Looking for a way to effectively run your errands whilst also keeping fit? Then you needn’t look any further because we have you covered. Thanks to adult tricycles, you can now kick your worries about being unhealthy to the side. The best tricycle for adults is designed to enhance convenience in transporting items such as groceries without compromising riding safety or comfort.

Adult tricycles are built with stability making them excellent alternatives to two-wheel bikes. They are also fitted with a cargo rack or basket which allows you to easily fit in your groceries or even snacks and toys for the beach. Whilst trikes offer a convenient and cost-cutting way to run your errands, you still get to keep fit, unlike driving your car.

Below you will find the 8 best adult tricycles in 2020 to help transform your life into a healthier and safer one. The trikes work great for anyone whether you are a busy office manager trying to keep fit during weekends or a senior looking for a safer way to stay healthy.

How To Choose An Adult Tricycle – Buying Guide



Comfort is a factor worth considering when choosing the best tricycle for adults. You can gauge the comfort of your tricycle by looking at features such as the saddle design, handlebars, and frame. Typically, you want your saddle to be well cushioned to allow for longer riding without hurting your muscles or bones. A large saddle is much better as it covers more body space.

Additionally, some tricycles even come with saddles that are built with backrest for an extra layer of support for your back. When it comes to handlebars, you don’t want handlebars that are designed like those of a racing bike. Instead you want the handlebars to be swept back to allow upright riding.

For causal riding such as tricycle riding or touring bike riding, you are not focused on speed and performance, thus, you want to maintain a relaxed position to prevent back pain. Other designs such as the step-through frame make it easier to operate certain elements of your trike with added comfort. For example, with a step-through frame, you can easily mount and dismount your bike without having to stretch your legs too much.


The best adult tricycles also come with different wheel sizes. The common wheel sizes are 20, 24, and 26 inches. Whilst some tricycles bear the same size on all three wheels, others such as the Raleigh Tristar adult tricycle have a different size at the front to those at the rear. In general, larger wheels provide easier rolling because they can easily even out any terrain. 

Smaller wheels on the other end enhance stability on the ground by lowering the trike’s center of gravity. It all depends on your preferences and circumstances. For example, taller people prefer to go for larger wheel sizes. For people who anticipate moving or transporting their bikes, having smaller wheels makes the process much easier.


Tricycles are either built with a single speed or multispeed gear. Similar to the wheel size, the choice of which gear to go for depends on your preferences and circumstances. Single speed tricycles are designed for typical urban settings with paved roads and minimal to no elevation.

However, if you live in areas or anticipate riding on areas with elevation or hilly paths, then a multispeed gear tricycle is a better choice. Other terrains such as grassy areas or muddy paths are also easier to tread through with a multispeed gear tricycle. 

Yet, because of the nature of the riding, you don’t want to go for the typical 9 or 10-speed mountain bike gear styles. In most cases, you will only find yourself using 3 to 5 gear options. So a 3 to 7-speed gear tricycle is more than enough.

However, a multispeed gear tricycle also comes with extra costs. This is because the added moving parts on the multispeed gear means that you will require service and maintenance on more parts. Plus, a multispeed trike typically costs more than a single speed one.


Accessories also bring value and add functionality to your trike. Some examples of useful accessories include bells, whistles, water bottle holders, racks, and even reflectors. Most tricycles are fitted with a rear cargo rack or basket to suffice the purpose.  

Because of the load you will be carrying most of the time, you also want the trike to be fitted with rear mirrors. And if not, then you should invest in them. Reflectors also add safety in low light conditions by enhancing your visibility. Most trikes come fitted with reflectors on the wheel and frame areas. 

A flag with bright colors such as yellow or bright orange helps to enhance your visibility even during day time. Other accessories such as bells and whistles help pedestrians and even motorists know that you are coming to avoid unnecessary accidents.


When you are choosing the best tricycle for adults, you will come across two main frame types, i.e. aluminum and carbon steel frames. Because of the lightweight nature of aluminum, aluminum frames tend to be lighter nevertheless rugged and sturdy.  The lightweight build makes it ideal for riders who are looking for ease of control and speed. 

Carbon steel frames on the other end are heavier, strong, and extremely durable. Because of their weight bearing designs, they are ideal if you are looking for a trike to support heavy loads. Compared to aluminum, opting for carbon steel frames compromises on fast riding and ease of control. Carbon steel tricycles however, tend to cost less than aluminum tricycles.


Tricycles help to promote fitness and enhance mobility. These three wheelers are designed with rear baskets that can hold up to 50 lbs. or more cargo. On a regular day for example, rather than driving, you can ride your bike to the grocery store to get your supplies. Doing so, isn’t only cost-cutting but also offers a great way to work out. 

Plus, its three wheel design adds more stability so you don’t have to worry about dropping your groceries. This design also works for seniors who otherwise have poor bone health and energy to balance and ride a two-wheel bike. A single speed tricycle is also a great option for knee and hip rehabilitation as it allows you to ride at a slower speed and with steady stability.



Q: How Do You Transport A 3 Wheel Bike?


You can transport a 3 wheel bike on large vehicles such as an SUV, truck, or van. To ensure you safely transport the bike without damage, strap down loose areas such as the fenders, and tires with Velcro straps. Then, push the seat down, if it's adjustable.

Q: How Do I Choose A Tricycle?


To choose the right tricycle consider features which affect its performance, such as the wheels, comfort, gear number, and frame material. If you are struggling with pedaling, consider opting for an adult electric tricycle to help with the power and pedaling process.

Q: When Should You Get A Tricycle?


You can get a tricycle anytime you need one, especially if you are looking for a way to stay fit. A tricycle can be used as an alternative to your vehicle for activities such as grocery shopping or riding to the park.

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The adult tricycle reviews prove how these bikes bring with them an innovative solution. Thanks to their stability and sturdy design, they work as great cargo hauling vessels without having to put in too much work. And whilst they are comfortable, they still offer a flexible and easy work out option to ensure you stay fit.

So before you pick you your choice, go through the buying guide to understand how to choose the best tricycle for adults. After that, you don’t need to look any further because the 8 best adult tricycles above are carefully chosen to cater to a cross section of individuals. 

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