10 Reasons To Try Cold Water Swimming


You are into a horoscope, a real Aquarius, a born swimmer, seeking to surprise yourself soon with a cold swim, but you are a little scared! You feel that it’s somehow corrupting, and in a way, dangerous.

Of course, cold water swimming is not for the weak at heart. But the chilly murky waters can boost your immunity, enhance blood circulation, and get you relaxed. Here are ten reasons why you should try lowering yourself into a cold pond.

1.  Gets You Relaxed

One magical ability of water, unlike other fluids, is that it can take away a lot of heat from our bodies. If you are sweating as if your head is a block of ice in the sun, perhaps it is time you think about a cold water swim. The chilly water will take away most of the heat, leave you more energized, and reduce the dullness.

2. Gives You The Confident Poise

Perhaps you are wondering whether you can take that swim after all because you heard that cold water swimmers never feel the freeze in it. Now you feel like you really might not be a member of that clique. Right? Wrong!

Coldwater can still bring out the sneeze from even those who are experienced in, it, if they do it for an extended period, in very icy water. Cruising below the water for four hours in water at 4° C can have unsafe penalties for any swimmer.

If you are bent toward improving your stay longer in the cold water, be keen about how long you remain, underwater. Investing in a good dive watch might be a better idea than pushing toward the polar bear habitations with no signs of coming back.

Cold swimmers repeat their submergence underwater to feel less and less nervous about getting into the cold water. With increased repetition, their heart rate and stress hormones decrease to a level where they develop the confidence to push themselves longer. This enables them to take more challenging moves like scuba diving later.

3. Stirs Your Appetite

A cold water swim stimulates blood circulation toward the core of the body. Inner activities of your body are enhanced, including digestion. You are sure to feel ravenous as you romp away from that pool.

What’s more, cold water swimming increases the rate at which your body cells break down the food to generate energy. Your body becomes more efficient in what it does.

4. Blood Flows Better

When you immerse yourself in a freezing pool, your body involuntarily and instantly reacts to the cold water. Your blood vessels take less blood to other parts of the body but take more to the brain and heart. Even more creatively, your body hides blood vessels away from the skin, to waste less heat into the cold water.

When cold water swimmers swim repeatedly in cold water, their bodies can take less blood under conditions of low oxygen. This makes their circulation more efficient.

5. Your Body Breaks Fat Even At Low Oxygen Concentration


If you are seeking to lose those extra pounds, perhaps a better place to start would be your pool for a cold swim. When you first hit the cold water, your body reacts by slowing the rate of your heartbeat. This means that there is less oxygen intake to burn those calories. Doing this 4 to 5 times a week gets you better at burning fats even at low oxygen concentration.

6. A Source Of “Good” Stress

Coldwater swimming gets you a little stressed as you take the plunge. However, this is good stress because it releases endorphins, the natural chemicals that reduce pain.  Endorphins are popular for making us rest and repair.

Using appropriate pool thermometers you can regulate your pool temperature beginning from a warmer 20°C. As you acclimatize, you will soon find that you can be able to swim, in cooler water, from 10°C to 15° C.

7. Your Immune System Gets A Lift

Coldwater swimming gives your body the ability to heal faster. The frozen water increases the number of monocytes and lymphocytes, the main cells that protect your body against infections microbes.

8. Your Hormones Come Back Home

There is a peak of testosterone observed in men who have had a cold swim, which is noted to improve their fertility and libido. The hormone also improves their self-esteem and enhances their mood remarkably.

9. You Become An Excellent Swimmer

The challenges of swimming in an uncomfortable environment allow you to push the borders of novelty. That dive into the cold water decreases the buildup of carbon IV oxide in your body. You breathe less and thus use less oxygen. The fact that you can hold your breath longer while down there gets you to be a better swimmer and prepares you for more exciting careers like scuba diving.

10. Cold Pushes You To Exercise

You are shivering on every part of your body, and your buddy is out of the cold pool already. You have your favorite swimsuit in one hand, encouraging them to come back to the party, but you really can’t utter a single word because even your lips are numb!

Relax. Shivering is good! In fact, it is one way to show that your muscles are working harder than usual.  Your body shakes spontaneously to produce the much-needed heat.

After the initial cold shock, your body is already on overdrive. It is generating more powerful strokes to beat the cold. Getting suitable flippers that propel you smoothly in the water can divert the focus away from the cold water to the swimming itself.

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Coldwater swimming is an exciting way to boost your immune system, improve blood circulation, and enhance your overall life performance without having to go to a gym on a hot afternoon. Being a novel, a cold swim is yet another way of pushing yourself past your comfort zone, so that you can become a better swimmer. Getting used to it improves your diving abilities and enables you to cope with the changing environment of our water bodies.

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