Going on a hiking trip may be one of the most exciting ways you could possibly spend your free time. The fresh air, the feeling of conquering something through sheer effort and the stunning views are all addictive. In fact, in would be a shame if you left your camera at home and failed to capture the sights, just for fear that the rain might damage it. We don’t understand why some hikers do that, when they have so many backpack waterproof cover options to choose from.

To help you decide on which one to choose, we’ve put together this best rain cover for backpack items you can find. We’ve looked at their features and analyzed each in detail. Browse through and decide for yourself!

Wind can rip a raincover right off a backpack. Make sure that your rain cover is secured to your backpack with a toggle, cord or strap.

If you regularly tie items to the outside of your backpack, you will need a rain cover that is 15 - 25 litres larger than the capacity of your backpack.

Store your rain cover in an easily accessible place so that you can put it on your backpack quickly if it starts raining.


How To Choose A Backpack Rain Cover – Buying Guide


So, what factors should you take into account when shopping for the best backpack rain cover?


It all depends on where you plan to use your waterproof backpack cover. If you have several sizes of backpacks for various uses, maybe consider investing in more than one backpack cover for rain. One for urban use (like your laptop bag or school bag) and one for hiking or long camping trips where you need a bigger pack, for example.


Any top-rated rain cover for backpack (such as our list of 10 best options) will be made of a material guaranteed to be waterproof. Still, some of them might have extra perks (dust-proof or resistant against tears, for instance).


Straps are essential for keeping your hiking backpack cover in place. Look for a model that features at least an elastic cord or drawstring to ensure perfect fit, and even some additional features if you want to make sure.

Waterproof Vs Water Repellent

Water-repellant means that the fabric will repel water, not allowing it to permeate. Both water-resistant and waterproof fabrics are water-repellant, but while water-resistant ones will only be effective against light rain, waterproof ones will be able to withstand even rainstorms. All of the backpack rain covers on our list are waterproof, making them the highest level of protection possible.


Color is a matter of personal preference mostly, so feel free to choose one you like. However, bear in mind that if you’re hiking in remote or dangerous areas, it would be safe to choose an easy-to-spot and light-reflective color. In case the rescue teams need to find you, this can make their job easier.

Adjustable Drawstring

The adjustable drawstring helps you fit the waterproof backpack cover over your backpack better, leaving no crevice open for rain to get in. It helps ensure that the cover fits perfectly, so we recommend choosing an option that features it.


Some of the best rain cover for backpack models are also guaranteed to be more durable. This means that you will be able to use them for a longer time, but also that the fabric is less likely to tear under strain.



Q: Why Protect Your Backpack From Rain?


If you’re using your backpack in an urban setting, while going from point A to point B, you may get to relief soon if caught by a rain shower. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect all the valuables you have inside the backpack. Some of them could even be fatally damaged by water (the electronics, for instance).

If you’re using your backpack in a nature setting (for camping, hiking and so on), then the need to protect your backpack with a rain cover is even greater. It’s not just that you may have the same kind of sensitive items inside it (like a phone), but also everything you need for living in the next few days. Imagine getting to your destination, but the clothes on you as well as those in your backpack and your sleeping bag are all wet! This could pose a serious health risk (like hypothermia). To stay comfortable and safe, you should be able to protect the contents of your backpack with a specially designed rain cover.

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Venturing outdoors and getting caught in a rain shower can be challenging if you’re unprepared. However, if you’re fully armed with one of the best backpack rain cover options and you’re heading somewhere nice, it may also be one of the most exciting experiences you’ll have. Just make sure your backpack is protected and you don’t forget your waterproof socks, either. Happy adventures ahead!

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Were you ever caught by a nasty rain during a hike in woods and while wearing an unprotected backpack? Do you have a frustrating but funny story to share with the other readers? Or thoughts on the best backpack rain cover to use? Don’t hesitate to share them in the comment section below. We’re always thrilled to hear from fellow outdoors enthusiasts!

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