As you road bike at high speed, air resistance, and drag increasingly become obstacles. To tackle this problem, you should invest in the best aero road helmets.  Aero helmets are designed to counter air resistance and drag as they increase your aerodynamic efficiency. 

Aero helmets reduce drag by ushering airflow around your head and down to your back, thus, reducing turbulence and allowing you to pierce through the air more effectively. Whilst aero helmets improve riding performance, they keep you safe and comfortable thanks to their superior impact protection designs and padded interiors.

So, check out our review of the 10 best aero helmets below to find the perfect choice to improve your performance bike riding adventures.

How To Choose An Aero Helmet – Buying Guide



To find the best aero road helmet, you must first know the available types of aero helmets. Typically, helmet types include road, aero, hybrid, commuter, enduro, and time trial helmets. Their most common difference is the overall shape, design, and features, however, they are all considered a type of road helmets. Yet, aero helmets come in two distinct types, i.e. long tail and stubby helmets. 

Long Tail Aero Helmets

Long tail helmets are quite popular and distinct through their long tail design in the back. This design is what offers them aerodynamic efficiency by promoting air circulation. However, their limitation is that you have to ride in a certain position for them to be effective. Additionally, in race style riding, the long tail can increase drag because your head is forced to turn left and right.

Stubby Aero Helmets

These types of aero helmets are becoming increasingly popular today.  Stubby aero helmets are designed with shorter tails but still maintain effective air circulation. The best aero road helmets with stubby designs are an improved version of long tail helmets as they prevent drag even when you move your head around.


Ventilation is also a factor worth noting when choosing the right aero helmet to invest in. Many manufacturers integrate the Venturi effect, which basically means molding small vents on the helmet shell as they allow air to easily penetrate through. 

Different helmets have different vent hole quantities. It all depends on where and when you intend to do your riding. For example, if you want to bike in hot weather, you want the helmet to bear as many vent holes for optimal cooling. In cooler or rainy weather, you still want ample ventilation but you want the helmet to keep you warm as well. Thus, the vent hole quantity should be lower for such helmets.


Different riders have different head shapes and sizes, thus, you want to ensure your helmet fits you. You don’t want your bike helmet to be too tight or too loose, because this will affect your performance. To find a proper fit, measure your head and compare it against the helmet’s circumference

Additionally, look for added elements such as straps to aid with a secure and stable fit. In case of accidents, for example, it is not easy for a properly fitting helmet with straps to slip off from your head.


Whilst you can find a properly fitting helmet, the best aero road helmet allows you adjustability. An excellent example of an adjustable system is the Roc Loc air adjustment system or the RTS Fit system which allows you to fine-tune your helmet fit with provided single hand dials. 


The padding on your helmet doesn’t only provide a comfortable fit for your head but also adds a layer of protection. When choosing an ideal aero helmet, opt for one with removable padding. This is because, even with the best ventilation system, the padding will still be drenched in sweat at some point.

Thus, a removable one makes it easier to wash. Additionally, you should pick the padding based on your environment. For example, thicker padding is perfect for riders who ride in the cold.


The weight doesn’t play a significant role in the aerodynamics performance of the helmet, however, it is worth considering. After all, a lightweight helmet sits more comfortably on your head than a heavy one. Typically, a single exoskeleton helmet (with a mold-in shell) tends to be less heavy because it doesn’t have bulky elements.


Safety should be the number one priority. The main purpose of your helmet is to protect your head from impact in case of accidents and crashes. Some of the key features to look for in a safe helmet include a strong outer shell made out of polycarbonate, carbon fiber, or Kevlar.  

An EPS liner provides a layer of protection as well because it manages energy transfer to reduce the risk of injury. Yet, the most important feature is the Multi-directional impact protection system (MIPS) found in many helmets. This system features a slip liner that rotates impact energy to allow the helmet to absorb shock thus, preventing significant brain and head injury during crashes. 



Q: Is An Aero Helmet Worth It?


An aero helmet is certainly worth it if speed is what you are looking for. These helmets are designed to promote speed during your cycling. However, compared to other bike helmets; they are not as efficient with ventilation because some of their vents are sealed to increase aerodynamic efficiency.

Q: How Much Difference Does Aero Helmet Make?


Aero helmets significantly make a difference in certain styles of bike riding. These include aero biking, triathlon cycling, and road racing. Yet, if you are biking without the need for speed, aero helmets are not very useful because they don’t offer as much ventilation as other helmets.

Q: Do Helmets Make A Difference?


Yes, helmets make a significant difference in your bike riding. In fact, they are important biking safety gear because they protect your head from injury in case of accidents or crashes. In colder climates, they act as a layer of insulation as well.

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On your next triathlon expedition or off-season training, an aero helmet is an excellent gear to have. The aero helmet reviews prove that they don’t only act as safety tools but significantly improve your bike riding performance and aerodynamic efficiency. Plus, with a proper fitting aero helmet, you are guaranteed to enjoy optimal comfort. So pick your favorite choice from the 10 best aero helmets above to enjoy successful aero road cycling.

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