What Is The Right Water Temperature For Your Hot Tub


Remember how entering the water at the seaside may be a completely different experience for you and your friends? Some may feel pleasant enough to enter the water without a problem, while others may take some time before their body fully adjusts to the water temperature and they start to feel completely comfortable?

The same principle goes with the hot tub. You may love it hotter; your family may want it to be a bit colder, so you’ve probably wondered – what is the best hot tub temperature? This article will answer that question, and help you find the optimal temperature that will help get the most enjoyment out of your hot tub. It may take some time and you may have to experiment a bit, but once you find the best hot tub temperature for you and your loved ones, it will be worth the effort.

Why Is Hot Tub Temperature So Important?

The importance of the hot tub temperature is not just about comfort and enjoyment, it’s also about health and safety, because too high or too low hot tub temperature may cause some serious but easily avoidable health risks.

For instance, if the water is too cold, you may end up experiencing hypothermia, but because we’re talking about the hot tub, the probability of that happening is extremely low. On the other hand, you may end up overheating your hot tub. If you spend enough time in your overheated hot tub, you may end up with a temperature above 103 degrees Fahrenheit (39° Celsius), which could lead to the development of hyperthermia, or extremely high body temperature, like:

  • Heatstroke
  • Heat cramps
  • Heat exhaustion
  • Heat rash

This can be even more dangerous for small children, pregnant women, people with chronic illness, or older people, but it will also affect those in perfectly good health and shape, so it is advised to visit your doctor before you start using the hot tub on regular basics.

Finding The Best Hot Tub Temperature

The simplest and the most accurate answer to the question about the best hot tub temperature is – from 100 – 102°F. According to statistics, the average hot tub temperature between the users around the globe most often varies between these two values, but there can be some things that could affect that and have an influence on your preferred temperature.

The Weather

The main thing that could affect the feeling you’ll have when you step on the hot tub steps and enter the hot tub is the outside temperature. For instance, if it is the middle of summer and it is unbearably hot outside, and you’re somewhere where the temperatures are tropical all the time, you may like to tone it down a bit, to about 85°F. Opposite, if you live somewhere where the winter is harsh and the weather is colder, during that period you’d probably love to make it a bit hotter. And add an infrared heater as help.

Your Body Condition

It won’t feel the same if you’ve been running around and working out all day, then got home and entered your hot tub, and if you’ve been home all day and entered the hot tub for a quick relaxation before going to bed. Being active rises up the body temperature, so you’d probably prefer higher temperature better, and vice versa – if you’ve been couch-potato, you’d probably love a bit lower temperature.

How To Find The Best Hot Tub Temperature

As we’ve mentioned above, this may need some experimenting, but you should enjoy it. Let’s say the average body temperature is from 97°F to 99°F. This range should be your starting point. Once the water temperature reaches 97°F, enter and try it. If it feels a bit cold, increase it, and stop when you start to feel good.

Saving The Energy And Improving The Efficiency

Not only for your health but finding the best hot tub temperature and making it your average hot tub temperature is also quite good for your wallet because owning a hot tub is all but a cheap business. Firstly, it will use less energy because the heaters won’t have to work as hard to maintain the temperature like they’d have to work to increase it. Not to mention the fact that constant reheating may cause problems on heaters and possibly even on hardware.

If you decide to lower the temperature after each use, remember – rising it up again means you’ll be reheating the water so the hot tub heaters will work extra, so you may end up spending more energy instead of less. Of course, if you plan on going somewhere for a vacation or simply don’t plan to use it for some longer period of time, lowering the temperature combined with hot tub cover is a good idea and it will save the energy your hot tub uses, so your bill will way lower.

Is It Safe For Kids?


Remember, you don’t feel the heat the same way your kid does. Their body is still developing, so their skin is thinner than yours and they’ll probably be less tolerant to the high temperatures. If your kid has less than five, don’t let it get into the hot tub. If your kid is older, limit their time to five minutes maximum, and you shouldn’t have any problems, but it is also recommended visiting a pediatrician and getting a professional opinion.

Stuff You Have To Know

Most of the modern hot tubs can be connected to your smartphone, or you could adjust the heat by pressing a button or entering some digits. They also have a sensor that will limit the hot tub temperature and keep it under 104°F, but just in case, it is good to have a thermometer within a hand reach, so you can always check the temperature and know if it is time to react.

In case you start to feel like a daredevil and your hot tub lets you go above that limit, don’t. It won’t be as pleasant as you may imagine, you may end up with serious health issues, and your hot tub heater could break. Sticking to the average hot tub temperature is the best option, in this case.

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Water is one of the best tools you could use for relaxation, and it works excellent like a therapy. It, combined with a slightly higher temperature, will force your body to relax and provide you with the chance to fully rest and stay fresh, both mentally and physically, for your next challenges. This is why finding the best hot tub temperature for you and your loved ones is essential. If you stick to it and make it your average hot tub temperature, you’ll be able to enjoy it for a greater period of time without having to worry about your health, possible issues, and also your energy bill, so you could concentrate solely on the relaxation that hot tub accessories provide, and let the problems go away.

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