BeachBox: The World’s First Surf Shower & Storage Box In One Review


What a brilliant idea! A surf shower and storage box in one and a clever solution to the gear organization and showering problems surfers, beach lovers, watersport enthusiasts, and other outdoor adventurers face when out there. For how handy it is, it is baffling that The BeachBox is apparently the world’s first two in one portable outdoor shower and storage box. 

Inside the box are a portable shower (complete with an insulated tank, hose, shower wand, hand pump, pressurized flow, and auto-flow lock), a wet gear section for the sandy, sodden and dirty stuff, a dry gear section, and a top organizer tray for small accessories. The lid also serves as a non-slip changing lid for standing on while washing off and changing.

Designed by a family of surfers and beach lovers for surfers and beach lovers and aptly named BeachBox, sandy situations are where the BeachBox is most at home but its utility doesn’t end there. It is a super versatile and handy space-saving storage and showering solution for anyone who likes to get out there and get sandy, dirty, muddy, or sweaty. The creators actually refer to it as the `ultimate wingman for outdoor enthusiasts and water lovers’. 

Sounds like a great product but curious about what makes it different and worth more than cheap storage bins? Further down this review, we examine its features, usability, and durability to help you make up your mind on whether The BeachBox is worth investing in.


So how does the BeachBox differ from typical storage bins? First of all, it is more than just a storage container. The package includes a storage box, a portable shower, and a non-slip changing lid. 

Even as just a storage box, it is superior to inexpensive boxes as it is well thought out and made with a modular design to serve surfers and other outdoor adventurers better. It has sections to keep the dirty and wet stuff separated from the dry stuff and keep the small stuff easily accessible.

When it comes to durability, this is not the typical storage container that cracks easily. It is as heavy-duty as it looks. It took 3.5 years to design and make it and the process involved engineers, designers, product sourcing specialists, and a lot of testings and improvements. 

The BeachBox has been tested for repeated exposure to outdoor elements. It is beefy enough to withstand your weight if choose to stand inside it as you wash off and change. You can even set a camping stove on it as you cook. The shower tank has been rigorously tested for pressure, flow, air leaks, and ‘ballooning’ on the bottom of the tank. 

You can rest assured that this is a product that will accompany you on many years of adventurers. Just in case, it also comes with a 12 monthly warranty against manufacturers’ defects.

Features of the BeachBox Storage Box are as follows:

  • Modular design
  • Main compartment for wet stuff
  • Dry gear section with a raised bottom
  • Wet and dry section divider slides
  • A top organizer tray and mini storage tubs for smaller things like keys, sunblock, and surf wax
  • ventilation holes
  • A non-slip changing lid

Features of the BeachBox Surf Shower are as follows:

  • Holds up to two gallons of hot or cold water
  • The shower tank has 5mm insulation to maintain the water temperature
  • Easy to refill screw top
  • Easy to use a hand pump system
  • Durable 7ft neoprene hose
  • Air pressure release valve
  • Shower wand with auto flow lock
  • Drainage plug
  • Fits in the BeachBox storage box but is removable if you want more storage space or want to carry it on its own
  • A geometric design ensures it doesn’t roll around in the car



Width: Approx. 27-inches

Height: Approx. 17-inches

Box Weight: 23lbs.

Shower Tank Weight: 3.5lbs.

Shower Tank Capacity: 2 Gallons

Shower Tank Insulation: 5mm

User Experience

Portability: The BeachBox is compact enough to stow even in the trunk/boot of a small car. It is convenient to keep in your car for a nice refreshing warm shower after grabbing an early morning surf session before work or to use whenever the need arises when taking kids or pets outdoors. 

How To Use the BeachBox: Before you head out, fill the shower tank with hot or cold water and place it inside the box. Organize your other gear and accessories in the storage sections, put the lid in place and slide the BeachBox in the trunk of your car.

When you’re done for the day, flip the lid and place it on the ground to use as a non-slip showering and changing pad. You can also step inside the box and rinse off from there. With an easy to use hand pump system, an air pressure release valve, and a shower wand with an auto flow lock, the shower is easy to use. Just pump it up, wash yourself off, rinse your stuff, change, and store the wet, sandy, and dirty stuff in the wet section.

Uses: Designed for surfers and beach lovers, the BeachBox is perfect for a quick rinse post-surf or after a day of fun at the beach so you don’t track sand in the car. Other watersports junkies such as paddle boarders, kite surfers, windsurfers, kayakers, scuba divers, swimmers, and fishermen will appreciate it just as surfers do. 

For anyone who likes to get out there and get dirty, sandy, muddy, or sweaty including dirt bikers, trail runners, road trippers, and mountain bikers, it comes in handy for cleaning up and storing gear. For campers, it serves triple duty as a camp gear storage box, camp shower, and as a rinsing tool for camping utensils.

It is a must-have for adventurers families who love the beach and the outdoors. It comes in handy for rinsing kids and pets after days of fun and for storing sandy and dirty toys and gear.

Off-season, it will also find uses at home. You can use it as a storage box, as an emergency kit, or for washing pets.


  • A storage box and portable shower in one
  • Well designed, rigorously tested, and built to last
  • Compact and easily fits in all kinds of vehicles
  • Super versatile and multipurpose product
  • A handy, space-saving kit for adventurers
  • The shower tank holds two gallons of water
  • Insulated shower tank keeps water warm or cold


  • Packed with wet gear and a filled tank, the BeachBox can be heavy, and yet it doesn’t have wheels for ease of hauling
  • Neither does it have a handle for carrying the box easily with one hand
  • The lid isn’t lockable
  • Only one color available for now

Overall Rating


  • Price: 95% – The BeachBox isn’t as cheap as a typical storage box but it is fairly priced given that you are getting three high-quality products in one space-efficient package: a storage box with a modular design, a portable shower, and a non-slip changing lid.
  • Material: 95% – The materials are heavy duty and carefully selected to withstand outdoor elements and abuse. Whether you will be using your BeachBox by the beach or taking it camping, you can rest assured it will hold up well and last.
  • Design: 95% – When it comes to functionality, the design of both the storage box and shower tank is on point. The BeachBox also looks good. There is only one color choice for now but there are plans to offer it in multiple colors and textures and allow personalization in the future.
  • Overall95% – The BeachBox is a well thought out and executed product. It is a handy piece of kit for surfers, watersports junkies, beach-loving families, and outdoor enthusiasts. Cleverly designed, very useful, and well built to last, it is worth every penny it costs.

Globo Surf Overview

So how is The BeachBox different from cheap storage bins? It is super convenient as it is a surf shower and storage box in one. The storage box is sturdy and purposefully designed for surfers, water sports lovers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. It is such a clever kit. If you do go with the BeachBox, expect to receive glances, compliments, and inquiries. Pricewise, it is a good deal more costly but will last a lot longer than the typical storage container. 

However, it isn’t for everyone. It is not for those who are content throwing their gear in a $20 container and using a jug over the head to wash off.

As for us, we truly love the product and recommend it to anyone looking for a well designed and durable storage box to hold their gear and accessories neatly and for anyone who would appreciate a portable outdoor shower. The BeachBox is also one of the best gifts for surfers and all kinds of water and outdoor adventurers. 

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BeachBox: The World’s First Surf Shower & Storage Box In One Review
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