10 Incredible Health Benefits Of Fishing


Nearly anyone, irrespective of age, fitness ability, or income level, can get started with fishing. This outdoor sport is one of the most accessible.  Irrespective of whether they grew up following their granddad to the lake every weekend or they are just beginning fishermen, people who fish do enjoy a wide range of fishing health benefits.

Maybe you have not invested in a fishing backpack because you are not sure whether the benefits of fishing exist. In this article, we will be showing you the fishing health benefits. By the time you reach the end of this article, you should be ready to grab your fish hat and go saltwater fishing.

Top Health Benefits of Fishing

1. Family Bonding

In most cases, the fishing skill is passed on through generations. The older family members, generally granddads and dads, take the younger kids with them when they are heading out for a fishing trip.

Spending time with your kids offers you the chance to bond. On top of promoting the feeling of security, it promotes well-being. This makes grabbing your fishing shirt, every once in a while, and heading out with your family a good idea.

2. Full Body Strength

If you manage to hook a fish on your night fishing trip, you will have to battle the fish to land it. Battling fish will engage your legs, back, arms, and shoulders in a workout. Apart from the strength that you gain when battling fish, the workout helps you improve your fitness level.

Most fishermen do not want to stick with landing smaller fishes. Over time, you will find yourself training so that you can have enough strength to land bigger fish. Without fishing, you probably wouldn’t find a good reason to workout.

3. Improved Immune System

Even before you prepare and eat the fish you catch on your fishing trip, you will already have an improved immune system. If you do read some health-related articles when you are free, you probably already know that Vitamin D helps your body regulate the absorption of both phosphorous and calcium. Both minerals are responsible for defending your body against health complications and improving the immune system.

The sun is an ideal source of Vitamin D. One of the benefits of fishing is accessing the sun while you are doing something you enjoy.

While accessing the sun is important, you must avoid forgetting about protecting yourself from the harmful rays. On top of wearing sunscreen while heading out, you can consider investing in some sun protection clothing.

4. Promotes Relaxation

According to a survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, approximately 43% of people aged between 13 and 64 years lie awake at night due to stress, at least once each month. This is understandable considering that modern lifestyles involve never-ending projects, deadlines, and appointments. All of this can cause both stress and anxiety. One thing we can agree on is that anxiety and stress do not contribute positively to your health.

Wearing your fishing shoes and spending long hours in nature, doing a focused task, can be equated to meditation. You will have to think strategically for you to catch fish with your fishing gear. This can help with diverting your mind from the concerns and problems in your life.

All this will not just help decrease your anxiety. It can also help reduce your blood pressure. Better blood pressure generally means a better and probably longer life.

5. Improved Cardiovascular Health


On average, you will get to burn approximately 2000 calories every hour you are out fishing. This will, however, depend on the type of fishing you enjoy. This may not be true if you like relaxing on the seat next to your beer cooler and some snacks which feature a lot of calories.

However, if you are walking around trying to locate an ideal fishing spot, one of the fishing health benefits you can enjoy is better cardiovascular health. When casting your spinning rod and reeling in a catch, you will be putting both your lungs and heart to work.

It is worth noting that sitting down and enjoying a beer is not forbidden when you are out fishing. After landing fish and putting it in your fishing cooler, relaxing is a good idea. Sitting down throughout the whole fishing session may not be the best idea. You should alternate between sitting and being active when fishing.

6. Fishing Teaches Self-Reliance

While this may not be exactly one of the fishing health benefits, it is one of the benefits of fishing. A large number of people nowadays rely on other people to handle the majority of the things they should be handling themselves. While this is not necessarily bad, learning self-reliance is never a bad idea.

Fishing generally puts you in the wilderness. It also forces you to master a wide range of skills. The more you get involved with the fishing activity, the more skills you will learn. For example, you will have to learn how to fix your broken fishing rod and drive a boat.

Additionally, you will have to learn how to spool a baitcaster reel until you can get it right. Otherwise, catching fish will be impossible for you.

7. Bestows Patience

This is one of the benefits of fishing which features more than 1 health benefit. Currently, the world we are living in features instant gratification and over-stimulation. People are not used to having to wait.

Fishing does not just test your patience, it also puts it to practice. Unless you are incredibly lucky, which is very rare, you won’t hook a fish the moment you drop the fishing line.

In most instances, you will have to move around while casting in different spots to land a fish. It is not uncommon for fishermen to return home empty-handed even after spending a whole day out on the waters.

If you are willing to reel in a catch, you will need persistence and patience. You will have to be ready to accept defeat some days without quitting completely.

Impatience is linked to stress, a weakened immune system, and even increased blood pressure. This means that by learning patience, you will be more content and calmer. This will help you avoid the health complications related to lacking patience.

8. Improves Self Esteem

Even if you currently do not set goals, once you start grabbing largemouth bass lures and going after fish, you will start setting goals. Fishing is generally all about personal goals. Attaining the goals that you set is an ideal way of improving your self-esteem.

Chances are, once you get started with fishing, you won’t be looking forward to being the same fisherman you were a couple of years ago. By working hard to improve your skills and seeing the improvement, you will become more confident in yourself.

If you are a family man, you will probably be teaching your kids how to catch fish. Watching your kids improve their fishing skills over time will also help boost your self-esteem.

9. Fishing is An Ideal Way to Unplug

If you do work, chances are, you spend most of the days of the week plugged. You have to respond to emails, figure out the ideal marketing plan that can help you drive sales through the roof, and probably determine how to get that corner office you have been eyeing for a while now.

Wearing your fishing jacket and grabbing your fishing kayak will help you unplug and spend a couple of hours, or even a whole day, productively. This will not just help you avoid the pressure you generally get at work, it will also offer you the chance to spend your day among nature, with your eyes resting on the sparkling waters, and not the game console at home, your TV, or your computer at work.

10. Improves Balance

If you consult someone who has managed to land a catfish using a canoe, he or she will probably tell you that acrobatic maneuvers are often necessary. Without balance and perfect maneuvers, losing the larger fish species could be a possibility.

One of the benefits of fishing is that the activity helps you to develop balance. Balance generally requires both flexibility and core strength. While working to develop both flexibility and strength, you should be able to offset back pain.

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Just heading out to try and catch some fish can help boost your health. In this article, we have looked at the main fishing health benefits. The benefits of fishing outlined in the article should encourage you to get out and start planning fishing trips.

It is worth noting that often, anglers do eat what they catch during their fishing trip. Fish is an ideal source of Omega-3 fatty acids which aid with metabolism, mental clarity, and fat reduction. Having fish in your diet can help improve joint health and also reduce the risk of some cancers.

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