10 Beginner Skier Mistakes


When you are learning to ski, you are prone to making certain mistakes that can be detrimental to your life.  It is important to be wary of these blunders if you hope to last long in the sport.

This article will delve into 10 common beginner ski mistakes and the reasons why you may find yourself making them. It will also offer tips on how to avoid such slip-ups and have a memorable ski day.

1. Not Positioning Ski Poles Properly

Beginners are usually not sure about how to hold their ski poles. Sometimes they will hold them pointing in front and other times you will see them waving them all over the place.

Ski poles need to be held pointing either diagonally downward or backward, with arms in front and a slight bend on the elbows. But you need to know why you need ski poles in the first place to be able to effectively position them.

2. Keeping Skis Too Far Apart

It is important to know how far apart the skis should be to avoid being thrown off balance or tripping if the ski happens to catch the snow. Always have the skis hip-width apart to enable you to make turns easily and to help you master skiing techniques.

If you are not sure how to position your skis, you may want to train for skiing. And if you find it difficult getting used to skis, consider beginning with sled legs.

3. Focusing On Their Skiing

The thrill of skiing can push you to try and see how you are skiing. Beginners need to be focused on where they are going and not how the skis are working if they hope to avoid ski injuries or bumping into other skiers.

You can always feel when the skis are not working as they are supposed to. You don’t need to keep looking at them.

4. Forgetting To Twist The Body On A Downward Slope

This should be on top of our beginner ski mistakes list. Novice skiers assume that their bodies should be looking down the skis when they slide.

However, this is wrong, as their body should be positioned to look over the downhill ski. The shoulders need to be at a similar angle as that of the tip of the skis to make it easier to see where one is headed.

5. Not Going Fast


New skiers struggle with speed because they fear that if they go too fast, they may not know how to stop. However, they need to be in a position where they feel the forces when skiing and must establish the right speed for skiing. Going at the right speed helps you to feel every movement and properly kick turn.

6. Wearing Stockings Or Jeans

Most people get into skiing without the slightest clue about how to dress for the snow. They will want to go with jeans or stockings because they are comfortable with them. But these are not waterproof and will absorb moisture very quickly, keeping you miserably cold.

Know what to wear while skiing. Today, there are plenty of waterproof ski jackets and ski pants that are designed to keep you dry, warm, and comfortable while on the slopes.

7. Stopping In The Middle Of  The Trail

Imagine going at high speed and having to swing sideways to avoid hitting someone stranded in the middle of the trail. It is both exhausting and such a bore, right? Well, stopping in the middle of the trail is one of the most common beginner skier mistakes.

New skiers should always ensure that if they are to stop for whatever reason, they should move to the side of the trail to make it easier for other skiers to enjoy their sport.

8. Ignoring Ski Googles And Going For Sunglasses

It can start as a cool idea to carry along your sunglasses when you go skiing. However, they will not serve the same purpose as that of ski goggles. Sunglasses will not keep you warm, nor will they keep the wind from getting to your eyes. They will easily slide off when you take turns and will end up being a bother.

Consider going for ski goggles if you are a beginner, as you can’t predict how the atmospheric conditions will be on the mountain slopes. You need something that will guarantee you warmth and keep the wind from your eyes.

9. Getting On A Chair Lift

One might think that it is easy to get on a chair lift, as it stops just for a moment and then goes off. Unfortunately, many beginners fail to effectively sit on the chair lift and get into minor accidents when alighting.

If you have been following instructions from your trainer, then you know that sitting properly on the lift is one way to prevent ski injuries. The trick to getting on the chair lift is to wait for it and sit as fast you can when it arrives. It is not an easy art, but with practice, you can hack it.

10. Waiting Behind A Roller For Someone

Do not wait for a friend in an area they cannot see you easily; you could get injured. After all, skiers are always flying over dips and do not anticipate blockade.

Always stand in a clear area where you are visible to everyone. Remember to slow down on a steep slope to know if there is any blockade ahead.

Be sensible when you are skiing, do not put yourself at a risk for anyone.  Remember safety starts with you.

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Every person is prone to making mistakes once in a while. The difference is that some people are more careful in their undertakings so they can avoid them.

Most beginner skier mistakes can be avoided by taking the right training. Mistakes can be detrimental and hence, beginners must heed the advice and training from their ski instructors to remain safe and enjoy the sport.

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