Aerial A1 Tree Tent & Hammock Review


Combining the spaciousness of a tent with the convenience of a hammock, the Aerial A1 tree tent lets you experience a completely different way of camping, which will let you experience the outdoors in ways you didn’t think possible. The tent can be hung between two trees thanks to a four-point connection system, which prevents it from wobbling around like a hammock and provides the user with a nice flat surface to lay down on.

Finding a smooth patch of ground to set your tent on has always been a problem for any camper, and someone a hard rock always manages to find its way under your back when you try to relax in your sleeping bag. It can even leave weirdly shaped bruises on your body that you discover the next day. This can significantly impact the quality of your night’s sleep and, as a direct consequence, your enjoyment of the time spent in the woods or the mountains.

The Aerial A1 tent provides a brilliant and elegant solution, by giving you the means to stretch out comfortably on a mat that is suspended well above the rough and uncomfortable ground. Blending innovative thinking with brilliant design, the tent opens new grounds for camping and hiking. It is easy and quick to set up and can also be used as a regular tent, so we believe it will soon become a common sight during your adventures in the wilderness.


The Aerial A1 tree tent is supported by a suspension system inspired by slackliners. The webbing straps are designed to wrap around a tree to provide two connection points instead of one since they will be kept apart by the width of the trunk. In total, this gives you four points of contact to hang the tent on and also prevents it from rotating as a hammock would, around a single pivot close to the tree. The buckles provided to pull the cables tight are of rock climbing quality, featuring a minimum break strength of 15 kN (3370 pounds), so you never have to worry about the weight of your body and your gear. The tent can be fastened between any to trees from 10 to 25 feet apart. 

The tent can be set up thanks to a single pole that runs over its whole length, while a second shorter one keeps it wide in the center. This simple configuration also makes the walls almost vertical, freeing up a considerable amount of space on the inside. The central height of the tent is 90 cm, which is more than enough for a normal-sized person to sit comfortably upright. Two spreader bars complete the setup, providing you with a nice, flat surface on which you can sleep in any position you like as well as a turn as much as you want during the night. A sleeping pad can also be used for even greater comfort. 

The internal mesh body is covered by a 40 denier nylon removable fly, which has a 1500mm hydrostatic head waterproof rating. It is kept separate from the interior which allows for good airflow and prevents condensation. Three pockets can be found on the interior, with two medium-sized ones at each end and a third one that is placed overhead, perfect to keep a lamp or your phone. Accessories such as a gear hammock to hang under the tent, or an underquilt to keep you warmer and better insulated, are also available for further convenience. The underquilt in particular is rated to be used down to -7°C, making the Aerial A1 tree tent a valid option even in colder seasons.

If you don’t happen to have any trees around you, the Aerial A1 can also be used as a regular standalone tent, with a 5-inch high floor and two vestibules than can be accessed by the sides. Here is a complete list of the most remarkable features of the Areal A1 tree tent.


  • Four-point connection system provides rock-solid stability
  • An internal flat surface is very comfortable to sleep in
  • Spreader bars keep the sleeping surface very flat 
  • Extremely strong suspension straps
  • Enough space to use a sleeping mat
  • Works with trees from 10 to 25 feet apart
  • Three well-placed and convenient internal pockets
  • Waterproof removable nylon fly keeps the airflow going
  • Can also be used as a regular standalone tent
  • Setup can be completed in around 6 minute
  • Gear hammock and underquilt accessories available



Packed dimensions: 28 x 5 inches/ 67 x 13 cm

Full packed weight: 2.7 kg/ 5 pounds 15 ounces

Maximum weight capacity: 200 kg/440 pounds

Peak height: 90 cm/35 inches

Floor dimensions: 203 x 69 cm/80 x 27 inches

Fly material: 40D Nylon

Floor material: 210D Ripstop nylon

Poles and spreader bar material: 7000 series aluminum

User Experience


Usability: The Aerial A1 tree tent is quick and easy to mount thanks to its simple and intuitive design, and after a few practice rounds this will never be an issue. Once you’re inside, the tent feels stable and secure, gently swaying but never giving you the feeling that you are somehow at risk. Sleeping is extremely comfortable, unlike anything you may have felt in a tent before, and will make you wonder how you have managed without it up to now. The pockets are smartly placed and very convenient to use, and the whole tent feels very well refined and thought through, making it a joy to use.

Design: The design of the Aerial A1 tree tent is elegant but very practical, and even someone who opens the bag for the first time will be able to easily identify which piece goes where. The central pole makes the internal space feel nice and wide, giving you plenty of room to adjust your position. Being able to lay all your gear at normal waist height is also another extremely useful and convenient feature, one you didn’t know you missed before you had it, and all the zippers are easy to manage and keep track of.


  • Excellent design and very easy to use
  • Very comfortable sleeping area
  • Quick to set up


  • May not be warm enough for some users
  • Length of the packed bag may be an issue for hikers

Overall Rating


Usability: 98% – Camping has rarely ever been associated with comfort, but the Aerial A1 tree tent is here to prove that it is possible. The sleeping surface is great to relax on and wide enough to let you adjust your position several times, without becoming too large to wrap up and carry in your backpack. The effect a good night’s sleep can have on your time in the outdoors is difficult to understand until you’ve tried it, but we encourage you to do so. We also recommend taking a look at the available accessories, since the can help you take care of yourself and your gear even better.

Design: 99% – One of the biggest fears of amateur hikers is having a hard time pitching their tent, but the Aerial A1 lets you do it extremely quickly and easily thanks to its smart and intuitive design. Everything has a function that is easy to identify, letting even the inexperienced user quickly figure out what he or she has to do. The use of four straps instead of two like on a regular hammock might seem daunting to some, but after a few minutes with the tent, it will feel as natural as drinking a glass of water.

Price: 95% – Being a premium piece of camping gear, it’s normal for the Aerial A1 tree tent to cost more than other products, especially since there is nothing quite like it on the market. However, if you are setting out for a longer trip, it might be well worth investing in something that will guarantee you feel fresh and well-rested the following morning since your purchase will be surely repaid in lack of stiffness and bruises.

Overall: 98% – It can be hard to imagine how one can innovate on something as basic as a tent, which has had the same design for hundreds of years, but the Aerial A1 tree tent manages to strike the new and exciting ground. By providing a level of comfort that was unthinkable up to now if someone mentioned camping, we think it might be the beginning of a new line of exciting products, destined to change the way we think of spending time outdoors.

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The Aerial A1 tree tent is an exciting and innovative product, that we believe will soon become a common feature of camping grounds and woods the world over. Bringing together smart design, ease of use, and comfort, it pushes the boundaries of what was considered possible for a tent and leaves us very curious to see what might come next.

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