10 Best Fly Fishing Destinations In The World


Forget your usual fly fishing spot for a minute. Have you ever thought of trying something new for the same?

We are sure you love nature, who doesn’t anyway?

Then, there are several fly fishing destinations you are probably not aware of that do exist and we are sure you don’t mind trying one. There is just so much for you to try out there apart from breaking the monotony of fishing at your usual spot.

You will also have a chance to meet new anglers who will help you perfect your fly fishing not to mention enjoying the awesomeness that the environment around these places brings.

“But what destinations are you talking about?”  Well, we can read this on your mind. We will tell you about some of these places and leave you to choose from. We can bet on this, you will fall in love with all of them. Let’s go!

1. Deepwater Cay, Bahamas

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t visited the Bahamas for fly fishing! This is one of the best places to bring your reel next summer. Apart from fly fishing, the place offers you full board accommodation as well as amazing recreational services.

The waters at this destination occupy a very large space, giving you a chance for new experiences and enough fish for you. Do you really want to miss this? Well, that’s what we thought!

2. Patagonia River Ranch, Argentina

This ranch is a wonderful destination that sits along the all well-known Chemuhuin River. It offers good access to Patagonia’s best rivers, which means there is plenty of fish for you. The place also provides the best five-star accommodation facilities. What else would you be looking for?

Also, if you don’t have enough fly fishing gear or need someone to show you around, you can get the best fishing equipment and guides here. Whether a beginner or a pro, trust us, Patagonia river ranch is among the best flying fishing destinations we can recommend.

3. Bozeman, Montana

The pride of Bozeman Montana is the permanent rivers, streams, and brooks. There are so many insects here, which ensure there is ample fish for you.

It is a place that so many people prefer for fly fishing not only because of its natural beauty but also for the best fishing spots along the horned river, that is, the Madison and Montana portions.

4. Alaska

We are sure you have heard of this place before and what comes to your mind – the lax! But there is something else we are sure you will love; the rainbow trout. Many fishing spots in Alaska are known for these types of fish because of the salmon eggs which they feed on.

Some of the most mind-blowing fly fishing places in Alaska are; No-See-Um lodge, Enchanted lake lodge, Alagnak River, and Bristol Bay. These are places you can plan for your one week or so fly fishing trip because they offer world-class accommodation and you will bring home good memories and added experience in fly fishing.

5. Montauk, New York

Montauk is one of the destinations that offer both inshore and offshore trips so it’s up to you to choose which one steals your heart! But to have maximum fun, you can try both of them. And you won’t even have to worry about your safety because the place has professional sailors and guides to accompany you during your adventure.

The destination provides accommodation as well and first-class services that will leave you with the urge to go back there. So don’t wait any longer, get your family or fishing buddies ready for a memorable fly fishing trip.

6. Potter County, Pennsylvania


So you have recently had so much pressure from work and you feel you need a break away from your normal routine? This is exactly where you need to be! Private fly fishing or the public, this destination offers it all.

However, for public fishing, you have to match your trip with the peak season for fishing. But for private places, it’s a bit different and you actually don’t have to worry about a thing because the stakeholders involved ensuring there is ample fish throughout the year. The best thing about private fly fishing spots is that you get fly fishing classes and an instructor if you actually need these while out there.

7. Jupiter Inlet Florida

This destination, the Jupiter inlet, has a collection of Atlantic beaches that have a wide range of fish species for you. Fish are found throughout the year so you don’t have to wait for summer or peak seasons to zip into your new waders.

So next time you visit Florida, make sure to have a look at these fly fishing destinations in Jupiter Inlet. It’s just so much fun that we don’t want you to miss it!

8. Colorado River Head Waters, Blue River, Colorado

You want your kids to learn fly fishing? Then this is the best place for them! Colorado River Head Waters, Blue River, Colorado offer kids fishing training. If you are looking for the best deal for your family, then this is it.

There are both private and public spots for you, accommodation, and stores where you can purchase your fly fishing attire, and maybe rent a kayak for the day. You really have no excuse for not choosing this place as your new destination for your next holiday.

9. Estancia Arroyo Verde, Argentina

This is one of those fly fishing destinations where you can be sure to find a very wide variety of fish species from rainbow trout to landlocked Atlantic salmon.

The river found here flows through private land so chances of overfishing are minimal, hence there is plenty of fish for you. The fishing season begins in December, so to be safe, we recommend that you plan your trip in July when the waters are still clear.

10. Madison Valley Ranch, Montana

Do you love trout? Then this is the place for you! This ranch is located in a town called Ennis where the number of trout outdoes that of a human being.

What makes this fly fishing destination stand out is the fact that there are so many rivers and creeks that pass through it, making the whole experience so awesome to resist.

Talk of the Yellowstone River and the Gallatin River just to mention a few, all with plenty of big trout and salmons, which is exactly all you want!

Globo Surf Overview

You see what we were talking about, these places are just awesome! You can trust us; these fly fishing destinations are places where you will experience nature at its best.

Apart from unforgettable fly fishing experiences and bringing back home plenty of memories, these places will surely offer more than you can expect.

Feel like you need to go out and have a break from your normal routine this summer? Well, these destinations are all around because they have both public and private places. Just grab your GPS and fishing tools, choose what suits you, and get going. Hey, just don’t forget to capture those moments on film!

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