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With the ability to withstand water penetration when submerged up to 300 feet, The Animas™ Dry Bag Backpack is a dry bag you can trust to protect your gear from water damage even in extreme situations. Made of heavy-duty fabric with a heavy matte PU finish, water just rolls off and cannot penetrate through. Water cannot find its way in through the top closure or seams as it features a watertight seal and stitch-free welded using high pressure and radiofrequency.

With a capacity of 40 liters, the Animas™ is quite spacious gear for overnight adventures and even those that last a couple of days. If you’re going fishing, this is enough room for tackle boxes and personal effects. Designed for portaging gear as well as hauling gear from the boat to camping or fishing sites, it comes equipped with removable shoulder straps and a waist belt.

The 840 denier Cordura ripstop nylon reinforced with multiple layers of polyurethane is tough enough to withstand the heavy load, constant exposure to water, UV rays, chemicals, and abrasive outdoor conditions. This means The Animas™ can accompany you on many years of adventures without fading, cracking, or losing its flexibility.

Evidently, Animas™ is the most popular backpack by Watershed for good reasons. If you’re thinking about investing in this dry bag, keep reading this review for more details about its construction, performance, and durability.


Watershed® dry bags are some of the best dry bags on the market. They have an established reputation for excellent performance and are used by even military amphibious units. Make in North Carolina, their quality is also fantastic.

The Animas™ Dry Bag is their most popular dry bag backpack. This is because of well it works at keeping gear dry even in situations of extreme exposure to water such as submersions and heavy downpours.

With its design and carrying comfort, it is perfect for portaging as well as for hauling gear from your watercraft to the campsite or fishing site. Here are the features that make it such a popular dry bag:

  • Construction using 840-denier Cordura ripstop nylon fabric
  • Multiple layers of polyurethane coating to enhance strength and endurance
  • Watertight ZipDry closure that seals in the same manner as a freezer bag
  • Stitch-free seams welded using radiofrequency and high pressure so water cannot penetrate through
  • Padded shoulder straps that are also removable when portaging
  • Heavy duty and slip-resistant top lug handle
  • Removable waist belt for when you have to carry a heavy load for a prolonged duration



Dimensions Rolled: 22″ Height x 14″ Width x 7.25″ Depth

Capacity Rolled: 40 Liters or 2432 cubic inches

Closure: ZipDry Freezer bag Style Seal

Opening Size: 16 inches

Weight: 2.35 Pounds

Fabric: Polyurethane-coated 840D Cordura Ripstop nylon

Watertight Depth Rating: 300 feet submersion

Color Options: Orange, Blue, Coyote, Black, MultiCam

User Experience


Capacity: The Animas™ Dry Bag has a capacity of 40 liters or a volume of 2432 cubic inches. This is big enough space to hold the gear you need to bring along if you’re embarking on an overnight trip or an expedition that will last a couple of days. It is big enough to fit tackle boxes, clothing, and other personal effects when going angling.  

Waterproof Protection: A dry bag has to be completely waterproof and the Animas™ meets and exceeds this vital requirement. It has been tested and found to remain waterproof at 300 feet submersion! It is equipped to keep your gear dry even if the dry bag falls in the water and gets submerged or if you have to endure pounding rain for hours.

The heavy matte PU finish ensures that water rolls right off the fabric rather than seeping through. The ZipDry closure seals closed just like a freezer bag and are secured by buckles on the top and sides forming a watertight seal so water can’t get in through the top opening. The seams are sealed using high pressure and radiofrequency to prevent water from seeping through.

Comfort: This backpack style dry bag is also perfect for hauling gear from your watercraft to the site where you intend to camp of fish. For carrying comfort, this dry bag is equipped with padded shoulder straps that won’t dig into your shoulders even if you have to carry it on your back while it is fully loaded.

If you’re hauling along a really heavy load for an extended duration it comes with a waist belt that helps with weight distribution The shoulder strips and grip strips are thoughtfully sewn to prevent slippage. When portaging or storing the bag, you can remove the shoulder straps and waist belt.

Material and Durability: The Animas™ Dry Bag is of premium quality. Even the look and feel speaks of the high standards of quality and attention to detail that goes into making this backpack. The fabric has a whopping 840 denier rating and is coated with multiple layers of polyurethane. If you have to hike through thick brush to get to a lucrative fishing sport, it won’t easily get ripped or punctured when it comes into contact with thorny brush and rocky terrain.

The fabric gives the backpack a thick skin that can withstand constant exposure to even saltwater, chemicals, and the sun’s harsh UV rays. It can resist cracking, fading, and doesn’t lose its flexibility.

The shoulder straps and lug handle are also heavy-duty and durable and the stitching on the handles and buckles is military-grade quality. This dry bag has what it takes to offer exemplary performance for years. This sleek fabric also makes keeping the bag clean a breeze.


  • Ability to withstand water penetration up to 300 feet of submersion
  • Premium quality and durable dry bag
  • Tough and durable 840 denier fabric with PU finish
  • UV rays and chemicals resistant exterior
  • Watertight closure secured by straps and buckles
  • Leak-proof seams welded using high pressure and radio waves
  • Padded shoulder straps and waist belt 


  • The 40L capacity is not large enough for extended expeditions

Overall Rating


Based on our review, here are our ratings of the Watershed Animas™ Dry Bag:

Waterproof Performance: 100% – This is the most important aspect of a dry bag and the Animas™ Dry Bag passes with flying colors. The PU coated fabric is waterproof, the top closure completely watertight when sealed properly, and the seams are welded to prevent leakage. Rest assured you won’t find yourself having to deal with a soggy mess if you get caught in pounding rain or if the bag falls in the water.

Durability: 100% – The heavy-denier PU-coated material is excellent. It is tough enough to withstand constant exposure to water and UV rays and can handle even rough outdoor terrain without tearing or puncturing.

Comfort: 95% – When you’re not on your boat, kayak, or canoe and have to carry the dry bag on your back, this dry bag gets an A for carrying comfort. The padded shoulder straps and waist belt ensure the load sits comfortably on your back and won’t leave you with sore muscles.

Price: 90% – As you can guess given the premium quality level and exceptional dry bag performance, the Animas™ isn’t a cheap dry bag by any means. Given what it offers and how it fairs out on the water, it is worth every penny and a smart investment for avid watersports and outdoor adventurers.

Overall: 96% – With the PU coated waterproof fabric, watertight closure, and RF welded seams, the is a dry bag suitable for even adventures that will get it drenched and submerged in water. It is the ultimate dry bag for portaging and hauling gear for water adventures such as kayaking, rafting, stand up paddleboarding, and fishing.

Globo Surf Overview

If you enjoy fishing, kayaking, canoeing, or rafting, the Animas™ Dry Bag has what it takes to become the perfect companion for your adventures. It is big enough to hold enough gear for a couple of days and it offers excellent waterproof protection from splashes and even if the dry bag falls into water when portaging.

A backpack-style dry bag with removable shoulder straps and waist belt, it is also perfect for hauling camping and fishing gear from the boat to campsites or fishing spot. The high-strength and abrasion-resistant fabric can withstand rough outdoor conditions.

If you’re on the hunt for a top-notch dry bag that can totally keep your gear dry no matter the conditions and can withstand the harsh elements to offer you long excellent dry bag performance for many years, we believe you won’t regret your purchase if your search ends with the Animas™ dry bag. The glowing reviews attest to its quality and performance!

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Animas™ Dry Bag Review
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