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10 Best Flat Feet Boots For Hiking In 2022

Hiking is a popular outdoor sport that can keep you active all year round but for hikers who suffer from flat feet may lack...

10 Best Climbing Shoes For Wide Feet In 2022

Most people, whether they are experienced or beginner climbers, know that rock climbing shoes are meant to fit snug. But for some people, the...

10 Best Wide Feet Boots For Hiking In 2022

It is important to always have the right clothing and gear when hiking – no matter the weather. Because of the different environments and...

NIXY Newport SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

Features With a board like the NIXY Newport, you are guaranteed to get an abundance of well-designed features to make your day on the water...

NIXY Manhattan Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

Features Thanks to the product quality and innovative design, NIXY has gained much respect among paddleboarders. Manhattan is one of their most recent products and...

3 Best Ski Boots For Narrow Feet In 2022

To fully enjoy your skiing experience and to enhance your results – one must ensure they are equipped proper gear and clothing. Proper fitting...

Roc 10’6” Inflatable Paddle Board Review

Features One of the reasons why the people who have bought the Roc 10’6” love it is because of the amazing features and functions it...

Peak All Around Inflatable Paddle Board Review

Features Even though this board is fairly universal when it comes to iSUP design, it still has plenty of neat features to offer. You get...

Peak 11 Expedition Inflatable Paddle Board Review

Features The features of a certain board are one of the things that can make or break the deal. Because of this, the Peak 11...

SereneLife Inflatable Paddle Board Review

Features When talking about features, the SereneLife inflatable paddleboard isn’t exactly loaded with them but has everything you need for a pleasant day out on...

SereneLife Premium Inflatable Paddle Board Review

Features The SereneLife SUP has lots of amazing features, such as the no-slip top deck design and the sturdy PVC, drop stitch material it is...

Pathfinder Inflatable Paddleboard Review

Features Pathfinder Inflatable SUP stands out because of its portability, price, all-around multipurpose capabilities, and how user friendly it is. At an inflated board, it's...