Akela Surf Suit One Piece Nowave Review


  • Made entirely of Duck Tex fabric stretch fabric provides good freedom of movement
  • Lycra inserts at armholes for comfort
  • Front-zip wetsuit
  • UV protection
  • Stylish look
  • Flatlock seam prevents rashes
  • Anti-snag
  • Also usable as a base layer
  • Easily washable

The Akela Surf one-piece NoWave surf suit is made of 1 mm thick Duck Tex fabric, which covers the arms up to the wrists and ends in a bikini cut, leaving the legs exposed. The suit is designed not to snag and resist the friction which derives from chafing against surfboards and waxes and is can be used on its own, it the temperatures allow it, or as a base layer if you need to layer up to face colder waters. The NoWave surf suit also sports lycra inserts at the armhole to allow maximum comfort while not restricting one’s movements in any way. 

The suit has minimal stitching to preserve its strength and durability, and the few stitches that are present are flatlock, so to avoid causing annoying and uncomfortable irritations when rubbing against skin. The main zipper is placed on the front and runs all the way down to the hips. The suit also protects from the sun, having the same effect as putting on a grade 50 sunscreen. Overall, the material is very stretchy and flexible while adhering well to the body and never hindering the movements of the wearer, fitting snugly around the legs.

The wetsuit can be easily washed in a machine and will quickly dry to let you head out for the waves again in no time. The suit is available with a striped black and white motif, which some say may also help in deterring shark attacks, and is available in sizes small, medium, and large.



Material: Duck Tex fabric with Lycra inserts

Thickness: 1 mm

Available sizes: Small, Medium, Large

Zipper: Front

User Experience


Fit: The fit of the Akela Surf NoWave surf suit feels great, with the available size chart that makes it very easy to find the suit that will best correspond to your individual shape. The material wraps around the body nicely and snugly and makes you feel taken care of as you sit on the board waiting for the next wave. Once you catch it, the suit blends into your skin, moving seamlessly with you as you flex your muscles to adjust to the water. The long sleeves never hold you back and the leg holes adapt perfectly to your thighs, allowing you to freely twist and turn as much as you need. Particularly useful are the Lycra inserts around the armholes that make you feel as if the suit is clinging on to you while you surf. This is a particularly comfortable feeling that long time surfers will cherish and appreciate.

Protection: Despite not being among the thickest surf suits available, the NoWave suit from Akela Surf still delivers good enough protection to make you feel safe on chillier days. The suit does a very good job in maintaining that protective layer of water close to your body and gives you the confidence to head out even if the sun is not shining. If there is too much sun, on the other hand, the Akela Surf NoWave suit still proves its worth by only letting through 1/50th of the sun’s UV rays. This adds to the versatility of the suit and lets you find a use for it almost all year round.

Design: The people at Akela Surf pride themselves in striving to create garments that allow women to feel comfortable both in and out of the water. The NoWave suit strikes an excellent balance between style and functionality, fitting nicely in the company’s lineup of water gear. While delivering excellent protection and fitting snugly around the body, as is expected from a piece of clothing designed for a very specific use, the NoWave suit also makes the wearer look great and stylish thanks to its carefully drawn shape and intriguing motifs. Overall, this suit finds such a sweet spot that it won’t make you compromise at all.

Overall Rating


Fit: 98 % – One might argue that fit is the most important feature of a surf suit and we would tend to agree. The very last thing you want when you buy one of these items is to find yourself with a big and bulky package that will drag you down and make your every move so much harder. We are pleased to say that the NoWave suit from Akela Surf performs admirably in this regard. The suit never brings you down and you soon even forget you have it on, s is the case with the best items available. The Lycra inserts make the fabric cling on you all the while stretching and pulling enough to let you move around freely. Overall, the NoWave suit is one of the best products we’ve seen in this thickness and shape, so we have no qualms in recommending it to all the avid surfers out there.

Design: 98 % – While the most important feature of a surf suit is that it does its job, and as we have the NoWave is no slouch in that category, it is unfortunate that so many do so while making you look like an oversized garbage bag. While maybe not as performing as thick full-body suits when it comes to cold temperatures, the NoWave suit from Akela Surf provides a package that performs very well all the while maintaining a nice, stylish and cool look that will not make you feel out of place on any beach. The cheeky available motifs and the trendy bikini cut to fit in well both with dedicated swim gear as well as simple bathing suits, so if you decide to take home a NoWave suit from Akela Surf you’ll know you’ll have an item you can use in a variety of different settings.

Price: 95 % – It has to be said that there are some cheaper options on the market when compared to the NoWave suit, but this should not discourage you from considering buying one. First of all, as we are sure you know, a good quality surf suit can last you a long time, so you need to consider that you will divide the investment into many seasons and may even get away with buying just one for all your life if you don’t surf as often. Secondly, you want to invest in good quality gear, to avoid the risk of having to replace a cheaper item because it breaks quickly, which will end up costing you more than making a good quality purchase in the first place. Lastly, a cheap price tag very rarely rhymes with style, so you need to increase your standards if that’s what you are after. All things considered then, we can’t say that the NoWave suit is overpriced. Even if we might understand that it may raise some eyebrows, we can assure you that every penny will be well spent on this suit.


  • Very comfortable fit
  • Stretchy material allows freedom of movement
  • Easy to wash and take care of
  • Cool design


  •  It May prove too thin for colder temperatures

Globo Surf Overview

The Akela Surf one-piece NoWave surf suit is a cute and versatile piece of gear that does almost everything right. It won’t stretch to cover the extremes but that is not what it is supposed to do, and for the rest, it performs admirably. If you’re looking for a cute and stylish wet suit that leaves you free to move and keeps you reasonably well protected, you might have found the right thing for you.

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Akela Surf Suit One Piece Nowave Review
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