Annobike A1 eBike Review


The Annobike A1 eBike is built to make off-road adventures accessible even to those who mostly use their bike for everyday commuting, thanks to a superb set of fat tires than can take on any sort of terrain with confidence. Numerous features that are usually reserved for high-grade mountain bikes are included in the innovative eBike, which also stands out because of its modern and futuristic design.

Electric bikes, especially ones as small as the Annobike A1, have up to now mostly found success in urban settings, allowing users to quickly transition between riding on public transport and pushing on the pedals. Going off-road was reserved to very expensive and technical models of mountain bikes, that only the most serious of riders would ever consider buying. These bikes, in turn, would not be very useful in a crowded city because of their size.

The Annobike A1 eBike provides a very interesting bridge between the two worlds, remaining fairly compact but still providing excellent suspensions, a tough frame, and a rock-solid pair of fat tires, that let the city rider confidently venture on unpaved roads and then cycle back normally to their house. The bike pushes the boundaries of hybrid riding, and lets the rider have the best of both worlds, always accessible under their feet.


The Annobike A1 eBike is a high-performance pedal-assist bike that relies on an excellent pair of fat, puncture-proof wheels, designed to make the rider feel equally at ease both in the city and on the unpaved trails outside of it. There are 7 gears and nine different levels of pedal-assist the user can benefit from, with even an option of relying solely on the throttle on some versions of the bike. The Annobike A1 features adjustable air shocks on the rear wheel and dual crowned adjustable shocks on the front, which work wonders in absorbing the shocks that come from riding on bumpy roads.

The bike makes use of a G06 series Bafang brushless motor that can output either 250 W or even 750 W of power, and is connected to a 48 V battery that delivers a current of 14.5 or 17.5 Ah. There are four different models of the A1 bike you can choose from, Dynamic, Dynamic+, Intense and Intense+, and the range you will get out of their motors will assist you for anywhere between 50 and 70 kilometers on the road. The battery is very well concealed in the central tube of the frame and nicely clicks into place while never sticking out like the ones on large eBikes so often do. An elegant LED light indicator allows you to check how much charge is left, and the top attainable speeds go from 25 km/h to 32 km/h, depending on the model.

The Annobike A1 has strong mechanic or hydraulic disc brakes that allow you to precisely control all the bike’s movements, never letting it slip from your grasp, and has a handlebar and pedals directly derived from dirt bikes, reinforcing its rugged, outdoor feel. There are four available colors for the frame and a bright color display in the center of the handlebars gives you all the information you need to have about battery charge and other details about your ride. Not included in the purchase but strongly recommended is an additional GPS device, which lets you locate your bike at all times and even lock it in the event of a theft. Here is a comprehensive list of features of the Annobike A1 eBike:

  • Superb set of 20” x 4” puncture-resistant tires
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Adjustable front and rear suspensions
  • Dirt bike pedals and handlebars
  • Up to 70km of range
  • Very strong mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes
  • Battery blends seamlessly with the main frame tube
  • Bright color screen between handlebars
  • Works well in the city and off-road
  • Four different color options available



Motor power: 250 W or 750 W

Battery: 48 V / 14.5 Ah – 17.5 Ah

Pedal-assist: 9 levels

Gears: 7

Range: From 50 km to 70 km

Top speed: 25 km/h or 32 km/h

Derailleur: Shimano Tourney

User Experience


Performance: The Annobike A1 gives you the confidence to take on almost any kind of terrain you might imagine, with the powerful motor helping you achieve the strength you need to make those nice and wide wheels turn. The beauty of eBikes is how they make every ride less tiring and more enjoyable, and the A1 certainly doesn’t disappoint, providing you with enough power to easily commute work during one whole week without having to recharge.

The build is rock-solid and almost gives you the feeling of riding on a military-grade vehicle. The bike is nice and responsive as soon as you move the handlebars, twist the throttle, or grasp the brakes, making you always feel in control even if you are going full speed down a steep slope. The top TFT screen always remains well visible, under any sort of weather conditions, keeping you constantly up to date with the statistics of your ride.

Comfort: People like bikes with fat tires because they are easier to handle and provide better balance than the ones with thinner ones, and the Annobike A1 gives you that extra comfort while also delivering the power that is necessary to make those heavier wheels turn. Numerous other parts of the bike, such as the handlebars or the pedals, are taken directly from dirt bikes, making you feel equally as comfortable on the trail as well as on the city roads. Both the handlebars and the saddle are adjustable to you can find the perfect fit and the front on rear suspensions work a treat to make you experience the smoothest ride possible.

Overall Rating


Performance: 99% – If there is one thing you can surely count on with the Annobike A1 eBike it is performance. The bike is built like a tank and has a powerful motor with enough juice to carry you far and away. Every section is solid and gives you that nice, reliable feel that sparks the confidence to turn the bike away from the smooth, paved roads of the city. Whatever environment you find yourself in, you’ll have a powerful ally under you with superb thick and grippy wheels that stick to the ground no matter how wet it is. Handling is also excellent thanks to the dirt bike handlebars and pedals, making the Annobike A1 a near-perfect hybrid between road and off-road eBike.

Comfort: 98% – We all know how long hours on the saddle can make you sore, but the Annobike A1 eBike goes a long way to minimize the discomfort. The thick and fat wheels provide excellent support and stability, making it extremely easy to find and maintain balance. Their sheer size coupled with the very effective suspensions means that your ride will be as smooth as you can imagine even if the road under the wheels is far from the same. Having adjustable handlebars and saddle also makes it very easy to find the perfect fit for your body shape and maintain a comfortable position throughout the whole ride.

Price: 94% – Ebikes are not known for being cheap, so you shouldn’t expect as much from a model as elaborate as the Annobike A1. However, especially if you manage to get on the train early, you can benefit from a substantial discount. In any case, we believe that a good, versatile eBike such as the A1 is worthy of the investment required to purchase one and that you will quickly find that it is more than worth the money. Blending the performance of a road bike, a mountain bike, or even a small scooter, it lets you choose the best of all worlds and represents great value for the dollar.

Overall: 97% – The Annobike A1 is a jack of several trades and can give you a huge sense of freedom as soon as you step on the saddle. Knowing you can be equally confident on the road as well as off of it is not something we can say about many other products on the market, and puts the Annobike A1 in a category of its own. Price may be an obstacle for certain users but if you manage to get your hands on one you won’t be disappointed, and you will likely benefit from it for many years to come.

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The Annobike A1 eBike pushes the boundaries of what was thought possible with a pedal-assist bike, proving that off-road and city riders can coexist and both take advantage of the bike’s superb features and design. Our era is marked by hybridization, but not all experiments end well. The Annobike A1 is proof that it can lead to success, and it helps raise the bar for the industry and push it towards new and exciting destinations.

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