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For some people, the summer season may be the time for barbecues but for those of us who love sub bathing, hot weather only means one thing – hitting the beach! Why would anyone spend a sunny, vibrant afternoon in a dull backyard eating grilled chicken and burgers when they can spend it relaxing in the sand and enjoying a calm breeze at the beach?

If you still want to have that little party with your burgers, it’s simple…pack them up and bring them with you to the beach. The only thing you need to worry about is keeping the sand off your delicacies.

However, this should not stop you from heading to the beach. If you pack well enough and heed the advice laid out in this beach picnic guide, you will be able to deal with the sand, wind, and saltwater, and definitely, have a perfect beach picnic. Ready? Let’s go!


1. Coolers

It’s hot weather. You don’t want to eat anything that can raise the temperatures more than they already are!

You will either need to bring a cooler or an insulated bag to keep your food and drinks cold. If you don’t have the money to invest in any of these, just get a picnic basket and fill it with frozen water balloons! It will work just fine.

The idea here is to keep the right things as cold as possible. No one wants to eat warm, sweaty cheese and steaming hot grapes with a bottle of lukewarm yogurt.

2. Extra Silverware

Most people prefer bringing finger foods like berries, apples, raw veggies, baby carrots, hard-boiled eggs, chips, burgers, etc., to avoid packing an extra bag of silverware and plates. Okay, we get that, but even finger food picnics require some kind of silverware at some point.

Otherwise, how are you going to spread cheese on your burger? How about cutting that apple into small pieces for your little one? You may need a knife for this. And speaking of which, you may want to bring extras so that if one knife falls into some cigarette butt studded sand, you can easily grab the back up.

3. Bring Extra Cups Too

If you are going to bring something illegal to drink in public, it would be a good idea to throw in some opaque cups. Don’t just pack one though, other members of your crew may want to sip their favorite wine while watching the sunset. Make sure the cups got lids so that no sand finds its way into your drink.

Other Essentials

1. Blankets and chairs

You want to keep the sand as far away from your food as possible, so it is best to pack up a beach blanket. Getting one that is large enough will give you plenty of space to sit and splay your food. Good beach blankets should allow the sand to slide off or better yet, filter it, to create a sand-free environment for the picnic.

Don’t just bring the blankets. Beach chairs will also play a huge role in ensuring that your food stays out of the sand.  The fact that you will be elevated from the sandy ground explains it all. Invest in chairs that can stick into the sand to provide firm support.

2. Wipes

Instead of using drinking water to wash your hands, just pack up some wet wipes. This will allow a super easy to clean up and ensure that your clean water stays intact.

3. Shade

If feels so good to sip that margarita while soaking up the warm rays from the sun and savoring the cool winds on the beach. But sometimes the sun just gets too hot that you just need to get yourself some shade.

To block the scorching sun out, bring a beach umbrella. Trust us, one of the most unpleasant things to do at the beach is eating while roasting yourself up in the sizzling sun. Packing something for the shade will keep the rays away and go a long way in making your beach picnic worth every while.

4. Trash Bag

You were not planning to leave empty water bottles, used paper plates and cups, and dirty foods lying all over the beach, were you? Great! So load an extra bag for trash.

We have found the need to include this in our beach picnic guide because many people who take their picnics to the beach often leave their spots looking like a damp site. You don’t want to be one of these jerks! So put trash where it is supposed to be.

5. Tents

How long is your picnic going to take? Are you just going for a siesta or a family beach night? How you answer these two questions will help you decide whether to bring a tent or not.

If it’s just an afternoon out, all you need is an umbrella to shade yourself from the sun. But if you are going to spend more time or even a night out at the beach, then you might consider setting up a place to sleep. Also, bring a few cooking pots just in case your packed food runs out and you are forced to make something to eat when you are out there.

6. Toys


Your kids too need to remember this day. Stock up as many toys as you can. Those sand trucks, buckets, and shovels will keep the toddlers busy as you engage in other fun activities.

Bring beach balls for the elder ones. It would be exciting to watch them play volleyball and other ball games on the beach.

Get a mermaid tail for your little girl too if she already knows how to swim. Don’t forget to pack up some floats and life jackets for that one toddler who likes trying everything the big sister does.

Let every toy you bring to the beach this day leaves an unforgettable experience with your little ones. However, make sure that it’s something you and your kid doesn’t mind breaking, losing, or getting dirty.

7. Sunscreen

We just can’t forget enlisting this in our beach picnic guide. As far as beach picnics are concerned, sunscreen is one of the most important items in beach day essentials. You would rather go back home covered in sand but not sunburns!

Well, it may feel amazing getting intimate with the sun, but those UV rays are not your best friends. They not only put you at risk of getting skin cancer but also get your skin aging early. Invest in sunscreens that keep your skin moisturized. Just don’t get something too harsh that could get it cracking.

8. Clothing

It’s a beach picnic, not your normal working day, so dress to the occasion. Get a nice swimsuit for your beach day. It should be something fitting but flexible enough to let you move about with ease. That very tight or loose bikini or beach shorts may prevent you from enjoying water and sand games, as you will always be worried about it tearing up or falling off.

You need to load a pair of sunglasses in that bag too.  These will keep your eyes protected from direct UV light, which is the main cause of eye conditions like surfer’s eye.  Hats too will be an important accessory in blocking stray sun rays.

A pair of beach sandals or flip-flops will also keep your feet ventilated. These are also the best way to ensure that the hot sand doesn’t burn your feet. Get a pair for your kids too. Their skin is delicate and they might feel the burn more than you would.

9. Towels

You will need to bring a towel to dry yourself up after a swim in the ocean. Beach towels come in various shapes and patterns.

If you prefer lying down and drying from the natural heat, you may want to go for a round-shaped one. This is usually big enough and would give you ample space to spread your legs and arms. You will want to get some towels for your little ones too and those with colorful patterns will be a perfect choice.

10. First Aid Kit

Everyone wants to have a safe and perfect beach picnic but sometimes scrapes and cuts are inevitable. Especially where kids are involved, it would be a good idea to pack up some wound disinfectant and Band-Aids just in case. You never know when one of them will fall from the beach chair and hit his delicate head on the wet sand!

11. Camera

Pics or this day didn’t happen, guys!

Every single moment of a beach picnic is worth documenting. We don’t get summer all the time so every activity we do during this season is worth every flick, and beach moments are no exception.

Don’t invest in a very expensive camera for the picnic. Instead, get yourself a waterproof one that can remain undamaged even when taking shots underwater.

Globo Surf Overview

There is nothing more beautiful and fun than having a picnic by the seaside. However, if you have not prepared thoroughly and packed the right items, you will probably have a very disappointing and frustrating experience.

Our beach picnic guide gives you a comprehensive list of all the essentials you require and everything you need to do to make your beach picnic a success. If you have read this to the end, you will have no problems preparing for the next picnic on the beach. You will be able to keep sand away from your food, dress appropriately, and stay safe at the seaside.

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