There are many types of tents and they are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. But if you are planning to head outdoors in a large group, the most efficient way to camp would be to use a larger tent. If you’re planning a trip with 7-8 people, a top rated 8 person camping tent would be an excellent choice when you want both comfort and storage space.

Before you purchase a tent, you should review the overall design and features to see whether they are high-quality or will suit your needs. But to help you get started, we have made a list of the ten best 8 person tents that are packed with outstanding features. Plus, our comprehensive buying guide provides concrete tips to find a quality 8 person family tent.

How To Choose A 8 Person Tent – Buying Guide



When we talk about eight person tents, the size of the tent refers to the number of people that can comfortably fit inside. Tent size can be hard to determine because 8 man tents may say they fit eight people, but would really be more comfortable with 7 people plus gear.

A good way to judge the size of an 8 person instant tent is to read 8 person tent reviews. Reviewers may indicate how many people slept comfortably inside the tent and how much space was leftover for storage.


The best 8 person camping tent will have a durable construction that is resistant to weather elements like wind and rain. Most tents will use a pole system to construct the frame of the tent, which you then attach the tent body to keep the structure supported.

A top rated 8 person camping tent will have a variety of tent poles that interlink to build the structure and should have a strong construction. Metal and fiberglass are popular materials because they are strong and lightweight.

You should also consider the construction and look to see if it is weatherproof. The best 8 person tent will have a fully weatherproof construction that uses sealed seams and a waterproof coating to stop rain from penetrating the interior space.


Ventilation is important because it will keep you cool and dry. A top rated 8 person camping tent will be well ventilated so that it can be used for 3 or 4 seasons during the year. In the summer, ventilation will increase air circulation so that the hot air can escape.

But as the temperatures drop, you also need ventilation to stop the buildup of condensation. Eight person tents that are also four season tents will have vents, windows, and mesh to keep you warm and dry by reducing condensation.

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The main purpose of a camping tent 8 person design is to provide a group of campers with protection against the outside elements. The best 8 person camping tent will put protection at the front and center of its design. After all, a tent that can’t adequately protect campers would be useless.

8 man tents should provide protection against both wet weather and wind. The tent should use a durable material that has a fully waterproof coating so that any moisture beads and slides off the sides. Additionally, a strong frame will ensure that your shelter does not collapse on windy days and that you catch a break from wind exposure. But there are many types of camping and if you find yourself out in winter, you should be certain that your tent can also provide protection against cold temperatures and snow.

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When you’re camping in a large group, it might be a safe assumption that you are going car camping because carrying the sufficient gear for a group of eight would be difficult. If you add your tent weight to that gear, it might be impossible to take what you need on a long excursion. Most campers who are looking at taking 8 person family trips on their adventure won’t be carrying the tent for long distances, so the weight isn’t a huge factor.

However, campers should be aware of the weight of their tent to determine if they need help carrying the tent to its location. Most tents are around 30 pounds, but you may find designs that are significantly lighter or slightly heavier. The weight should always be indicated in the product specifications so that you can estimate how much space and strength you need to take your tent on your trip.

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The tent poles are the heart of your tent’s frame and construction. The best 8 person camping tent will have strong poles that are also flexible and easy to use. Metal is a great material because of its strength, and it can also be made lightweight. However, fiberglass poles are also popular because they are durable and affordable.

No matter what type of pole your 8 person instant come supplies, you want to be certain that it can support the tent structure and is easy to setup. A few of the top rated 8 person camping tents use poles that are color-coded for faster setup times. If you are concerned about the durability of your tent poles, you can read 8 person tent reviews and see what other buyers have to say regarding the poles and their design.


When you’re camping with 8 people, space is very important because you want to be certain that there is enough space inside the tent for everyone and their camping gear, while also providing a sense of privacy. Some 8 man tents manage the space well by including removable dividers. The dividers can break up the large spacious interior and create more privacy for couples in the camping group.

The product specifications should give you the dimensions of the interior space and indicate whether dividers are included in the design. For a private space, it would be better to use a tent for 8 people that includes at least one room divider.

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Ease of Set-Up

Large tents can be a headache to setup, but the best 8 person camping tent will have a smart setup design that can be completed in a matter of minutes. Most of the 8 man tents on our list can be setup in about 15 minutes. However, you may find you like the design of an 8 person instant tent, which should be ready to go in just a few minutes.

But the ease of set-up will most likely be down to the tent pole design and instructions. A top rated 8 person camping tent will use a smart system like color coding to make it easy to set-up the poles structure. Additional features like clips can make it easy to attach your tent and keep it connected to the pole structure.


Material is an important consideration because you want your tent to be protective, durable, and long lasting. Synthetic materials like polyester are an excellent choice because they are durable and can be treated to be fully waterproof with a polyurethane coating. Polyester is also lightweight, which means for 8 person family tents, you can save some weight. However, the downside to most synthetic materials is that they are only warm enough for 1-3 seasons.

If you are looking to venture out in the fall or winter seasons, having a natural material like canvas, might be a better choice. Canvas is a great material because it is breathable and waterproof. Canvas can also be treated to be 100% waterproof.

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No matter, whether you choose a synthetic or natural material, you want a tent that will last throughout the years. Quality materials should not deteriorate if they are properly cared for by the campers. 8 person tent reviews can be a great resource to determine the quality of a tent’s material. Reviewers may state how protective the material is and whether or not it is durable.


The layout of a tent’s design can be an important consideration if you plan on using camping furniture like air mattresses or cots. You should be able to easily find a diagram of the tent’s layout, so that you can plan accordingly. 8 person family tents should also indicate what type of camping furniture their layout can accommodate and how many pieces will comfortably fit.



Q: What are the most important features of 8 person tents?


The two most important feature of 8 person family tents are the level of protection they provide and their construction. A tent for 8 people needs to provide protection against the rain, wind, and possibly snow. So, protection needs to be at the forefront of the design. This means quality material but also a durable construction. The quality of construction of an 8 person instant tent can determine whether the tent is worth the investment and will be long lasting. A durable construction should provide all the protection you need and be ready to be taken down and setup, trip after trip.

Q: How to clean and store a tent?


The best way to clean your tent would be to follow any brand or manufacturer instructions. Most tents can be cleaned with water and rubbed lightly with a soft sponge to remove dirt.  However, be cautious of using detergents because it could damage the material’s coating.

But you should always store your tent bone dry. Moisture is the enemy for tents and if you store your tent wet it is prone to growing mold and mildew or simply rotting away. A dry tent can be safety store in a dry location during the off-season.

Q: How comfortable is the 8 person tent?


The level of comfort will depend on how much you pack inside your tent. A tent for 8 people should have the space to sleep 8 people and store a few gear items. However, if you are using air beds you might have less space.

The majority of eight person tents are extremely comfortably because they have a spacious interior that can accommodate a few air beds and leave space for gear. The best 8 person tent will also have plenty of headspace so that you can stand comfortably inside without having to crouch.

Q: Do I need room dividers?


Whether or not your tent for 8 people has dividers will be up to the design and your personal choice. Some designs do include up to three room dividers to compartmentalize the interior space for privacy. If you want more privacy, you should look for a design that has at least one room dividers. It should be indicated in the product specifications whether or not your tent has dividers.

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Camping is a fun activity for the whole family that has many health benefits, but what isn’t fun is being stuck in the rain. 8 person family tents are designed to provide campers with comfort and protection with a large design that can easily accommodate the entire group and their gear. With our guide, we hope that you find the best 8 person tent that your family will enjoy for years to come.

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