will prefer a complete set.

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Whether you are cooking on a great camping stove and heating up your favorite food or firing up a portable grill and throwing on some meat, cooking outdoors can be a great experience.

It can quickly turn into a frustrating experience though if you don’t have the best backpacking cookset. It’s important to get pots and pans that are ideal for your situation and ones that are going to be portable and built to last.

Hopefully, this guide has given you all the information you need in order to get out there and pick the best backpacking stoves for you. Once you have then you will be able to easily carry it while you’re backpacking, knowing that when it comes to shopping, you’ll have everything you need to eat well.

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