Traveling is the best way to see the world, but sometimes there are far away destinations that you’d be more comfortable visiting from the comfort of your couch. But no matter how you choose to travel, books can help you plan a trip or satisfy your curiosity about a specific location.

Antarctica is one of the destinations on our planet that isn’t a normal destination on most people’s travel bucket lists. Rather, Antarctica seems to be an enigma in itself and whether you’re looking to take a cruise or read some facts about this frozen continent, a book can provide you with all the information you need.

We want to help you find the best insights to this adventurous travel destination, so we’ve made a list of the eight best Antarctica books and included a detailed buying guide about what makes a good book based on the information provided in its pages. With our help, you can get the first-hand experiences you need to answer all your burning questions about Antarctica.


Alone on the Ice: The Greatest Survival Story in the History of Exploration Antarctica Book

Alone on the Ice: The Greatest Survival Story in the History of Exploration Antarctica Book

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Another historical account of an Antarctic expedition gone wrong, Alone on the Ice: The Greatest Survival Story in the History of Exploration brings forth the tale of Sir Douglas Mason who was forced to survive in near impossible conditions in 1913. His tale gives the reader hope to go on, after Mawson himself was forced to find the strength to continue and cements himself as one of history’s great explorers.

This addicting Antarctic survival story is combined with Frank Hurley’s famous photographs of the barren Antarctic landscape, which include a few that have never been published. The photos combined with a strong narrative make this book a must read for adventure lovers.

  • What Makes This Book Stand Out
  • Well-researched account of an Antarctic survival story
  • Historical depiction of Antarctica
  • Includes famous photographs captured by Frank Hurley

Author: David Roberts
Format: Kindle, audiobook, paperback
Pages: 368
Language: English

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How To Choose An Antarctica Book – Buying Guide



When you’re looking for the best books about Antarctica, it is important to understand that how you intend to use the book can determine which piece of literature would best suit your needs best. Top rated books about Antarctica come in a variety of genres and they may not all cover the same area. Therefore, arctic exploration books can be used in a variety of ways.

Most of the Antarctica books will fall into categories like guidebooks, novels, photographic, and scientific information. While you won’t find a huge abundance of guidebooks about Antarctica that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any. There may be a limited number of guidebooks, which can help you plan your own expedition to the ice.

Novels are a great way to explore Antarctica with historical and modern accounts of the continent. Novels can be used for motivation and inspiration or may tell Antarctic survival stories that put you on the edge of your seat. The first Antarctic expedition is also narrated in the form of a novel.

Photography books are a great way to visually explore Antarctica without having to leave your home. Pictures also make great books for preschoolers about Antarctica who are not yet at an advanced reading level. Antarctica is still beautiful, even covered in ice, and photography can truly capture its wild nature.

Finally, Antarctica is known for being only inhabited by scientists. While tourists are now expanding their bucket lists and taking off across Drake’s Passage, scientists have long been established on this uninhabited continent. Scientific accounts of Antarctica will give you the best look into the landscape from a fact-based viewpoint.

Overall, the best books about Antarctica will provide you with the information you want to know about this frozen continent. Whether it is a historical world or modern day society, you should be able to find authentic accounts of Antarctica.


Genre can also be an important factor when you are looking at top rated books about Antarctica. While a few genres are related to how you use the book, there are also genres like inspirational, survival, historical, educational, and adventurous stories. Each genre will give you a glimpse into Antarctica and provide you with more information about the continent.

Oftentimes, you’ll find that artic exploration books encompass multiple genres into one book. Arctic survival stories can be inspiration and historical, all while depicting wild stories of men who tried to conquer the snow and ice. Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage is a historical survival story, while The White Darkness gives one man’s modern-day tale of trekking across Antarctica. Both books are considered to be survival and inspirational.

While any Antarctic story is educational, you may find that some books are more so than others. Scientific accounts of Antarctica like Antarctica: An Intimate Portrait of a Mysterious Continent give you factual details and firsthand accouts of the studies being conducts under the ice. These facts will educate you on why Antarctica is still an important research location.

While there’s a lot of different genres of the Antarctica books, you will have to decide which piques your interest. If you’re having trouble picking one genre or are open to reading any genre, it may help you to read Antarctica book reviews. Reviews will often have a selection of short praises for the book, which may intrigue you to read it too.

Area That The Book Covers

Most books would probably cover a specific area. Hiking books may focus on a specific trail, state, or country where you can take a walk-through nature. For Antarctica, the area that the book covers are a little different because most people aren’t going to go visit the areas themselves. So, accuracy with a location in Antarctica isn’t as necessary. While there may be maps of a person’s area or journey, they aren’t as likely to be useful because you won’t be using them as a guide.

For most Antarctic survival stories, a specific area may be mentioned. As well with scientific books, a research stationed may be named. But for other books, a general cardinal direction may be the only reference to the area. Other books will treat Antarctica as one large area in itself and only discuss the land in its entirety. But, for reference the most popular areas in Antarctica tend to be South Georgia Island, King George Island, and the various research stations.



Q: Why Should I Read Books About Antarctica?


There are a lot of different reasons why you should read books about Antarctica. Firstly, reading any material gives you more knowledge. But for many, top rated books about Antarctica give them a look into a world they will never visit. With Antarctica being far away and hard to reach, many people are happy to explore this vast continent through the stories and pictures of others.

By reading any book about Antarctica, you’ll gain a better insight into a more hidden part of our planet and you can see how a nearly uninhabited landscape is still important to humanity today. Books make Antarctica relevant and bring you closer to the unknown.

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From entertaining stories to scientific facts, books about Antarctica cover a broad range of topics. From picture books about Antarctica to Antarctic survival stories, you can find material that is interesting and educational. You may even find inspiration and courage from the bravery of the first Antarctic expedition. No matter what you read, the best Antarctica books will have you eager to turn the page.

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