5 Alternative Hot Tub And Spa Sanitizers


Chlorine and bromine are without a doubt the most popular hot tub or spa sanitizer that people use. Although these can be considered a mainstay of good hot tub maintenance practices, some hot tub owners do not like using them. One reason why this so includes the strong chemical smells that emanate from the water after mixing these sanitizers into it. Another reason is the so-called ‘bleaching effect’ which fades and discolors their bathing suits. If you are one of these hot tub owners, then you’d be glad to know that there are new products out in the market that can be used as an alternative spa or hot tub sanitizer.


Hot tub and spa ozonators are excellent choices for those who are looking for an alternative to chlorine. These sanitizers make use of the same gas found in the earth’s ozone layer, and by injecting small doses of ‘ozone’ into your hot tub water it is capable of breaking down bacteria and thus maintain the level of expected water hygiene levels.

There are several reasons why many people are switching to ozone. For one, it has been observed that hot tubs using ozonators can keep their water clearer for much longer compared to hot tubs that use traditional hot tub sanitizers. This means that you’ll have to change your hot tub water less often, which also means less maintenance work for you.

Another reason is that these ozonators are much more potent than chemical hot tub sanitizers. Accordingly, it is over 1,000 times more potent than basic chlorine treatments when it comes to getting rid of bacteria in the hot tub water. Lastly, ozonators are perfect for hot tub owners who are looking for a long-term alternative to chemical-based hot tub sanitizers.

Considering all those advantages, ozonators are definitely well worth looking at when you’re looking for a new hot tub sanitizer. However, do note that ozonators can be quite pricey and you may need to have your hot tub modified to accommodate the ozonator.


Biguanides (polyhexamethylene biguanide) is another great alternative to chlorine. It is said to be a very effective microbe killer, and it is even used by medical professionals in gauze dressings because of its excellent bacteria-killing properties.

Aside from being an effective hot tub sanitizer, biguanides are also known to be gentler on the eyes and the skin, which is a big plus for people who are sensitive to chlorine. In fact, biguanides can be found in some eye contact lens solutions which shows just how gentle this chemical actually is.

However, when using biguanides, you’ll still have to shock dose your hot tub. And remember that you’ll need to use a non-chlorine based shock since biguanides and chlorine do go well together.

UV Purifiers

UV or ultraviolet purifiers are also becoming more and more popular as an alternative to popular hot tub sanitizers. Accordingly, UV purifiers work by “permanently damaging the DNA of bacteria and other microbes that may be present so that they can’t reproduce and spread.” That said, you’ll probably still need to use a little bit of chlorine or bromine to kill the sterile germs still present in your hot tub water. You’ll also have to shock your hot tub occasionally with a chlorine or bromine shock to attain an acceptable level of water clarity.

However, it still is a great choice because you don’t need to use as much chlorine or bromine as you normally would. By reducing the amount of chlorine in the water, you could significantly lessen that strong chemical odor and at the same time make the water much gentler on your skin and your eyes.

Salt Water Generators


Hot tub owners who use saltwater generators in sanitizing their hot tubs have nothing but praises for this sanitizing system. It works in a way that the salt cells generate their own form of natural chlorine, which then makes them just as effective in sanitizing your hot tub’s water.

Some people wonder whether these saltwater systems actually make your hot tub water taste and smell like ocean water. Well, it doesn’t. In fact, the water in a saltwater hot tub contains less salt than a human tear. That said, the salty taste or smell is virtually undetectable.

Saltwater systems also have a host of other properties that make them a great alternative to chlorine. First, they don’t have any strong smell like chlorine and some other chemical hot tub sanitizers. They’re also very gentle on the skin and the eyes which is one of the things that most hot tub owners want in a hot tub sanitizer. Lastly, they also make the water feel much softer than regular chlorinated systems so they’re more soothing and comfortable to bathe in.

Although saltwater systems are great, you still need to shock your hot tub every once in a while. Just like other hot tub sanitizing systems, shock dosing your hot tub is necessary to effectively kill the germs and bacteria thriving there.

Mineral Sticks and Cartridges

The use of mineral sticks and cartridges isn’t really a new method of sanitizing hot tub water since this system has been around for several years now. The way these systems work is that they produce ions through a catalytic process, and then release these ions into the water through a process known as ionization. Through this process and as the water passes over these mineral pellets and beads made of silver, copper, and other minerals, the water is treated and sanitized.

One advantage of using these hot tub sanitizing system is that these ionizers make balancing the acidity of your water easier. However, you will still have to shock the hot tub from time to time to keep the water clear. Also, you will have to change the ionizers periodically as the ions get depleted.

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Having said all that, you should have a good idea of the different hot tub or spa sanitizer and which of them to use if you ever decide to steer clear of chlorine or bromine. Just remember that all of them have their own pros and cons, and it will be up to you to decide if the pros outweigh the cons or not. In any case, switching to any of these alternative spa or hot tub sanitizer will definitely make using your hot a much safer and more enjoyable experience.

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