Advantages And Disadvantages Of Braided Fishing Line


Deciding on whether to invest in braided fishing lines or simply purchase other types of fishing lines can be tough, especially if you do not have all the necessary facts. There is no doubt that the braided lines have their own benefits. However, they do have their cons too. By looking at both the disadvantages of braided fishing line and advantages of braided fishing line, we will be helping you make the right decision.

Advantages of Braided Fishing Line

If you are used to monofilament fishing lines, you may not be familiar with the advantages of a braided fishing line. In this section, we will be covering the main reasons why both professional and beginning fishermen are switching to braided lines.

1. Little to No Stretch

This pro makes the braid line ideal for deep water fishing. With braids, you get to feel bites in incredibly deep waters. Additionally, the fact that the braids have a smaller diameter and zero stretch makes it possible for you to plug your deep diving crankbaits deeper.

The lack of stretch makes braids ideal for use when you are fishing topwater lures on long casts. This feature lets you set the hook perfectly with a lot of fishing line.

2. High Abrasion Resistance

If you invest in a high-quality braid line, you won’t have to invest in another line any time soon. Another plus for the braid fishing line is that it won’t break when exposed to UV light.

Fish are highly unlikely to break braids although some species, such as the muskies and pike, feature teeth capable of sawing through the line. This means that the braided line is capable of out-lasting the mono, both on your fly fishing reel and the shelf.

3. Good Strength to Size Ratio

This is one of the main advantages of a braided fishing line. It is not uncommon for a 15-pound test braid to be as thin as the 6-pound test monofilament line.

This does not just increase the reel’s capacity significantly. It also helps in the reduction of the overall weight of your fishing outfit.

4. The Braids Float

Unlike the monofilament lines, the braided lines won’t sink. If you intend to use topwater baits, the lines can make your work a lot easier.

5. Their Breaking Strength Doesn’t Reduce When Wet

Monofilament lines feature significant strength loss once they get wet. It is not uncommon for lower quality monofilament lines to experience a 20 to 30% strength loss once they are under the water.

Unlike the monofilament lines, braids do not absorb water. For this reason, their breaking strength when wet is similar to when they are dry.

6. Braid Lines Are Ideal When Fishing in Heavy Vegetation

The braid lines are capable of cutting through cattails, water hyacinths, lily pads, and hydrilla. This keeps the fish from tangling you up. You end up landing fish that you would have lost if you had used a monofilament fishing line.

Disadvantages of Braided Fishing Line


Now that you are familiar with the advantages of a braided fishing line, we will go ahead and show you the disadvantages of a braided fishing line. As you probably already know, everything that has some pros probably has some cons.

1. Tying the Knots Can be Tough

Braid lines are slippery. When tying the fishing line knots, you have to get the knot right. Otherwise, the knot will fail when you hook up a fish. In some cases, anglers are forced to use a drop of superglue just to make sure that their braided line knot won’t fail.

Palomar knots are ideal for the braid lines. However, if you decide to use the clinch knot, wrapping it 7 times is often necessary. With either knot, you should avoid cutting the tag end too close to the knot.

2. They are Very Visible

Fish can see the braid lines under the water. This is one of the main reasons why anglers avoid using the braid lines in clear waters. If the fish can see your fishing line, the chances of the fish biting will below.

3. Braid Lines Are Harder to Cut

While clippers may work on the monofilament lines, they won’t work on your braid line. If you consult an angler who is familiar with how to cut braided lines, he/she will advise you to carry scissors. The scissors can make things easier for you when cutting the braided line.

4. The Braids “Sing”

For you to succeed at reeling in a catch, your fishing line should be as quiet as possible. This is generally not the case with the braids. When you reel them in fast, they will produce a sound. Also, if a fish pulls a drag, they will produce a sound that can spook your target.

5. Braids Can Cut into Rod Guides

This is one of the disadvantages of a braided fishing line which can force you to keep investing in new fishing gear. Before deciding to go after fish using braids, it is a good idea to make sure that your rod guide can handle the line.

The braided lines can also bury themselves on the fishing reel spool. This can, however, be avoided by spooling the line tightly and setting the drag light enough to make sure that the line slips on your hook set.

6. The Line Can Rip the Hook Off the Fish’s Mouth

This disadvantage is attributed to the braided line lacking stretch. If a bigger fish makes a strong run right at your boat, the line could end up ripping the hook off, if the drag is not set correctly. If the hook is set too hard, the line increases the chances of the saltwater fishing rod breaking.

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The fact that the braided line has the ability to hold up in situations when the monofilament lines would snap off does not mean that it is ideal for all fishing situations. The disadvantages of the braided fishing line outlined above prove this.

If you intend to go after fish in deep and no-so-clear waters, the advantages of the braided fishing line outlined above indicate that the line might be a perfect option. Its visibility underwater makes it less ideal when you are fishing in clear waters.

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