Are Hammock Tents Comfortable?


Whenever someone mentions camping, the first thing that comes to our mind is a tent. Well, that’s obvious because tents and camping adventures are like campfire and marshmallows – always linked together!

But lately, this connection has started to experience changes. Campers all over the world are embracing the new alternative to spending the nights in the woods; the hammock.

Okay, we are not talking about that woven net with wooden spreaders, hanging from some tree in your backyard, that loves to tip you over. Absolutely not! There is a hammock specifically made for sleeping. One that many people have started considering a go-to option for hiking and camping.

But are hammock tents comfortable? Why would anyone junk the traditional tent for this minimalized gear?  You may ask!

Well, we are going to look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of sleeping in a hammock tent so that we can be in a better position to answer these questions for you. So, let’s get busy!

Why Campers Choose Hammocks Over Normal Tents

Whether you are going hiking in the woods or night kayaking with your friends, you must bring something to sleep on. Now, convincing yourself to go on this trip without the one thing that never lacks in your camping gear is not easy. If it is your first time using a hammock, you may want to hear why you need to ditch your usual tent for this one. Read on!

1. You Get To Sleep Faster

Ever wondered why cradle babies tend to fall asleep faster than cot babies? The reason is simple – rocking and swinging! When the cradle moves, the brain waves get synced making them feel relaxed, which helps them to fall asleep much faster.

Just like a cradle, a hammock tent provides the best and easiest way to sleep. If you have insomnia, this is the shortest route to dreamland. You don’t get this with a traditional tent, which is why a hammock is considered a more comfortable option than the former.

2. You Sleep Better. Way Better

The idea of camping is great. But most people come back home exhausted with a feeling of “When will I get to lay, stretch and splay in my own bed?”, yet it doesn’t have to be this way.  If you know how to sleep in a hammock properly, you will never wish to sleep in your bed.

The reason why many campers long for their beds is that they don’t get enough sleep when lying in a normal sleeping bag. Switching to a hammock transforms your camping experience completely.

With this simple gear, you get a deeper sleep after long hours of hiking, water sporting, or collecting seashells on the beach. As a result, your body cells repair themselves, the worn-out tissues and muscles are restored, and blood circulates efficiently, which boosts your overall immunity.

3. The Floor Is Hostile

Floating always wins!

Think about the number of times you have tossed and turned the whole night just because you didn’t realize there was a small rock underneath your sleeping bag when you set it up. How about those sneaky, hostile scorpions, and ants that give you sleepless nights?

When you sleep in a hammock tent, you won’t have to worry about all these. You can comfortably float on rocks, wet grounds, and even harmful animals without caring what lies beneath you. However, you will need to look for a woody area so you can have plenty of options on where to hang, or rather, tie your hammock. If you are camping in an area where vegetation is scarce, then you might want to stick to your usual tent.

4. You Enjoy All That Mother Nature Has To Offer

Image this – watching the sunrise, feeling nature’s cool breeze soothe you up before you even open your eyes in the morning, and breathing in fresh, naturally purified air all from the comfort of your “bed”. This is what a hammock can do for you, something you don’t get with an ordinary tent.

A Hammock tent is usually well ventilated to allow fresh air from the trees to circulate freely. It also allows you to get intimate with the sun rays without having to come out of your comfort zone. Just make sure you have some UV protective clothing handy just in case you get so absorbed in the sun that you forget to get up. If you love watching the stars, you can get a transparent hammock that lets you enjoy the nice display of the night sky.

5. Best For Lone Adventures

Still wondering, “Are hammock tents comfortable?” Well, probably you haven’t heard that this is the best gear for solitude camping.

Sometimes you just want to spend some time alone in the woods to think or, you know, get your brain in order. Other times you just don’t want to share your tent with others. The most comfortable and soothing way to enjoy the serenity of Mother Nature is by getting yourself a hammock tent. You will spend the night feeling as if you are in a womb hence get more relaxed.

6. It Is Hammock!

Of course, it is, and the whole reason why it is different from your usual tent. Think about this for a moment. A traditional tent will only provide you a place to sleep, a place to change your clothes, and a shelter from the rain.

Fortunately, all these can be afforded by a hammock. As long as you get a tarp for it, you are covered. A hammock is your shelter but there is a lot more you can do with this camping gear than you can imagine.

For starters, when you pack up a hammock, you have literally packed up a camping chair and a comfortable one for this matter. You have a place to sit as you cook or grill your freshly hunted animals, hang out and sip a few glasses of wine, or unwind with a good book. That’s not all, it can be moved easily so you can take it with you and set it up at the beach, next to a waterfall, or any other place where you want to swing and loosen up.

The amazing multi-use abilities of a hammock don’t end there. You will use it indoors when the cold weather sets in and there is no more camping, set it for the kids to swing and play in, and you will set it up next to the swimming pool to lounge after a submerge. Your tent? It will be lying in the garage or camping closet and every time you look at it you will wonder how it ended up in your gear closet in the first place.

So are hammock tents comfortable? Well, it’s still too soon to judge. Keep reading!

Why Some Campers May Refrain From Using Hammocks

While many campers find the idea of including a hammock in their camping gear a viable option, a good number are still not convinced about junking their old tents. Here could be the reason why:

1. Flipping Over

If you toss and turn a lot while you sleep, you might fear spending even 30 minutes of your night in a hammock tent for fear of tipping. This is one of the reasons why many campers would rather risk spending the night on a leaking tent floor than hang in a hammock. However, this fear can be countered by sleeping diagonally. That way, even if you turn during sleep, the high walls of the hammock will roll you back to the center.

2. Causes Strain On Legs

Not every camper knows how to sleep in a hammock. The secret to having good slumber in this gear is learning how to lay properly. Some sleeping positions will exert pressure on your legs and cause strain, which will make you feel less comfortable than when lying in a normal tent. To solve this problem, you can invest in a hammock that has an in-built foot box to allow efficient blood circulation throughout your body.

3. Freezing Backside

Sometimes, and especially when camping in cold weather, a hammock tent could get your butt freezing as cold wind blow underneath your backside. However, you can prevent this and keep yourself warm by bringing an insulator. This can be anything from a thick fleece blanket or even a sleeping bag. If your underneath is warm enough, you will stay warmer throughout the night, and surprisingly, you may not require much insulation on top.

4. Doesn’t Accommodate Multiple People

If you are bringing your spouse on the camping trip, the chances are that you would want you two to share a hammock when you sleep. But this is could be difficult because you can’t make even the slightest movement without disrupting the sleep of your partner. If you really want to sleep close to your spouse, bring two hammocks, and set them up side by side. You will sleep comfortably without disruptions and even without the fear of overloading the hammock.

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So, are hammock tents comfortable? You be the judge. However, based on the above information, we can’t overlook the fact that hammock tents seem to hold better cards than ordinary tents. Sure, they have their downside, but these swingy tents appear like a more comfortable option than their shelter counterparts.

But it all boils up to what you prefer. If you love something that you can easily set up and carry anywhere, then a hammock could be what you are looking for. But if you are scared of heights or don’t like waking up with a straining ankle, then you may want to stick to a normal tent. However, you can still solve these two problems by sleeping diagonally and getting a footrest for your hammock and you will a comfortable night.

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